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First Bank

Customer Care Number [Email & Call line]

FirstBank strives to keep and rise our standing in giving you top-quality items and service. We appreciate complaints because they help us boost our offerings, services, and customer service.

Objectives of the Policy

FirstBank is dedicated to being attentive to the requirements and issues of our clients, as well as potential customers, and solving complaints as fast as we can.

The policy was created to offer information to employees and customers regarding how FirstBank takes complaints and handles them. FirstBank is committed to being constant, fair and honest in handling complaints.

This policy's goal will be to warrant:

  • Be aware of our complaints lodgement and the handling procedures
  • Staff and customers know about our complaints handling procedures.
  • All complaints are examined in a fair and impartial manner, with an objective and balanced assessment of the evidence and information available.
  • The complaints are evaluated on their merits, taking into consideration individual situations and needs.
  • The right of the customer to bring feedback and complaints about the service or product they received.
  • All complaints are dealt with according to laid-down legal and regulatory standards.


When preparing this policy, FirstBank has endeavoured to make sure that our processes are aligned with the relevant laws and regulations and the most current desirable methods. This policy was designed to meet the specifications in BSI ISO 10002:2004, Customer Satisfaction. Guidelines for handling complaints in organizations.

What is a complaint?

The purpose of this policy is to resolve complaints with FirstBank. According to BS ISO 10002-2004, a complaint within this policy is characterized as:
The expression of discontent made by an entity, particularly in relation to their products or the complaint handling process itself, in which the resolution or response is expected either implicitly or explicitly.

Anyone or any organization (the complainant) that is unhappy with the product or service that is provided by the bank, regardless of the reason, can contact FirstBank to lodge a complaint. It can be either verbal or written. In some instances, complaints could be filed through negative feedback that does need a resolution but not an official follow-up. Although this kind of feedback can be beneficial, it is not covered by the policy, which doesn't apply to this type of feedback.

Resolving the complaint

What is the perfect way to have a complaint addressed?

If you're dissatisfied by the service or product offered by FirstBank, you can at first try speaking to the employee(s) that you are working with. If you're uncomfortable about this or think the person you spoke to is not in a position to address or resolve your concerns, you may file an inquiry with us through any of these methods:

  • By completing a Complaints form on our website,
  • By calling First Contact on 0700FIRSTCONTACT (0700-34778-2668228), 01-4485500, 0708-062-5000.
  • Write to us at: Complaints Management Unit
    of Nigeria, Ltd
    35 Marina.
    P.O. Box 5216, Lagos, Nigeria
  • By emailing us,
  • On the phone with one of our customer service employees at any of our branch offices. Be aware that you'll need to fill out the Complaint Form. The details of your complaint will be recorded in FirstCustomer CRM. FirstCustomer CRM.
  • Relationship Managers: Corporate and Institutional Banking clients can provide feedback on their relationship managers through either email or phone.
  • SMS: Send an SMS to 30012.
  • Social Media: FacebookTwitter

What details are required when you are making an appeal?

  • Name and contact information.
  • The relationship you have with FirstBank (i.e. the type of engagement you have with FirstBank, either as a customer or a non-customer)
  • Description of the product or service complained of
  • By emailing us,
  • Issues with the item or.
  • Request for a remedy / Complainant's prayer.
  • Documents that can be used to support your claim.

Assistance when making complaints.

The person handling or receiving your complaint will prepare any help needed to complete your complaint. However, if you consider you need further assistance, please contact:

Right of the Complainant in a Complaint Processing Process The complainant has the right:

  • You can be Heard.
  • Be sure that the Bank's pertinent policies on service and product were adhered to.
  • Description of the product or service that is being accused of
  • Request and impart all pertinent information to be used in support of the complaint in the event that this is not in violation of the privacy laws.
  • Get informed about the resolution on the complaint.
  • Get informed about the bank's decision as well as the reasoning behind the decision.
  • Make sure they know that their complaints are independent of the complaint, if it is appropriate.
  • If you have a complaint, escalate it to the appropriate outside or internal sources:
    I. Do they feel that their complaint is not properly handled.
    II. If they're not happy with the resolutions provided by banks,.

Head, Service Delivery Excellence,
First Bank of Nigeria, Ltd
35 Marina.
P.O. Box 5216
Lagos, Nigeria.

The Consumer Protection Department (CPD) (
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
Plot 33, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Way
Central District, Cadastral Zone,
P.M.B. 0187,
Garki Abuja.

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) (
Plot 1105 Dar-es-Salaam Street
Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.
Call Center: 07002255272
Hotlines: 08056002020, 08056003030

What happens if you make an appeal?

We'd like to receive

When we receive complaints through one of our services, the issue is recorded in FirstCustomer, which in turn generates a unique identification code, which is then sent to the user. The complaint will provide the reason for the complaint the customer and include any additional data required for effective treatment of the issue.

We'd like to acknowledge

The receipt of any complaint will be confirmed to the complainant as soon as possible by SMS or email notification. The notice will include the Unique Identification Code and the expected response time for the complaint.

We'd Like to Assess

On receipt of a complaint, all complaints is initially evaluated by a set of standards, like severity and the possibility of action, and be dealt with in a manner that is appropriate.

We'd like to investigate

We will investigate all pertinent facts and circumstances concerning the complaint. The amount of investigation should depend on the severity of the complaint, its frequency and seriousness of the matter.

We'd like to give Feedback

Tracking All complaints are recorded from receipt to all stages until complainant is satisfied, or until the decision to make is final. The most current status of the complaint will be provided to the complainant on demand and in regular intervals through one channel.

The Decision is Communicated The decision or action that is taken in relation to the complaint that is pertinent to the complainant will be sent to them within a few hours after the decision or step is made via SMS or email.

Resolving the Complaint If the complainant agrees with the proposed decision or act, then the proposed act or decision would be recorded and carried out. If the complainant does not agree with the action or decision that is proposed, the complaint will remain unresolved. The complaint would be recorded and then escalated to the complaints team. Complaints Management Team. The complainant will be advised of the alternative external and internal recourses available (see 4.4. Complainants' Rights in Complaints Handling Process). The company will continue to keep track of the progression in the case until alternatives of remedies are exhausted or the complainant is completely satisfied.

You can click here to download the pdf version of this form.


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