Guide to Checking Your 2024 JAMB Result Online

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JAMB Result Online
JAMB Result Online

How to Check Your 2024 JAMB Result Online or via SMS

Great news! The JAMB exams have concluded, and now it's time to check your outcomes. JAMB has made it convenient for applicants to access their scores through various options. Here are three ways you can easily verify your JAMB outcome by 2024.

💻 Online Access JAMB Portal (
📱 SMS Code Send “UTME RESULT” to 55019 or 66019
💰 Cost N50 via SMS; N1,500 for online results slip
🗓️ Exam Period April 19 to April 29, 2024
🌍 Participants 1.94 million candidates across 118 towns
📑 Required Info JAMB registration number and phone used for registration
🚨 Warnings Avoid fraudulent “results upgrades.”

JAMB Result Checking Process

  • To check your JAMB result online, visit the official JAMB result checking portal.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number or email address used during registration.
  • Click on “Check My Result” to view your score.
  • Take note of your score and print the result for future reference.
  • Ensure you have a stable internet connection to prevent any issues during the process.

Remember, your JAMB result is crucial for your future academic endeavors. Follow the steps carefully to access your result seamlessly.

Check Your 2024 JAMB Result

To ensure a smooth process when checking your 2024 JAMB result online, follow these steps:

  • Have your JAMB registration number ready.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection and a compatible device.
  • Keep your login details secure to access the JAMB portal.
  • Set aside some time to go through the result-checking process without interruptions.
  • Be patient, as the server may experience high traffic during result release.
  • Prepare emotionally for any outcome and remember that the result does not define your worth.

Step 1: Ensure You Have the Necessary Information

  • Have your JAMB registration number ready.
  • Make sure you have access to a stable internet connection.
  • Keep your email address and password used for JAMB registration handy.
  • Prepare any other relevant details, such as your examination date and center.
  • Double-check that all information is accurate and up-to-date before proceeding to check your 2024 JAMB result online.

Step 2: Access the JAMB Result Portal

  • Go to the official JAMB website.
  • Look for the “Check 2024 UTME Result” link on the homepage.
  • Click on the link to proceed to the result-checking portal.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number in the required field.
  • Click on “Check Result” to view your score.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable for a smooth process.

Step 3: Log in to Your JAMB Profile

  • Visit the JAMB result portal on your browser.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number in the required field.
  • Click on “Check My Result” to proceed.
  • If prompted, enter your JAMB profile password.
  • Review the JAMB result displayed on the screen.
  • Make sure to print out or save a copy of your result for future reference.

Step 4: Locate the Result Checking Section

  • Go to the official JAMB portal at
  • Look for the result-checking tab on the homepage.
  • Click on the result checking tab to access the result portal.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number in the designated field.
  • Click on “Check My Result” to view your 2024 JAMB result instantly.

Step 5: Enter Your JAMB Registration Number

  1. Make sure to enter your JAMB registration number correctly.
  2. Double-check the numbers to avoid any errors.
  3. Your JAMB registration number is crucial for accessing your result.
  4. Take your time to input the correct registration number to view your JAMB result successfully.

Step 6: Check Your JAMB Result

  • Visit the JAMB official website.
  • Click on the “Check 2024 UTME Results” tab.
  • Enter your JAMB registration number.
  • Click on “Check My Result.”
  • Your JAMB result will be displayed on the screen.
  • Ensure to print or save a copy for future reference.
  • If your result is withheld, check back for updates on the website.
  • Contact JAMB directly for any issues or discrepancies in your result.

Step 7: Print Your Result Slip

To have a physical copy of your 2024 JAMB result, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your JAMB profile.
  2. Click on the “Print Result Slip” option.
  3. Choose the exam year and enter your JAMB registration number.
  4. Make a payment online for the printing service.
  5. Once payment is confirmed, proceed to print your result slip.

Having a printed result slip is essential for future reference and documentation.

Step 8: Understanding Your JAMB Score

  • Your JAMB score is a crucial indicator of your performance in the exam.
  • The score is based on a combination of the number of questions you answered correctly and the difficulty level of those questions.
  • JAMB scores range from 0 to 400, with 200 being the average score.
  • A higher score indicates a better performance, while a lower score may require a reevaluation of your study techniques.
  • Take time to analyze your score in each subject to identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Understanding your JAMB score can help you make informed decisions about future academic pursuits.

Tips for Checking JAMB Result

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection before checking your JAMB result online.
  • Verify your JAMB registration number and exam year to avoid errors in accessing your result.
  • Cross-check all details on your result slip for accuracy, including your personal information and scores.
  • Understand the grading system used by JAMB to interpret your scores accurately.
  • In the event of any discrepancies or issues with your result, contact JAMB immediately for clarification and resolution.
  • Keep a printed or digital copy of your JAMB result for future reference or admission processes.

Final thoughts on checking JAMB 2024 results

These strategies will help you review results from your JAMB 2024 outcome after they've been made available. When you've viewed your results, it is recommended to get in touch with JAMB directly in case you've got doubts or concerns. Do not make any payments to any person to change the results since it's inconceivable as well as against the laws.


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