Airtel My Area Data Plan 2024: Get the Mega 20GB/N3000 & 40GB/N5000 Offers

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My Area Data Plan 2024

Are you ready for some incredible data offers from to blow your mind? If so, be ready as we reveal the details of our 2024 Airtel My Area Data Plan.

With this plan, you may get 20GB of storage for N3000 or 40GB for just N5000!

Isn't it an offer you just can't turn down? So let's go right to the point and discover all you need to know about this amazing data plan. Along with the qualifying requirements and other FAQs to help you understand, it also describes how to get it activated.

Eligibility Criteria

Let's talk about your eligibility before you start thinking about all the movies you'll download or your constant browsing on social media.

Usually, this Airtel My Area Data Plan is designed to fit particular geographic areas. You must reside in a region where the program is implemented.Contact *141# to find out whether you qualify. It indicates that you are qualified if you are in the Airtel My Area. You are not eligible if not.

Airtel My Area with 5 000 Naira Subscription

Following are the steps required to sign up to Airtel's 40GB My Area data plan, which costs 5500 naira.

  1. Check that you've got at least 5,000 Nigerians in the balance of your airtime on your line.
  2. Enter *141# to dial the Airtel Area Plan Code *141#*1#, or use the simple *141#.
  3. Select theMy Offer” or “My Area Data Plan” or “My Offer” feature from the options available.
  4. Choose the option to get 40GB of data for N5000.
  5. Airtel will text you a confirmation message after your subscription has been successful.
  6. This 40GB Airtel My Area subscription is in effect for a specific duration, which you will find in the confirmation message or by calling Airtel customer support.

Airtel My Area 20GB For 3000 Naira Subscription Code

When using an Airtel My Area plan data code, you may get 20GB of data for 3000 naira from Airtel. *141# is the code to enter to activate.

The enrollment procedure is the same as for the 40GB data bundle. The 30-day validity period is in effect. It can be upgraded for an extended period of time.

Commonly asked questions

What do I need to know to confirm whether I'm eligible for the My Area Data Plan?

Check the eligibility of your plan by calling *141*700#. If your plan is listed, it's a good sign.

Do I have the feature of rolling over unneeded information?

Unused data may be carried over to the following month if you renew your subscription before it runs out.

Does the Airtel My Area data plan cover all of Nigeria?

The plan you're looking at is regional-specific. Therefore, it is crucial to verify your eligibility before you apply.

How can I verify the balance of my Airtel My Area data balance?

To monitor the remaining information, simply dial *140#, and you'll receive an SMS that contains all of the information.


There you have it. Thank you very much!For those who are addicted to data, the Airtel My Area Data Plan for 2024 looks like a great deal.

You'll get good value for your with 20GB, N3000, or 40GB available for N5000, mostly if you live in a qualifying zone.

Why are you waiting to sign up for this plan if you're lucky enough to live somewhere that offers it? Activate it immediately!

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Until then, have fun surfing!

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