How to Block Wema Bank Account and ATM Card in 2024

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Wema Bank

How to block Account and ATM Card until 2024

Today, in this digital era, it is essential that bank accounts be protected.

Protecting both funds and personal data requires taking immediate steps when losing or misplacing cards or witnessing suspicious activity on an account, including accounts.

We thank Wema Bank for offering easy steps to unlock and lock your account, giving you full control and protection of your .

Wema Bank accounts and ATM cards allow users to securely protect their funds with energy-based solutions that prevent theft of funds through theft of accounts or ATM cards. Here we explain the steps necessary for you to proactively block and unblock these services to best safeguard their wealth energetically.

Let's get going and learn how to protect your Wema Bank account.

How do you block Wema Bank Account/ATM card?

Use any of the methods listed below to safeguard your account and prevent theft should you be unable to locate or lose your ATM card or SIM, which is connected to your bank account

  1. Internet Banking Internet Banking
  2. Via Customer support
  3. Via USSD Code
  4. Via Wema Bank Mobile App.

Take each step in succession, one after another.

Internet Banking Internet Banking

To stop using your Wema Bank ATM card with Internet banking, you must comply with these instructions:

  1. Log on to the Wema Bank website and log into your bank account with the username you created and your password.
  2. On the dashboard, click from the dashboard and select the “Cards” option.
  3. Select the ATM card that you wish to stop.
  4. SelectBlock Card” and then click on the “Block Card” feature.
  5. Make sure you confirm your action by entering your bank's online Password or PIN.
  6. If you wish to deblock your card at a later time, it is possible to do this using the . “Unblock Card” opportunity.

How to block Wema Bank Account/ATM Card via Customer Support

A quick and simple method to stop the use of your Wema Bank account is by making contact with customer support. To block your account, you must comply with the following steps:

  1. Install the app for calling on your phone
  2. Just call one of the Wema Bank customer care lines at +234-803-900-3700 or +234-01-277-7700-9 07000PURPLE (07000787753). The lines are available all hours of the day.
  3. You'll need to provide the credit card number and account number, as well as other details, to prove your authenticity.

How can I block a Wema Bank ATM card via a USSD code?

The code that blocks your ATM card is#, but there are specific procedures you need to follow to stop your ATM account.

  1. Call your Wema Bank USSD code *945*911# using your mobile phone.
  2. It is required that you give your phone number that which you used to sign up for your account.
  3. Check the blocked USSD code or account.
  4. Input in the USSD four-digit pin.

How can I block a Wema Bank account or ATM card via Wema Bank Mobile?

Follow these steps to disable Your Wema Bank account/ATM card:

  1. Install the Wema Bank mobile app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store and log into the application. If the app is installed on your phone, open it up, then push on by following the next steps.
  2. Log into the account with the username you created and your password, as well as biometric authentication.
  3. From the main screen, choose from the home screen, and select the “Cards” feature.
  4. Choose the ATM card you would like to stop using.
  5. Select the . “Block Card” opportunity.
  6. You can confirm your step by clicking “Yes.”
  7. If you'd like to remove your card at a later time, it is possible to do this through the . “Unblock Card” feature.

How do I block my Wema Bank ATM card from an alternative phone?

Lossing personal items, like phones, can be enough reason for you to want to stop accessing your ATM card. A straightforward approach would be to remove it from an alternative phone and try again later.

To cancel a Wema Bank ATM Card using another number, call these numbers on an alternate phone: +234-803-903-3700 +234-01-277-7700-9 *07000PURPLE (07000787753).

Of course, questions will inevitably arise in this scenario. If you own your bank account and know who owns what, the solution lies in quickly visiting Wema Bank to report having misplaced or lost an ATM card and blocking or disabling it immediately.

Use any of the methods outlined above to block access to your Wema Bank account/ATM card and prevent access from being granted again.

Commonly Answered Questions

What can I do to block my Wema Bank ATM card if it's stolen or lost?

If you want to block your lost or stolen Wema Bank ATM card, you should immediately contact the customer service hotline at Wema Bank or go to the closest Wema Bank branch.

They'll guide you through the procedure and warrant that your card is secured in order to block unauthorised transactions.

Do I have the ability to disable the use of my Wema Bank ATM card online?

You can indeed stop the Wema Bank ATM card online through Your Wema Bank Internet Banking or the mobile banking application. You can go to the management of your card section, then follow the steps to stop your account.

Is there a cost to stop using my Wema Bank ATM card?

In general, there's nothing to pay to stop the Wema Bank ATM card if the card is stolen or lost. Wema Bank prioritises your account's security, so blocking your card in such circumstances is usually completely free.

What can I do when I suspect that there are unauthorised transactions on my account?

If you suspect that there are fraudulent transactions in your Wema Bank account, immediately dial the Wema Bank customer support hotline to report the problem. They'll investigate the issue and take the appropriate actions to safeguard your account.

How long will it take to deactivate access to my Wema Bank ATM card?

Wema Bank typically blocks a lost or stolen ATM card the moment you notify us about it. It is then done quickly to stop any misuse of the ATM card.

Can I unblock my Wema Bank ATM card after blocking it?

If you discover the card is blocked after you block it and you want it removed,. Contact customer support at Wema Bank or stop by a branch, and they'll guide you through the steps of unblocking your card.


As soon as your ATM card or account is compromised or there is any suspicion of illegal use, it is imperative that immediate action be taken in order to safeguard both cash and your personal information.

Wema Bank offers an easy solution to safeguard your ATM and bank accounts.

Utilise any of the methods outlined above to close down your Wema Bank account and ATM card.

Remember to protect both your account information and ATM card details confidentially. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activities related to your account and report them immediately to Wema Bank.

Check and strengthen the security of your account, for instance, by changing your PIN or adding more Wema Bank security safeguards to it.

But regardless of who they claim to represent, do not provide anyone your PIN number; Wema Bank does not request it from customers.

I hope that in this article you have found what it was you were searching for! For answers or inquiries on any topic covered herein, feel free to post comments in the box provided, and our staff will contact you as quickly as they can!


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