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Keystone Bank

Keystone Bank USSD codes: [+Contact Info] 2024

Keystone Bank, a leading commercial bank in Nigeria, was established in 2011 and is owned by Sigma Golf River Bank Consortium. With a wide range of banking services and products, Keystone Bank plays a crucial role in the financial sector.

It obtained its bank license from the Central Bank of Nigeria on August 5, 2011, and has since expanded its operations to three countries. Familiarizing yourself with Keystone Bank codes is essential for conducting transactions efficiently without the need to physically visit the bank.How do I find what the Keystone Bank code is?

Keystone Bank's Keystone Bank code is *7111#. This code allows you to accomplish a variety of essential tasks, including checking your balance on your account, making transfers, purchasing airtime, paying bills and so on. It's a simple, safe and simple method for all Keystone Bank customers to perform transactions in banking with ease.

Is Keystone Bank's code free? Keystone Bank is code-free, and what benefits do you get from it?

Keystone Bank's code is completely free for all users, regardless of their mobile phone type. Using the code comes with a variety of benefits, including easy access to online services, the ability to use it even when off your usual network, independence from needing an internet connection, 24/7 availability, and the convenience of queue-free banking.

  • Client accessibility to the web: The code provides an easy, fast, and user-friendly system for clients.
  • capability to roam: The USSD application is available even when users are off the network they use at home.
  • Independence from Internet connection: The system operates through the GSM network, removing the requirement of any Internet connection.
  • 24/7 accessibility: Users can access the services offered through Keystone Bank's Keystone Bank code anytime, all night or day, during the week.
  • Queue-free banking The code saves customers the inconvenience of standing in long lines at bank halls.

How do I sign up to activate your Keystone Bank code?

You'll need a phone number connected to your bank in order to enable your Keystone Bank code. You can follow the instructions below in order to activate your code.

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Method 1

  1. Dial *7111#.
  2. Try any of the transactions on the list, e.g., “balance inquiry. “.
  3. A feature to register a choice will be shown.
  4. Select the “Register Option”.
  5. Enter your account number and year of birth.
  6. Create your transaction PIN and then the registration process is now complete.

Method 2

  1. Dial *7111*0#.
  2. Select the “Register Option”.
  3. Enter your account number as well as the year of birth.
  4. Create your transaction PIN and then the registration process is completed.

A list of Keystone Bank codes

Below is a list of important Keystone Bank codes you need to be aware of.

Transaction USD Code
Registration *7111*0#
Check balance on your account *7111*00#
Charge your phone *7111*Amount#
Recharge other people *7111*Amount*Phone Number#
Mobile data *7111*5#
transfer *7111*Amount*NUBANAccount Number#
Activate debit card *7111*9*123#
The code for Panic *7111*911#
Set the account's default for top-up. *7111*Account Number#

Which is this Keystone Bank code to check the balance?

It is possible to make use of this USSD service by dialling *7111*00# to verify your balance. In a short time, you will receive an SMS containing the balance of your account.

How do you pay for your bills with your Keystone Bank code?

This Keystone Bank code lets you pay various bills from any time, anywhere. Follow the instructions below to make any payment:

  1. Dial *7111# using the registered number of your phone.
  2. Choose “Other services. “.
  3. Then, choose “Bills Payment” on the next page to pay to an invoicer.

Keystone Bank's mobile banking application

There is no need to visit the physical branch of Keystone Bank for your transactions anymore. With the Keystone Bank app, you can conveniently perform a range of tasks, such as bill payments and transfers. Android users can download the app from Google Play, while users can get it from the App Store.

For those who prefer internet banking or don't have the KeyMobile app, Keystone Bank also offers internet banking services.

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Keystone Bank log-in criteria

If you choose to use the Internet banking option, it is necessary to first sign up to use this service. Contact the bank to find out how to do this. After you've been registered, you can proceed to the next steps in order to sign into your account.

  1. Visit your account on the official Keystone Bank website.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the page Click in the upper right corner of the page “Internet Banking.”
  3. Log on with the username you created and your password.

What is the reason for this Keystone Bank code not working?

There are several reasons why you're Keystone Bank code might not function. The possible causes could include:

  • Temporary service outage Sometimes, there could be short-term service outages that could affect USSD banking.
  • Code incorrect: Make sure you've got the correct code for the transaction you're trying to make. The Keystone Bank standard USSD code is: *7111#.
  • Problems with your account: In some cases, your account could be unusable, blocked, or have other issues that stop users from using USSD banks.
  • Issues with networks: Ensure you have a good network connection. A weak signal can cause issues while working with USSD solutions.

Keystone Bank's customer service number

If you encounter any issues with mobile transactions, don't hesitate to reach out to Keystone Bank's customer support. They are ready to help you around the clock, every day of the week, to resolve any concerns or questions you may have.

You have the option to access live chat by clicking the link on their homepage. Alternatively, you can submit complaints by filling out the form on their website. Simply click on “Complaints Handling” under quick links.

You can reach out to a customer service agent by visiting any of their branches nationwide. The headquarters is situated at 1 Keystone Bank Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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How much can be transferred in a single day with Keystone Bank?

The maximum daily limit for transfers will be N100,000. (a mixture from Intrabank in addition to Interbank). The maximum daily purchase of airtime is N10,000.

Who is eligible to use Keystone Bank's Keystone Bank code service?

The customers are registered to mobile operators like , , or .

How can I find Keystone Bank's Customer support WhatsApp number?

The financial institution doesn't currently provide customer support via WhatsApp.

What happens if you lose your phone?

You may dial *7111*911# as soon as you can from any phone. Follow the prompts to block all accounts associated with Keystone Bank or contact the bank immediately.

What is the transfer code to Keystone Bank to another bank?

To transfer funds to a different financial institution To transfer money to another financial institution, dial *7111*Amount*another account#. Example: *7111*1000*1234512345#.

How do you disable or enable your USSD?

Dial *7111#, and then go into Other Services,” and then dial *7111# “Other Services.”. Select”Enable/Disable. “Enable/Disable” feature, allowing you to enable or deactivate USSD function.

Can any mobile phone be used to conduct USSD or mobile banking?

Unlock the power of USSD mode on any phone with the Keystone Bank code *7111#. This convenient feature lets you effortlessly handle various transactions from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need to transfer money, purchase airtime, or pay bills, simply dial *7111# and input your NUBAN account number. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to the bank for assistance.


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