Migo Loan Code & Consumer FAQs

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Migo Loan

About Migo

Let me introduce you to Migo, also known as Kwikmoney or Kwikcash, a fantastic platform that allows you to borrow without the hassle of providing collateral or valuable documents. In this post, I'll delve into the Migo loan code, the terms and conditions for requesting a loan, and their interest rates.

It's important to familiarize yourself with these details, so let's dive right in!

Migo Loan Code

Avoid the hassle of multiple screen selections by utilizing USSD menu shortcuts. Simply input the code corresponding to your desired menu selection. Here are a few examples to get you started:

*561*1*1*1# Take out a loan
*561*1*2# Repay a loan
*561*1*3# Check loan balance
*561*1*4# Extend your loan
*561*1*5# Terms and conditions.

Consumer FAQs

How do I get a Migo Loan?

  1. Enter and verify your phone number here: Get a Loan.
  2. Choose the best-fitting loan offer.
  3. Add your banking information so Migo can pay you.

Questions? Contact Us.

How long does it take to get a Migo Loan?

We strive diligently to guarantee the prompt transfer of your loan to either your account or the merchant's account that you are making a payment to, right after you finish your application session. In the event that your transaction does not occur as expected, kindly reach out to us for assistance.

Do I need to provide collateral or documentation to request a Migo loan?

No collateral or documentation is required to apply for a Migo loan.

Do I need to visit a bank to request a Migo loan?

No. Applying for the loan on your phone is a convenient option. A bank account connected to a current is all that is required. Get a Loan to apply now.

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Where else can I get a Migo loan?

You can get a Migo loan by:

  • Dialing *561#
  • Visiting Get a Loan
  • Migo is also available as a payment option at participating merchants. See our growing list of partners at Pay with Migo.

Does Migo Loan have a mobile app?

No. By entering your mobile number into our web portal at Get a Loan, you can access Migo from your phone at any time. You can also call *561#.

Can I access Migo if I port my number to another network?

Yes, provided that the information on your SIM card and bank account match. Our USSD service is available on all networks.

Can I access Migo with another person's phone number?

No, the loan offers you receive are unique to you.


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