How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]

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How To Link to an Line in 2024 [Full Guide]

Recently, you may have received an SMS from requesting you to connect your (National Identity Number) to your mobile number in order to avoid any disruptions. Rest assured, my fellow comrades, you are not alone in this situation. There are many others facing the same requirement, and I am here to assist you in navigating through the process. However, before we proceed, allow me to share a brief story.

The root of this matter dates back to December, when the Nigerian government made it mandatory for customers of network service providers such as , , and to link their NINs to their telephone lines in order to continue availing of their services.

Recently, some individuals have received messages urging them to link their NINs with their MTN numbers. This also applies to those who have already completed the linking process. Although the specific reason behind this re-linking may not be clear, it is important to fulfill this requirement.

In this post, I will provide you with four different methods to connect your NIN with your MTN line. Additionally, I will address any inquiries you may have regarding the entire process. But before we proceed, let me guide you through the steps to determine whether your NIN is already linked to your MTN account.

How To Check if Your NIN Is Linked to Your MTN Line

How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
Before proceeding with the process of linking your NIN to your MTN number, it is advisable to first verify if the two are already linked. It is unnecessary to be concerned about receiving a message prompting you to connect your NIN, as you can confirm this on your own. Imagine going through the entire procedure only to realize that it was not required. To determine the connection between your NIN and the line you possess, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Go to this site to check the Status of MTN's NIN website.
  2. Enter the MTN number.
  3. If you input your phone number when you enter it, you will receive an OTP that will be emailed to that number. Input the OTP that was sent to you into the field that is provided.
  4. Following that, you'll be notified of the NIN link status.

Alternately, you can verify the status of your MTN NIN using the shortcode. Call *996#, choose feature 4 (“VView NIN Status”), then follow the directions.

4 Ways To Link NIN to an MTN Number in 2024

If you've confirmed that your NIN isn't linked to your phone line, Does that mean that you must embark on the journey to visit an MTN office? Luckily, no. It is possible to connect the NIN and your MTN line in four distinct ways without going to an MTN retailer. The four options include:

  1. Linking using MTN's portal. MTN portal.
  2. Utilizing MTN's app. MTN application.
  3. Linking via USSD code
  4. Through the NIMC app

How To Link NIN to an MTN Line Through the MTN Portal

If you'd like to connect your NIN with your MTN number using MTN's portal, follow these steps: On the MTN portal, you must follow these steps to link your NIN:

  1. Go to this official MTN NIN verification online site.
  2. Choose the kind of verification you'd like to conduct, i.e NIN
  3. Enter the details of your MTN phone numbernational identification number, and email address in the appropriate spaces.
  4. Verify that the data you input is correct, after which select “Next.”.
  5. After you click Next, MTN will send you an OTP. You can enter your OTP in the box that is provided.
  6. After that, press validate” or “validate and” click.

Linking NIN to an MTN Number Using the MTN App

How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
In order to use this option, you need at least the MyMTN app installed on your phone. If it's not there, you could download it through Google PlayStore or the App Store, depending on your phone.

After you've downloaded it, you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to the app with your phone number.
  2. The application will show a pop-up asking you to sign in with your NIN. Simply click it and follow the steps.
  3. Fill in the details of your MTN code as well as the number of your NIN and the email address in the appropriate fields.
  4. After you've confirmed your details, submit.

How To Link NIN to an MTN Line via USSD Code

How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
The method is simple because you don't require an internet connection or smartphone. This method can be used to connect your NIN to the phone you want to use, even the tiny “torchlight phones.”.

To connect an NIN on the MTN line with an MTN shortcode, you must follow these steps:

  1. Make sure to dial *996# for your MTN phone.
  2. In the menu, choose feature 1: “Submit NIN/Virtual NIN (VNIN).
  3. Select opportunity 2. (“Submit NIN”) from the available options.
  4. Input the 11 digits of your NIN into the space you will be provided.
  5. Make sure you have filled in your correct NIN and submitted.

Using the NIMC App to Link NIN to an MTN Number

How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
How To Link NIN to an MTN Line in 2024 [Full Guide]
The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has launched an application that permits you to connect as many as seven numbers to an NIN. For access to an account on the NIMC Mobile App, download “MWS: NIMC MobileID” via the App Store for iOS devices, or it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Follow these simple steps to connect the NIN with the MTN line with the NIMC application:

  1. InstallMWS MobileID” or the “MWS: NIMC MobileID” application from the app store on your device.
  2. Launch the app and input the NIN as well as your your phone number. MTN will then send you an OTP to your phone to verify your identity (valid for 30 minutes).).
  3. Then, you'll need to create a six-digit password. This PIN will be required to log in to your NIMC mobile dashboard.
  4. In your dashboard, select on the ” LINK MY NUMBERS” choice to create and verify the validity of your MTN line.
  5. MTN will email you an OTP. Fill it in the field you have provided and send it back to confirm the validity of your MTN line.

For each MTN number you attempt to connect the number to, an OTP will be emailed to the line.

Frequently Asked Questions About Linking NIN to an MTN Line

1. Do I have to go to an MTN office to link my NIN?

There is no need for you to require a visit to an MTN office in order to connect to your NIN. There are different ways of submitting an NIN in the name of MTN without having to visit an office.

2. How do I submit my NIN to MTN?

It is possible to submit the details of your NIN to MTN using any of the four methods described in the previous paragraphs. It is possible to use the MTN NIN connecting portal, the myMTN application, or the USSD number (*996#) and the NIMC app to join the NIN you have on the MTN line.

3. How can I check my MTN NIN status?

In the past, we have discussed that you can determine the status of the NIN linked by using MTN's NIN status portal. MTN NIN status portal or by using your shorter code (*996#).

4. Can I link my NIN using the MyMTN app?

Yes, you are able to connect to your NIN using the MyMTN app, as described in the previous article. It is also possible to perform various activities together with the app, such as subscribing to Apple Music and buying airtime, topping up your data, or other data.

6. What is the code for linking NINs on MTN?

If you've registered your NIN but lost it, you may get it back from your mobile number that you registered through dialing *346#. Choose choice 1: “NIN Retrieval.” Follow the instructions for a single-time message that will show your NIN.

6. What is the code for linking NINs on MTN?

The USSD code or shortcode to connect an NIN in conjunction with the MTN line as well as for other NIN-related activities is *996#.

7. Why can't I link my NIN to my MTN line?

There are a variety of reasons you might not be able to connect your NIN to your MTN line. This may be because of an incomplete NIN registration, a computer error in the integration process by NIMC and mismatched data in NIN registration, a discrepancy between SIM card data for registration and incorrect data in connection with the NIN with other numbers, or connecting more than seven numbers to the identical NIN.

If you have eliminated all of the possibilities but are unable to join your NIN with your account, you can call MTN customer support or stop by the closest MTN office.


By adding your NIN to your MTN number, you will be adhering to government regulations. This will ensure that you maintain access to your phone without any interruptions. By carefully following the steps outlined in this manual, you can successfully complete the process and avoid any potential disruptions to your mobile service. Stay informed about any modifications or enhancements to the procedure to guarantee ongoing security.


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