Easy Ways to buy Airtel Airtime from Eco Bank in 2024

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Eco Bank

Simple ways to purchase Airtime from by 2024

Technology today has transformed how we live our lives, so if you're an customer looking for quick and simple recharge, look no further. Here you will find everything needed to quickly top up your account—the convenience you require may just be waiting here for you.

Here we will outline an easy method of purchasing airtime via an account. Don't forget the scratch cards; welcome to a whole new world of topping up Airtime!

I don't enjoy wasting my time. By being efficient with our time, we can get right down to without losing precious moments of our day.

How to buy Airtel Airtime From Eco Bank

In this blog, I'm going to provide you with two methods that you can use to purchase Airtel airtime through Eco Bank. These two options are both fast and simple to implement. Methods include:

  1. Via USSD Code
  2. Via Eco Bank Mobile App

Therefore, let's try every method, one after the other.

Via USSD code

It is the most simple method to use since it is as simple as dialling the Eco Bank Recharge Code.

For this, you must comply with the steps below:

  1. Install the Call app to your phone
  2. Enter 326  in order to recharge.

Consider, for instance, that you would like to recharge the N200 airtime on your cell phone. The only thing you have be able to dial is *326*200#, and you're done! Simple as ABC.

Moving on to the next method!

Via Eco Bank Mobile App

If you want to use this method, you must follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the Eco Bank Mobile App.
  2. Start the application and install it.
  3. Click on”Airtime.” Click on the feature “Airtime.”
  4. Follow the screen-based instructions.
  5. Input the required information, including the phone number you'd like to recharge as well as the amount you'd like to recharge.
  6. Enter your Eco Bank Mobile app PIN.

It's over. Your line has been recharged! line!

By utilising any of the options listed above, you will be able to charge the Airtel line from your home or from anywhere!

What can I do to buy Airtel Airtime for others from Eco Bank in 2024?

Use one of these methods to purchase Airtel Airtime for friends and family members or for other lines.

The only difference is in the initial method. For Eco Bank Recharge Code, you must dial Eco Bank Recharge Code; just dial *326*amount*phone#.

In this case, say you wish to purchase N500 airtime to a person whose number is 080123456789. Simply dial *326*500*080123456789#.

Questions on how to purchase Airtel credit through Eco Bank in 2024

What can I do to purchase Airtel credit at Eco Bank if I don't have a bank account with them?

You must be a member of an Eco Bank account to use their code *326*Amount# or the app to pay for Airtel purchase of airtime.

Do I have the feature of buying airtime on another person's Airtel account with Eco Bank?

Yes, you are able to purchase airtime on behalf of another person's Airtel number using Eco Bank's USSD number or app. Simply dial *326*amount*phone# or utilise the Eco Bank Mobile App. Eco Bank Mobile App.

Can I reverse the purchase of an Airtel airtime transaction made with Eco Bank?

The purchases of airtime made with Eco Bank are usually irreversible. Make sure you confirm the transaction number. the purchase.

What is the USSD code that you can use to purchase Airtel airtime at Eco Bank?

The USSD code for buying Airtel airtime at Eco Bank is *326*Amount#.


Take advantage of modern banking with Eco Bank's straightforward method for purchasing Airtel airtime through them.

Combining telecom and banking services will enhance the user experience, and charging your smartphone will become effortless.

By following the advice in this article, you're on your way to enjoying endless conversations and digital experiences while forging bonds between family members. Stay empowered! Stay connected!

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