Kenya exempts Ethiopia, South Africa, 3 others from $30 eTA fee

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Kenya exempts Ethiopia, South Africa, 3 others from $30 eTA fee

The government of Kenya has just updated its online visitor registration system in an effort to make entering the country easier.

The Department of Immigration and Citizen Services has declared that Ethiopian nationals and citizens of five other countries are no longer subject to the $30 application fee for the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system.

Kenya has abolished or negotiated bilateral visa waiver agreements with the Comoros, Congo-Brazzaville, Eritrea, Mozambique, San Marino, and South African governments; thus, their residents are now eligible for this adjustment, which took effect on February 15.

Those who perceived the $30 cost of the eTA system, which went live in January, as a de facto visa fee criticized it.

In keeping with its dedication to countries with existing visa agreements, Kenya has decided to exclude these six nations. For the last fifty years, Ethiopia and Nairobi have maintained visa exemption agreements.

Ethiopians were obliged to pay $30 for an eTA, which had to be applied for at least 72 hours before arrival, in contrast to Kenyans, who may travel to Ethiopia with only a valid passport.

What you should know 

The Ethiopian ambassador has spoken highly of Kenya’s decision to do away with the eTA electronic payment obligation, saying how much they appreciate it. Even though there is no longer a cost, Ethiopian residents still need to fill out the eTA form online in advance of their Kenyan trip.

The revisions are a component of Kenya’s continuing discussions with international partners to enhance the eTA system, resolve issues and guarantee its efficacy.

Please note that the application deadline for eTAs is still 72 hours prior to arrival. However, there has been an update that allows eTAs to be used for travel to Kenya within 90 days of being granted.

But there are those who feel the eTA app isn’t accommodating enough, particularly for people who need to change their trip dates or who are in the midst of an emergency.

Countries that are part of the East African Community are not required to have electronic travel authorizations (eTAs); therefore, residents of such countries may travel using regular passports or other forms of national identification.

These changes demonstrate Kenya’s commitment to enhancing its travel policies and developing strong relationships with its international partners.



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