Why is My EcoBank USSD Code Not Working?

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Eco Bank

What's wrong with my USSD Code not functioning?

provides customers with an efficient method for accessing banking services via unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes, making access easy.

USSD codes allow for bank transactions via mobile phones; however, there may be times when EcoBank USSD codes don't operate the way expected. If this happens to you, follow these steps for assistance:

We will explore some of the common causes and methods to restore smooth banking practices. Please don't relax your guard and stay on top of your game! Stay aware and on guard. Continue reading now.

EcoBank USSD Codes

EcoBank offers a variety of USSD codes to enable users to complete banking transactions effortlessly and quickly. They are created to make banking easier, especially those who don't have internet access or an app for banking.

The EcoBank USSD code is *326#. This code lets you make various transactions, such as checking your account balance, transferring , purchasing airtime, and many more.

Common Reasons for EcoBank USSD Code Issues

If you notice that the EcoBank USSD code isn't working, there could be a myriad of reasons at play for the cause. Below are the most common causes:

  1. Network Problems: USSD codes rely on a reliable internet connection. If you're located in a region that has poor coverage on networks or experiences network interruptions, that could prevent this USSD code from functioning properly. Make sure you've got the desired network signal before using the code.
  2. The incorrect USSD code is: Mistyping in the USSD code can cause issues. It's essential to input the code correctly, including the required symbols, such as hashtags, asterisks, or asterisks. Check the code you're calling to assure that it's in the right place for your transaction. Be aware that the EcoBank USD code is 326#; that must be entered exactly the same way!
  3. Account Limitations There are times when your account might be subject to transaction limitations. If you are in excess of the limits, then your USSD transactions could not pass through. I would like to know if you've been recently unable to access the USSD code because of the same reason. Examine your balance in the account as well as the transaction history to determine whether this is the cause of your concern. If you want to make a quick call, dial *326*912# on the number associated with your EcoBank account. Choose choice 3 to deblock your USSD code. Then, you can enter the 4-digit USSD code and confirm your action. You may find that you've stopped your USSD.
  4. Service downtime:Banks occasionally perform maintenance or encounter technical problems that affect USSD services. If you're trying to use the codes during maintenance time or when there are suspected technical issues, you could experience difficulties.

What to Do When the EcoBank USSD Code Is Not Working?

If you're having issues using the EcoBank USSD number, there are a few steps that you could take to solve your issue:

  1. Test Network Signal Verify that you've got an unbroken network signal prior to using this USSD code. If you're in a location where reception is poor, you should consider shifting to an area that has a better signal.
  2. Validate your USSD code: Make sure you dial the right USSD code for the particular operation you're planning to conduct. The code must be typed exactly as specified by EcoBank.
  3. Check the Limits of Transactions: Review your account limits for transactions and determine whether you've exceeded any limits. If you need to, call EcoBank's customer service for more information about expanding your limit on transactions.
  4. Call Customer Service If you're unable to solve your problem, it is recommended that you call EcoBank's customer service for help. They'll help in providing advice, reviewing the state of your account, and helping to solve any technical issues.

Always Stay Informed

Stay informed of any issues, updates, or other developments that are related to EcoBank's USSD offerings. Take a look at the following points:

  1. Official communication: Check EcoBank's official web site as well as social media channels and mobile apps for notifications concerning USSD Services, maintenance or technical problems.
  2. Customer Support You can save EcoBank's support contact details for easy access in case you have issues. Support staff can offer instant help.

EcoBank Customer Support Phone Number & Email Address

For assistance with contacting EcoBank customer service:

    • Official Website: www.ecobank.com.
    • Phone number: 0700 500 0000.
    • Email address:.
  • Go to any of their branches near them.


EcoBank USSD codes offer an efficient means of accessing bank services on-the-go; however, potential issues include network issues, incorrect codes or restrictions in account access, or service disruptions.

Following these guidelines and staying informed through official channels will enable you to resolve USSD code-related problems as well as enjoy hassle-free banking using EcoBank mobile.

Remember, EcoBank customer support services are ready and waiting to assist with any problems you might be encountering.

If you have questions or comments on this article, don't hesitate to send them our way; the box and comments area below await your message, and our staff members are ready and waiting! They will reply as quickly as possible!


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