How to buy Airtel Airtime from Eco Bank

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Eco Bank

Convenience is crucial in the rapidly evolving digital era. If you are an user seeking to quickly and effortlessly replenish your airtime, you have come to the appropriate location.

On the process of purchasing Airtime via ,

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the process of acquiring airtime directly from an account, ensuring a seamless and convenient experience. Farewell to the antiquated scratch cards and welcome the forthcoming era of airtime top-ups.

Buying Airtel Airtime from Eco Bank in 2024: Procedures and Payment Methods

If you're looking to purchase Airtel airtime from Eco Bank in 2024, you have several options available to you. From the various payment methods to checking your balance and even canceling scheduled payments, this guide will walk you through all the necessary steps.

Available Payment Methods for Airtel Airtime at Eco Bank

Eco Bank offers multiple convenient payment methods for purchasing Airtel airtime. You can buy airtime using:

  1. USSD Code: Dial *326# on your mobile phone, select the option for airtime purchase, and follow the prompts to complete your transaction.
  2. Eco Bank Mobile App: Log in to your Eco Bank mobile app, navigate to the airtime purchase section, enter the required details, and confirm your purchase.
  3. ATM: Visit any Eco Bank ATM, select the airtime purchase option, and enter your Airtel number and the amount of airtime you wish to buy.
  4. Internet Banking: Access your Eco Bank internet banking platform, locate the airtime purchase feature, input the necessary information, and finalize your transaction.

How to Check the Balance of Airtel Airtime on Eco Bank Mobile App

To check your Airtel airtime balance using the Eco Bank mobile app:

  1. Open the Eco Bank mobile app on your device.
  2. Navigate to the airtime section or account overview.
  3. Look for the option to check the airtime balance.
  4. Click on it to view your remaining airtime balance.

Maximum Amount of Airtime Purchase from Eco Bank

The maximum amount of airtime that can be purchased from Eco Bank may vary based on individual account limits and regulatory restrictions. It is advisable to check with Eco Bank directly or refer to their official communication channels for specific details regarding maximum airtime purchase limits.

How to Cancel a Scheduled Payment for Airtel Airtime on Eco Bank Mobile App

If you need to cancel a scheduled payment for Airtel airtime on the Eco Bank mobile app:

  1. Open the Eco Bank mobile app.
  2. Locate the scheduled payments section.
  3. Find the Airtel airtime payment you wish to cancel.
  4. Select the option to cancel or delete the scheduled payment.
  5. Confirm the cancellation when prompted.


Can I buy Airtel airtime from Eco Bank using other payment methods?

Yes, apart from USSD, mobile apps, ATMs, and internet banking, you may have additional options like POS terminals or visiting a physical branch.

Is there a fee for purchasing Airtel airtime through Eco Bank?

Eco Bank may charge a small convenience fee for certain transactions; it's recommended to review their fee schedule or contact customer service for accurate information.

Are there any restrictions on buying Airtel airtime from Eco Bank?

Certain restrictions, such as daily transaction limits or network availability, may apply; it's best to confirm these details with Eco Bank before making a purchase.

How quickly is Airtel airtime credited after purchase?

Typically, Airtel airtime purchased through Eco Bank is credited instantly; however, delays may occur due to network issues or maintenance activities.By following these procedures and utilizing the available payment methods at Eco Bank, you can easily manage your Airtel airtime purchases with convenience and efficiency in 2024.


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