MTN Beta Talk Data Plan 2024 [Simple Guide to subscribe]

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Beta Talk Data Plan 2024

The popular prepaid service Beta Talk, offered by MTN Nigeria, gives users a 250% airtime bonus with every recharge.

You may use the extra time for broadband, SMS, and even phone calls. If you want to stay connected without going over budget, this is a cost-effective option.

MTN Beta Talk Data may captivate you if you're an avid user of MTN Beta Talk and want extra data for browsing, downloading, or even streaming. Data for MTN Beta Talk.

This bundle lets consumers take full advantage of your airtime incentive by providing a wealth of information at an affordable price.

We'll go over MTN's Beta Talk Data Plan in further depth in this article. MTN Beta Talk Data Plan, which details the plan's features, cost, and enrollment procedures.It will also be contrasted with other MTN data plans so that you may choose the best option to suit your needs.

Check to see whether you qualify for the MTN Beta Talk Data Plan and whether it's a great fit for your requirements if you're a new or existing customer of MTN Beta Talk.

In the meantime, prior to moving onto the steps to sign up to the MTN Beta Talk Data Plan, Let's talk briefly about the advantages that come with MTN Beta Talk.

MTN Beta Talk Benefits [See how awesome and awesome MTN Beta Talk is.] See how amazing and awesome MTN Beta Talk is.

These are some of the advantages from being a part of MTN Beta Talk but are not exclusive to them:

  1. 250% extra airtime with every recharge One of the primary advantages to MTN Beta Talk is that it provides a bonus of 250% for each recharge. So, if you use your phone to recharge with N100, you'll get an additional 250 bonus minutes of airtime, which gives the user a total of N350 in airtime to make calls, text messages, and data.
  2. Cheap call costs: In addition to the airtime bonus, MTN Beta Talk also provides affordable rates for calls. It offers a fixed rate of 42k/s for calls for all mobile networks that are in Nigeria and is an affordable opportunity for customers who are making many calls.
  3. Data bonus when you recharge: MTN Beta Talk provides a data bonus upon recharge. This means you'll get additional data for browsing or streaming after you recharge your mobile. The amount of bonus data you get is dependent upon the amount that you recharge. Higher recharges offer more data.
  4. Simple migration MTN Beta Talk has an open-plan This means it is possible to switch to the plan from another MTN Prepaid plan without issues. If you want to switch from MTN Beta Talk, simply dial the code for migration or utilize the MyMTN application.
  5. There are no hidden costs: MTN Beta Talk has no extra charges. This makes it a clear and simple program to utilize. It allows you to benefit from all the benefits of this plan without having to worry about any unexpected fees or charges.

How do I sign up to the MTN Beta Talk Data Plan by 2024?

It is important to understand that the same way that you sign up for data plans for any other tariff plan is how you sign up for data plans at MTN Beta Talk. MTN Beta Talk.

For a subscription to the MTN Beta Talk Data Plan, just follow these steps:

  1. Install the Call app on your mobile
  2. Dial *312#
  3. Select 1 for Data Plans
  4. Input the number that corresponds to the kind of data you'd like to gather. (1 for daily data, 2 for weekly, etc.).
  5. In addition, you must enter the appropriate amount of data you would like to buy.
  6. In addition, you must enter the relevant number to your account, whether one-off or auto-renew and then confirm the purchase. (Select one-time if you want to purchase the plan one-time andjust need to buy the plan for one time, and then select auto-renew in case you wish MTN to automatically renew the purchase when the expiration date has passed.)

Following these steps should allow you to sign up for the MTN Beta Talk Data plan if you choose to do so.

What is an excellent way to verify MTN Beta Talk Bonus Data?

If you're able to recall, at the beginning of this blog post, I spoke about advantages that come with MTN Beta Talk. One of them is that with any recharge that is greater than N100, You get both airtime and data bonuses.

To check for the MTN Beta Talk Data Bonus, simply adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Start the call application to your phone
  2. Dial *310#
  3. Your account The balance of your account, along with all the bonus points, will appear on your monitor and in just a couple of seconds, they will send it to you via SMS.

How do I check the MTN Beta Call Data Balance?

Similar to how you look up balances of data in different tariffs, this is similar to how you do it in Beta Talk as well.

For this, you must adhere to the following steps:

    1. Launch the Call App for your phone
    2. Dial *323#
  • Input 4 to get the balance payment
  • The MTN Beta Talk Data Balance will show up on the screen. After only a couple of minutes, the balance will be emailed to you via text.

If you want to be quick or short, just dial *323*4#.

MTN Beta Talk Data Plan: FAQs

How can I purchase the data for MTN Beta Talk?

For purchasing data from MTN Beta Talk, simply dial *312#, then enter 1 to purchase data plans then select which plans you want to join.

What's the code to the MTN beta Talk data plan?

The code to use for that MTN Beta Talk Data Plan is *312#. It is important to understand that this is a different code than the one you had to switch into MTN Beta Talk.

How can I make the most of my MTN beta Talk data bonus?

It is yours to make use of the MTN Beta Talk Data Bonus however you like. It's yours! You are free to choose whether you want to use it for calling, sending SMS, or surfing the web! Data bonus of your own decision!

How do I obtain 1.5 gigabytes for only 300 dollars in MTN Beta Talk?

The plan's name is “special offer.”. For 1.5 gigabytes for 300 in MTN Beta Talk, you just need to dial *121# and select 2. Then, enter the number that corresponds to the 1.5 GB or 300 GB data plan.


As we get to the end of our talk about the MTN Beta Talk Data Plan, it is like discovering a gold mine for those who are always online and want to connect. You will receive greater value for your with this package. Alternatively, you ought to talk to your naira more!

You can communicate with friends, browse the internet, and remain in touch without worrying about running out of credits thanks to the increased data and airtime for calls.

What makes it so good, exactly? A click of a USSD code will transfer you from Beta Talk to Beta Talk. For entrepreneurs, learners, and basically anybody looking to have a discussion without breaking the bank, this is an excellent choice. The best deal is having the freedom to use both your extra data and phone calls.

Remember that being in touch is essential in today's fast-paced world, and MTN Beta Talk makes it simple for customers to do so. Thus, this could be the ideal strategy to think about if you want to maximize both your time and your data.

Please use the comment box below if you have any questions regarding this post, and we will respond as soon as we can! Thank you for your time!


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