How to cancel Auto Renewal on MTN in 2024 [Simple steps]

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MTN Network

How to Cancel Auto Renewal on in 2024: A Step-by-Step Guide

Instructions for Terminating Auto Renewal on in 2024: The MTN network is a prominent telecommunications provider in many African nations, offering a wide range of voice, data, and digital services to a substantial number of users.

Procedure for canceling auto-renewal on MTN

MTN provides a service known as auto-renewal, which facilitates the automated renewal of a user's data plan or other subscriptions upon the expiration of a specified validity period.

Auto-renewal, while handy, might result in undesired fees, particularly if customers neglect to terminate their memberships prior to the renewal date.

If you are an MTN customer seeking to terminate automatic renewal in order to prevent additional fees or enhance the efficiency of your subscription management, you have arrived at the appropriate location.

This post aims to provide comprehensive guidance on the process of canceling auto-renewal on MTN. This article will explore three distinct methods for terminating a subscription, including SMS, USSD code, and MTN customer support.

Here's an overview of canceling auto-renewal on MTN:

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Auto Renewal on MTN
  • Methods to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN
  • Method 1: USSD Code
  • Method 2: Online Self-care Service
  • Method 3: Customer Support
  • Important Considerations When Cancelling Auto Renewal
  • Benefits of Cancelling Auto Renewal on MTN
  • Tips to Avoid Auto-Renewal on MTN
  • Conclusion


To cancel auto-renewal on your MTN subscription in 2024, you need to follow a few simple steps. This guide will walk you through the process to help you successfully disable the auto-renewal feature on your MTN account. By following these steps carefully, you can avoid unexpected charges and have more control over your subscription plan. Let's dive into the easy-to-follow instructions to stop the auto-renewal on MTN and manage your subscription according to your preferences.

Understanding Auto Renewal on MTN

  • Auto Renewal is a convenient feature on MTN that automatically renews your data or call plan.
  • This ensures uninterrupted service by deducting the plan cost from your airtime balance.
  • It is crucial to understand how auto-renewal works to manage your subscriptions efficiently.
  • You can cancel auto-renewal at any time to avoid automatic deductions for the next billing cycle.
  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of auto-renewal to make informed decisions regarding your MTN subscriptions.

Methods to Cancel Auto Renewal on MTN

  • To cancel auto-renewal on MTN, you can dial the code 1235*1# on your phone and follow the prompts to deactivate the service.
  • Another method is to send a text message with the keyword “STOP” to the shortcode provided for auto-renewal services.
  • You can also log in to your MTN account on the official website or through the mobile app to manage your subscriptions and cancel auto-renewal from there.
  • Contacting MTN customer service through their hotline or visiting a service center in person are also effective methods to cancel auto-renewal on your MTN subscription.

Method 1: USSD Code

  • Dial*123#on your MTN mobile device.
  • Select the option for “Manage My Account.”
  • Choose “Auto Renewal.”
  • Follow the prompts to cancel the auto-renewal subscription.
  • Confirm the cancellation by following the final prompts.

By using this USSD code method, you can easily cancel the auto-renewal feature on your MTN subscription without the need to visit a physical store or contact customer service.

Method 2: Online Self-care Service

  • Access the MTN website and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the subscription management section.
  • Locate the auto-renewal option for your plan.
  • Follow the prompts to disable the auto-renewal feature.
  • Confirm the changes made to your subscription.
  • Save the updated settings to ensure auto-renewal is canceled successfully.

Method 3: Customer Support

  • Contact MTN customer support by dialing 180 for assistance.
  • Follow the automated prompts to speak with a representative.
  • Inform the representative that you want to cancel the auto-renewal service.
  • Provide the necessary details to verify your account.
  • Request confirmation that the auto-renewal has been successfully canceled.

Important Considerations When Cancelling Auto Renewal

  • Review Terms and Conditions: Before canceling auto-renewal on MTN, carefully review the terms and conditions of your subscription to understand any penalties or requirements.
  • Check for Early Termination Fees: Some contracts may have early termination fees if you cancel before the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Ensure Alternative Payment Methods: Make sure you have an alternative payment method ready to ensure uninterrupted service after canceling auto-renewal.
  • Keep Confirmation Records: After canceling, keep records of the cancellation confirmation for future reference or in case of any disputes.

Benefits of Cancelling Auto Renewal on MTN

  • Avoid Unexpected Charges: By canceling auto-renewal on MTN, you have more control over your expenses and can prevent unexpected charges on your account.
  • Flexibility: Without auto-renewal, you can choose when and how to renew your plan based on your needs and budget.
  • Avoiding Overages: Canceling auto renewal helps you avoid overages that may occur if you unintentionally use more data or minutes than your plan allows.
  • Preventing Waste: It ensures that you are not wasting unused resources if you are not fully utilizing your plan before it renews automatically.

Tips to Avoid Auto-Renewal on MTN

  • Monitor your data usage. Keep track of your data usage to avoid running out unexpectedly and triggering auto-renewal.
  • Set Data Usage Alerts: Enable data usage alerts on your phone to receive notifications before you reach your data limit.
  • Turn off the Auto Renewal Feature: Contact MTN customer service to disable the auto renewal feature on your plan.
  • Use Data Management Apps: Utilize apps that help you manage and monitor your data usage effectively.
  • Regularly check your plan. Stay informed about your current plan details and renewal settings to prevent unexpected charges.


  • Make sure to follow these steps carefully to cancel auto-renewal on MTN without any hassle.
  • Always double-check to ensure that the auto-renewal has been successfully canceled.
  • Remember that canceling the auto-renewal may result in an interruption of service, so plan accordingly.
  • If you encounter any difficulties during the process, don't hesitate to reach out to MTN customer support for assistance.
  • Stay informed about your subscription details to manage your services efficiently.


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