How to Check Fidelity Account Balance

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How to Check Fidelity Account Balance

How to Check Fidelity Account Balance

Discover all the steps to see your account balance and more with this comprehensive guide.

Regularly checking your account balance is one of the simplest methods to keep your safe.

This is due to the fact that it is possible for unauthorized individuals to get access to your account and conceal the fact until you check your balance.

There are a number of ways to see the current balance on your account; however, we will show you the simplest method in this banking tutorial.

These days, even a little transaction doesn't need a trip to the bank. Anytime, anywhere, you may now use your bank account to make a transaction.

You may now do a lot more with your bank account, like sending and receiving , paying bills, purchasing phone airtime, subscribing to services online, checking your balance, and more.

You acknowledge that all of the aforementioned may be accomplished using a wire transfer code if you are a client of Fidelity Bank in Nigeria.

Find out now how to use the Fidelity Bank transfer code to see your phone's balance. Can you provide me with the phone number for checking the balance at Fidelity Bank?

Use the access code *770# to see your Fidelity Bank account balance over the phone. With the Fidelity Bank Transfer Code, clients may use their mobile phones to access banking services via USSD.

Prerequisite to Know Fidelity Bank Account Balance On Phone

Here's what you need to know about your Fidelity Bank account balance:

  • Fidelity Bank Nigeria, USSD Code
  • Mobile number registered with Fidelity Bank Nigeria.
  • Loyal Bank USSD Transfer PIN
  • Mobile phone

How to Check Your Fidelity Bank Account Balance in Nigeria

To check your Fidelity Bank account on your phone, please follow these steps:

  • Dial *77*0#, and your mobile number is linked to your Fidelity Bank account.
  • Please follow the menu prompts on your screen and select “balance inquiry.”.
  • Next is Fidelity Bank's instant banking PIN.
  • After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS with the current balance in your Fidelity Bank account.

Here's how to check your Fidelity Bank account balance on your phone in Nigeria.

How to Check Fidelity Account Balance Without PIN

Stop by any Fidelity branch in your area to see your account balance without entering your PIN. Because USSD codes, mobile applications, and internet banking on a phone cannot be used to access your Fidelity Bank account balance unless you have a PIN or an ATM card,.

To access your account number or Fidelity account balance, for instance, you may dial *770#, but you'll need to set up a PIN.

If you want to check your balance on the go using the Fidelity Bank app, you'll need your login details, which include a PIN.

A PIN serves as protection for your bank account because it is the only way for you to access your . For this reason, before you can activate USSD codes, mobile

applications, or online banking with Fidelity Bank, you will be asked to set a PIN.

Can you use to get your Fidelity Bank account balance?

You may see your Fidelity account balance without using . Not at Fidelity Bank. Even if you input your , it won't fix your Fidelity Bank balance or any associated accounts. This means that you can't utilize BVN to check the amount of your Fidelity account using a USSD code, mobile app, or customer support; instead, you'll need to enter your PIN or ATM card details.

Nevertheless, visit any Fidelity Bank office if you are unable to see your account balance via BVN due to a lack of an ATM card, PIN, or both. If you would like to know your account balance, you may contact customer care.

Can You Restore Your Fidelity Account Balance Without an ATM Debit Card?

You can see your Fidelity Bank account balance even when you don't have an ATM card if you activate the USSD code. Not the final six digits of your ATM card, but the USSD PIN may be entered by dialing *770*0 on a phone. For the first USSD bank code activation, the ATM debit card is the sole relevant tool.

Your Fidelity account balance may be seen online using the mobile app, even if you don't have an ATM card. This assumes that you have already registered for the app.


To sum up, if you have a mobile phone, you may get a text message with your Fidelity Bank account balance by calling *770*0#. Mobile applications and other channels for customer support are examples of online techniques.

Even without an ATM card or PIN, you may check your account data at any Fidelity location. Just visit if you can't find a means to get your Fidelity account balance.

I hope you will find this material helpful.

So, go ahead and give it a go and share your results with me in the space provided.


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