Easy Steps to Instantly Block Your ATM Card [All Banks]

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ATM Card
ATM Card

The 6 Easy Steps to Instantly Block Your ATM Card [All Banks]

Losing your ATM card, which grants access to all your funds, can be an incredibly distressing experience. However, in today's world, opting for an online card is the most favorable option. Nevertheless, for those who still prefer physical cards, we have compiled a set of instructions to help you deactivate your ATM card and safeguard your banking account from unauthorized access.

How to Block Your Lost ATM Card

1. Contact Your Bank's Customer Service

If you find that your ATM card is not working, the first crucial action is to contact the bank's customer service. Many banks provide a specific customer service number that is available to assist you 24/7. You can find the bank's customer service number on the back of your credit or debit card, on the bank's website, or on your account statement. Make sure to provide all your account details when you call to verify your account.

2. Report the Loss or Theft

After verifying your account details, make sure to get in touch with a customer service representative at your bank to report any theft or loss of your ATM card. They will guide you through the necessary steps to freeze your account right away. Be prepared to provide specific details, such as your account number, card number, and recent transaction dates. The quicker you provide accurate information, the faster the resolution process will be.

3. Verify Transactions

As a safety measure, the customer service representative may request that you review your recent transactions to confirm their legitimacy. This step is crucial in identifying any unauthorized activities in your account, enabling your bank to take the necessary steps. Make sure to thoroughly check your transactions before providing any information.

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4. Request Card Deactivation

Once your identity has been confirmed and the theft or loss has been verified, make sure to ask for the ATM card to be deactivated immediately. By doing so, you can prevent anyone from using the card to withdraw cash or make purchases. In addition, some banks may provide a temporary freeze option that allows you to reactivate the card once it's found, while others may opt for a permanent replacement.

5. Monitor Your Account

While eagerly anticipating the arrival of your brand new credit card, it's crucial to ensure that you remain vigilant by monitoring your account through the internet banking app or mobile applications. Make it a habit to regularly check your account for any signs of suspicious activity. Should you come across any unauthorized transactions, waste no time in notifying your bank right away. Stay proactive and safeguard your financial well-being!

6. Collect Your Replacement Card

As per the bank's policy, as well as the policies of your bank, once the old card is cancelled, it will be substituted with an alternative card. This card can either be delivered to the address you have registered or collected from the branch's location. To ensure a smooth process, kindly adhere to the guidelines provided by your bank.

Losing your ATM card can be challenging, but by following these simple steps, you can regain control over the situation and safeguard your funds. It is important to note that taking prompt action is crucial in order to prevent any unauthorized access to your bank accounts.

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To minimize the impact of a lost or stolen ATM card on your security, please contact your bank's customer service, inform them about the loss, verify transactions, request deactivation of your card, monitor your account, and finally, acquire your new card.

How do you stop your ATM card from coming from a different phone?

If you need to disable your ATM card using a different phone, simply reach out to your bank's customer service. They will guide you through the process of blocking your card and ensure your identity is confirmed by providing the necessary information.

How do you disable your ATM card via SMS?

If you want to put a halt to your ATM card using SMS, simply send a message to the bank's dedicated SMS number with the specific instructions to block your card. Once you've done that, just follow the directions provided in the bank's response to complete the process. It's a quick and convenient way to ensure the safety of your card!

How can I block my ATM card with a USSD code?

To block access to your ATM card and deactivate the USSD code, simply dial *894# from the mobile number you used to register. Follow the on-screen instructions to navigate to the card services menu, where you can choose to disable your ATM card.

How can I stop using my ATM card with a USSD code?

To block your ATM card using the USSD code, simply dial *966*911# from your registered mobile number. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the block card option and input the required details to finalize the process.

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How do I disable my Bank ATM card with a USSD code?

To block your ATM card, simply dial *737*51*10# on your mobile phone. Make sure to use the mobile number that you have registered with the bank. Follow the on-screen prompts to verify the blocking request and provide the required details to complete the procedure.

How can I stop access to your bank ATM card using a USSD code?

If you ever need to block your ATM card, there's a convenient USSD code you can use. Simply dial *901*911# from the mobile number you have registered. This will initiate the blocking procedure. Just follow the on-screen prompts and provide all the necessary information to complete the process and stop your ATM card. Keep in mind that the steps may vary, so make sure to carefully follow the directions given during the process.


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