How to Open JAIZ Bank Account Without BVN in 2024

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Jaiz Bank

How to Open Account Without

Do you want to know how to create a account without having to provide a bank verification number, or ? You are headed in the right direction if your response was yes!

JAIZ Bank is a reputable financial company that provides its clients with a range of banking services.

An identifying mechanism based on biometrics devised by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) called the Bank Verification Number () is one of the primary requirements for opening a bank account in Nigeria.

Some may be asking if opening a JAIZ Bank account is possible with or without a BVN.

We'll discuss the options and procedures for creating a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN in this article.Continue reading to stay current!

Importance of BVN (Bank Verification Number)

The BVN is a special identifying number that is connected to a person's biometric data, such as their fingerprints and facial features. The purpose of security measures in banks is to prevent fraud and verify the identity of their clients.

Customers without BVNs have several alternate choices and exceptions to the need for a BVN in order to perform banking activities in Nigeria.

Conditions for opening JAIZ Bank account Without BVN

To open a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN, you'll have to satisfy certain requirements and adhere to a series of guidelines. The following is what you'll usually need:

  1. It is necessary to have a valid form of identity, like the National Identity Card, International Passport or Driver's License. These papers help identify your identity when you don't have the BVN.
  2. Documentation of address: Provide a utility bill, tenancy contract, or other official document that proves that you live in the same area. This is a common requirement to open a bank account.
  3. Recent Passport Photograph

Now let's look at how you can create a JAIZ Bank account without BVN.

How to Open JAIZ Bank Account Without BVN

When you've got all the documents, signed the application form for opening a new account, and completed the account opening form, follow these steps for opening a JAIZ Bank account without a BBN:

The code needed to open JAIZ Bank Account without BVN is *773#.

  1. Install the Call app on your mobile
  2. Dial *773#
  3. Choose the choice that states without BVN.
  4. Just follow the prompt on screen be sure to ensure that you fill in all of the necessary fields.
  5. When you're done, the JAIZ Bank Account Number will be provided to you by SMS.

Limitations of an Account Without BVN

It is important to remember that an account without the use of a BVN could be subject to certain restrictions:

  1. Limits on Transactions: Accounts that do not have BVNs could be restricted in terms of transactions in comparison to accounts linked by BVN. That means that you could be subject to limitations on how much that you can transfer or withdraw.
  2. Limited Services Certain banking products or features might not be available to customers who do not have BVNs. As an example, you might not be able to access online banking or the mobile banking app.
  3. BVN Requirements In the future, banks in Nigeria will progressively mandate BVN-related specifications for various transactions. Although you are able to create an account with no BVN, you could face limits when it comes to the most advanced banking options or transactions.

Obtaining a BVN Later

When you open your first JAIZ Bank account without a BVN but later decide to apply for one, you will need to visit an authorized BVN registration center to finish the enrollment process (e.g., bank).

If you've got a BVN, you can connect it to your current JAIZ Bank account to access more options and remove certain restrictions.

How to Open JAIZ Bank Account Without BVN: FAQs

What are the conditions for opening an account at JAIZ Banking?

Documents of identification for every signing party, e.g., international passports, the ID card of the national or national driver's license, e.t.c. Originals are required to be sighted. A copy of the utility bill from the last 3 months. The originals are required to be viewed.

Do I have the opportunity to open an account with JAIZ on the internet?

Yes, you are able to start a JAIZ Bank account online. The only thing you'll need is to go to the JAIZ Bank online internet bakery for a start.

How do I open Jaiz Bank using USD?

  1. Call 773*0# or 773*0# to your mobile.
  2. You must enter the number of your BVN, if you own one.
  3. After that, you'll need to fill in your personal information.
  4. If successful, Jaiz Bank will send the account number to you via SMS.

What is the maximum transfer amount at Jaiz Bank?

The limit of daily transfers can be set to one hundred fifty thousand Nigerians (N150,000.00). However, you are able to boost the limit by $500,000.00 in the application. Limit increases above 500,000.00 are subject to bank consent.

Does Jaiz Bank give loans?

It is true that JAIZ Bank gives loans. For an application for a Jaiz Bank , you will need to go to one of their branches close to your home.  applications are accepted at every branch across the country.


Nevertheless, it is still feasible to open a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN, even though it is a necessity for all bank transactions in Nigeria.

If you fulfill the requirements, which include obtaining the required paperwork and finishing the account opening procedure, you can create an account with JAIZ Bank.

Keep in mind that there may be restrictions on the number of transactions and services that may be performed on accounts without BVNs.

It is advised to consider obtaining the BVN in the future in order to have access to a greater variety of advantages and financial services, particularly when banking procedures alter.

For those without this identity number, a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN provides an opportunity to start their banking adventure with a trustworthy bank.

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