Simple Ways to open view and edit a DOCX file

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How Can I Open a Docx File?

DOCX serves as a popular document format for word processing, commonly utilized for various purposes such as academic writing, job applications, and professional reports. This guide will delve into the reasons behind its widespread usage and provide instructions on how to generate, access, and examine a DOCX file.

Learn more about the following below:

  • What exactly is a.DOCX file?
  • The history of the.DOCX file
  • What are the DOCX files to do?
  • Pros and cons of DOCX documents
  • How do I open aDOCX file?
  • How to edit and create a DOCX document
  • How do I convert a DOCX file into a PDF?
  • What is the difference between a..DOCX file and a._DOCX file?
  • Find out more about similar files in DOCX.
  • .DOCX: FAQs.

how to open docx file

What is a DOCX file?

Save your document files using Word in the preferred format, DOCX. If you're more comfortable using a Mac, don't worry! You can still utilize DOCX with applications like Pages, Google Docs, or Open Office.

DOCX is a significant improvement from Microsoft's previous DOC format, which stored data as a single binary file. In contrast, DOCX stores XML details in three separate folders: Word, DocProps, and _rels, all compressed into a ZIP file. This allows the document to be easily accessed through various software.

What does DOCX mean?

DOCX is a clever blend of DOC and XML, merging the older format with the newer and enhanced XML markup language. It's also known as Open Office XML, or OOXML for short.

The history of the.DOCX file.

Microsoft launched the DOCX file format alongside Office 2007 to address the accessibility issues and limitations of the closed-source DOC format. The introduction of DOCX aimed to create smaller, lighter files with improved image quality and accessibility. Initially, there was resistance to the new format due to compatibility issues with older versions of Word, leading some to stick with the standard.doc extension for years.

However, over time, DOCX gained widespread acceptance and is now the standard document format for Word and various other programs. In contrast, the outdated DOC format has significantly declined in both functionality and popularity.

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What exactly do DOCX files do?

DOCX provides a wide array of functions that prove to be invaluable for tasks like image processing, word processing, and so much more. Now, let's delve into these functions and explore their capabilities in more detail.

Word processing.

The DOCX document serves as a powerful tool for word processing. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply using your personal computer, chances are you'll come across these files. With DOCX, you can effortlessly create and edit text for various purposes, be it crafting newsletters, writing articles, designing flyers, sending out invitations, or working on other important documents.

Videos, images, and other rich media.

In contrast to the older DOC formatting, DOCX can store and display rich media, innovative formats, videos, and pictures with amazing payoff. They are saved as separate files inside DOCX.

Storage of extra information.

DOCX can also contain extra data in its files. It could contain authorship information pages, page formatting, and notes on review.

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Pros and cons of.DOCX files.


  • Smaller file size. .DOCX files are smaller than their predecessors (.DOC). This signifies that. DOCX files occupy less space on hard drives and are also much faster to move between different devices.
  • Better image/media quality. The DOCX format is better at handling compressed images, videos, and other types of media in comparison to DOC. If you're embedding video, image, or infographic in documents, the file will have a consistent resolution.
  • There is a lower likelihood of corruption. DOCX tends to not be corrupted. This is great news for those who need to send the files, zip them, or transfer them, and upload files to various users.
  • Widely accepted. Apart from Word, it is also possible to open DOCX documents with Google Docs, OpenOffice, Pages, and more.
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  • is not supported on old versions of Microsoft Word. If you're with an older version that's older than 2007 of Microsoft Word that's older than 2007, it won't be able to open the DOCX.
  • Only subscriptions are available. Similar to Microsoft Word, you'll need to pay to access DOCX files. There's a limited, free version of the program available.

How do I open a DOCX file?

There are many ways to open the DOCX file.

To open the DOCX file in Microsoft Word:

  1. Open Word.
  2. Click File>Open
  3. Choose the DOCX download from saved files or your desktop.

Then, here's how to open the DOCX document on Pages.

  1. You can open Pages with your Apple device.
  2. Then drag the DOCX files into the Pages icon on your dock.

You can also select the file's right-click icon and choose the opportunity to open it with Pages.

Adobe Acrobat DC is able to view and open.docx files. However, it may not be able to preserve the format of the original document. To open the.docx document in Acrobat DC, you must follow these steps:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Choose File from the upper left corner.
  3. Select Open
  4. Select the .docx file that you wish to open
  5. Click Open.

You can also convert the.DOCX file into PDF format. It can then be opened and read within Adobe Acrobat DC without any formatting problems. For conversion of the.DOCX document to PDF, then go through these instructions:

  1. Launch Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. Select File at the upper left corner.
  3. Select Create PDF
  4. Select the. DOCX document you wish to convert
  5. Click Create.

The new PDF file is now accessible and open in Adobe Acrobat DC.

How do I prepare and alter the DOCX format?

If you're using the post-2007 version of Microsoft Word, you can make and edit an DOCX document by simply selecting File > Home and then the Blank document icon in the left-hand menu.

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For certain programs that are not Microsoft, the process may be a bit more complicated.

  • To use Google Docs, you can create a DOCX document by saving and then downloading the Google Docs file as a DOCX file. Then, you can upload it in the form of a DOCX file for editing.
  • In Pages, you can open the document and choose File>Export To> Word. Then, you'll be able to open your document in DOCX format.

How can I convert a DOCX file to a PDF?

Convert your DOCX document to PDF effortlessly with the help of Adobe Acrobat Online. Just drag and drop your Word file into this user-friendly conversion tool, sit back, and let it handle all the heavy lifting for you. Once the conversion is complete, you can easily save your document as a PDF file and share it with the world wide web.

What is the difference between a..DOCX file and a._DOCX file?

Certain email programs may alter the file extension from.DOCX to._DOCX. This is typically done to ensure that specific files remain accessible to the recipient. It's widely accepted that both.DOCX and._DOCX formats are essentially the same.

How do I open a DOCX file?

If your document encounters this issue, you may have to modify the file extension to.DOCX in order to access it. Once done, you can easily open and make changes to the file using Microsoft Word or any other compatible software.


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