How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]

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how to hide app on iphone

How to Hide Apps on an [Basic Trick]

Your phone's apps provide a window into your personal life, and it's understandable if you prefer to keep that window closed to colleagues, friends, and family, not to mention curious strangers who might catch a glimpse of your screen in public.

Discover the secrets to enhancing your privacy by concealing apps on your , and take your protection to the next level with specialized mobile security for iOS.

Block apps from either your or iPad

Hiding apps on your iPhone and iPad is a breeze and can be done in multiple ways. Whether you want to keep certain apps out of sight, like dating apps, job-search portals, or health apps, or simply desire a clean and organized home screen, knowing how to strategically place your apps is key.

First, let's delve into the topic of hiding individual iPhone applications. Then, we'll explore how to hide the entire display of apps and prevent them from appearing in search results.

Remove each of the iPhone applications

Conceal certain iOS apps by pressing and holding the app icon you want to hide. Choose the “Remove app” option from the drop-down menu, then tap “Remove from the Home Screen.”

The app icon will vanish from view. Keep in mind that removed apps won't be completely hidden; they can still be found in your iPhone's App Library and through an app search. You can easily access these hidden apps by going directly to the App Library.

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You can hide an entire app list from the home screen of your iPhone.

Want to tidy up your iPhone and keep only your frequently used apps visible? Well, you can easily hide an entire app page with just a simple trick. Here's what you need to do:

Press and hold the search button located near the top of your screen until the icons on your apps start shaking.

How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]

1. Press the dots located at the bottom of the screen, now transformed into a search button. Simply tap to reveal the entire home screen in one go.

2. To hide specific apps, tap the checkmark below their webpage to remove the tick mark. Once done, click on ‘done' in the upper-right corner.

Your chosen apps will now be concealed from your iPhone or iPad home screen. If you decide to reverse this action, just follow the same steps but tap the circle under the app's page to bring it back to the main screen.

Block apps on your iPhone so that they won't be displayed in searches

If you wish to block an app from being more than a glance on your home screen, you must also block it from appearing on iOS devices' search results.

Here's how you can block apps from search results on an iPad as well as an iPhone:

  1. Open Settings in your iOS, then tap Siri and Search, then select the app you wish to block.How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]
  2. Switch off Show App in the Search until it changes to grey.How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]
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Although the app won't show up in searches anymore, it remains installed on your device. Unfortunately, this won't help you free up space or enhance the speed of your iPhone. To truly reap these benefits, you'll need to uninstall the application entirely.

If you suspect that an app is behaving maliciously, it's crucial to take the necessary measures to eliminate any malware or spyware from your iPhone. Ensure the security of your device by utilizing a reliable iOS security program, which you can obtain for free.

Unhide or locate the hidden applications for your iPhone or iPad

The apps you have installed on your device will be located in the App Library, even the ones that you've hidden on your main screen or your search feature. This is how you can access or remove hidden apps from the App Library:

  1. On the home screen, swipe right until you reach the page with your app Library.How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]
  2. Find the hidden app that you would like to access by scrolling to it in the App Library search bar or with your app Library Search bar. If you only want to get access to the hidden app, you can tap it to launch the application.How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]
  3. To de-hide the app and then place it on the home screen, press and hold on the icon, then move it left and then release your fingertips to place the icon into the location you prefer.How to Hide Apps on an iPhone [Basic Trick]

If you've previously concealed the Siri and Search feature of the application, unfortunately, it won't appear in your search results. To regain its visibility, follow the instructions provided in this article and enable the option to display the app in search (step 2).


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