Fidelity Bank Virtual Card 2024

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Fidelity Bank

Virtual Card 2024

Greetings, reader of FinancialExpert NG! Virtual cards provide protection and convenience in today's digital world.

Is “Does Offer a Virtual Card?” on your mind? Everything you need to get the answer to that question is right here!

What is Fidelity Bank Virtual Card?

Prior to discussing the products offered by Fidelity Bank, let's go over what a virtual card is in brief. It's a digital version of your usual credit card, though.

In addition to offering an extra degree of security, this technique of making purchases online doesn't divulge any personal card information.

One of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria, Fidelity Bank, understands the need to provide cutting-edge banking solutions.

Does Fidelity Bank Have a virtual card?

As of 2024, our latest data indicates that Fidelity Bank does provide virtual cards.

Specifically created for online transactions, the Fidelity Virtual Card can be used for online shopping, bill payments, service subscriptions, and other activities. It can be used both locally and abroad.

How to Get a Fidelity Bank Virtual Card

To apply for Fidelity Bank Virtual credit card Follow these steps:

  • Connect to our mobile application
  • Functions to be used (The three bars at the very top of the left)
  • Click on Cards > Virtual cards > Input PIN or Token (From token app)
  • Click on Create Card and then create an account from scratch or use your existing accounts
  • Select account > Purpose > Name on card
  • click on create Card
  • Card PANs are generated compatible with an expiration date, CVV, and CVV.

Check it out now; it's easy, fast, and completely secure.

How to Activate Fidelity Virtual Card

To make your Fidelity Bank virtual card active, please follow the following steps:

  • Connect to our mobile application
  • Function to go (The three bars in the left-hand side of the screen)
  • Select Cards and Virtual Cards
  • Click manage virtual card
  • Click Change PIN
  • virtual card activated

Benefits of Using Fidelity Virtual Card

These are just a few advantages of a virtual card

  1. For a secured method to make payments, an extra level of security in the form of an OTP (one-time time Password) is used for completing a transaction.
  2. Access to all in the card from anyplace within Nigeria.
  3. Alerts to transactions sent instantly via SMS provide a convenient way to monitor cards used.
  4. Customers have a lesser chance of being at risk of being a victim of fraud when they have a virtual credit card. The cards cannot be duplicated or stolen.
  5. The cost of the card is completely free.
  6. It's convenient to obtain and use an online debit card that takes much less time.
  7. There's no reason to carry around a physical card
  8. It provides protection and comfort

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the price of the Fidelity Bank Virtual Card?

The Fidelity Virtual Card is completely free.

What are the required documents to obtain a Fidelity Virtual Card?

There is no need for documents.

Fidelity Bank daily Spend Limit?

The limit for spending on the Fidelity virtual credit card is N200,000.

Can Fidelity's Virtual Card work internationally?

You are able to make use of a Fidelity virtual card anywhere in the world.

What is the Fidelity Bank Virtual Card International Limit?

The Fidelity Virtual Card international limit is $20 per month.

Conclusion on Fidelity Virtual Card

To sum up, Fidelity Bank does indeed offer virtual cards. By offering its customers virtual cards, Fidelity Bank stays up-to-date with emerging digital trends.

This demonstrates their commitment to providing secure banking services.

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