How to convert MTN Pulse Points to Airtime & Data

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How do I change pulse points into airtime and data?

Pulse, one of MTN's most cherished tariff programs, provides users with a rewards program that lets them accumulate points as a reward for activities undertaken as well as interactions via the MTN Pulse network.

One of the greatest features of these features is their capability of being converted into data or airtime that can then be used to send messages, make phone calls, or access data services.

Are you an MTN Pulse member seeking the ideal way to exchange points into airtime? Look no further! Here is the solution!

This guide is dedicated to offering readers step-by-step instructions for using MTN Pulse Point Converter software and providing helpful hints and details so they can get the most from this highly rewarding app.

Without further delay, let's dive in to discover how MTN Pulse points can translate to airtime for you and take full advantage of being part of the MTN Pulse community!

The goal of these discussions is:

  • How do you move MTN pulse points?
  • What do I need to know about myself for my MTN pulse point?
  • Code for MTN's pulse points
  • How do I transform MTN pulse points into airtime?
  • How do I transform MTN pulse points into data?
  • How do I use the MTN pulse point?
  • How do I use MTN pulse points to purchase airtime?
  • How do I use MTN pulse points to purchase airtime?

We'll start by providing a brief explanation of MTN Pulse points and what you must do in order to get them. Be sure to remember the title, FinancialExpert NG!

What are MTN pulse points, and how can I obtain them?

Users participate in a variety of tasks in MTN Pulse to earn MTN Pulse points as rewards. MTN Pulse community.

The activities could involve recharging an MTN line, calling or sending text messages, signing up for plans for data, inviting your friends to sign up with MTN Pulse, or participating in contests and promotions organized through MTN Pulse.

The more time you spend using the MTN pulse line and the more you use it, the more points you are able to accumulate over time.

MTN pulse points are typically obtained based on the amount of data or airtime used in a particular manner, and there is a set amount of points being awarded per particular step.

Making MTN Pulse points can be an enjoyable and satisfying experience by allowing users to earn points on tasks for which they might already be using the MTN Pulse line.

The points are then used to obtain various benefits, which include converting them into airtime. This is something we'll talk about in the coming weeks. Keep following me throughout, for you're about to discover the most amazing thing!

I was thinking about something in my thoughts at the moment! It occurred to me that I must inform you how you can find out the number of MTN Pulse points you've accrued!

Check the balance of your MTN Point Balance

It's easy and simple to verify the status of your MTN Pulse points. In this article, I'll give you two easy methods for doing this:

  1. Via USSD Code
  2. Via MTN mobile application

Do you have a relationship with me? Okay! We'll quickly go over the ways you can utilize these two options to test your knowledge!

What is the most accurate way to verify the balance of your MTN Point Balance with the USSD Code?

The USSD code for checking the status of your MTN Pulse points is *406#. You can dial the number, then choose the number 7 (pulse point), after which you can enter 1. That will show the balance of your points, and your balance will appear on the screen. Simple, isn't it?

Now, let's move on to the second technique!

Check Your MTN Point Balance using the MTN Mobile App

For this technique, just follow the instructions in the following steps:

  1. Visit your Google Play Store (for Android users) as well as the Apple Store (for iPhone users) to download MTN's mobile app. MTN mobile application.
  2. Sign in to the application with your MTN number as well as your password.
  3. Once you've logged into your account, go into” the “Rewards” or “MTN Points” area of the app.
  4. It is possible to check the balance of your MTN points.

Now that you know this, let's look at what you can do to redeem your points!

How do I change MTN Pulse Points to Airtime & Data?

Additionally, there are many ways to do this, but I'll be describing three ways to do it in this article:

  1. On the MTN site
  2. Via MTN mobile application
  3. Via USSD code

Therefore, let's walk through each step at a time.

How can I transform MTN pulse points into airtime and data on MTN's website?

In order to convert the value of your MTN Pulse Points into either Data or Airtime, you just need to comply with the steps below:

  1. Check out the MTN site and sign in with your MTN phone number and password.
  2. Click on and then go to the “MTN Loyalty Rewards” section on the site.
  3. ChooseRedeem Points” from the “Redeem Points” opportunity
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to choose the quantity of airtime or information you wish for your points to be converted into.
  5. Confirm that the conversion has been completed.
  6. The account you have on your MTN account is credited with the equivalent of the airtime of the MTN points.

Then, let's move on to the second technique!

How do I change MTN Pulse Points to Airtime and Data with the MTN Mobile App?

For conversion of your MTN points into data or airtime with MTN's mobile app, follow these steps: For the MTN application for mobile phones, please follow these steps:

  1. Start the MTN mobile application and sign into the app with your MTN phone number as well as your password.
  2. Click on Rewards” or “MTN Points” in the “Rewards” or “MTN Points” area of the app.
  3. Click Redeem” or “Redeem Airtime” feature
  4. Follow the steps on screen to choose the quantity of time you wish for your points.
  5. Confirm that the conversion has been made.
  6. The account you have on your MTN account is charged with the equivalent of the airtime of the MTN points.

How do I change MTN Pulse Points to Airtime & Data through the USSD Code?

The first thing to note is that you must first note that the USSD code for converting MTN pulse points into airtime, or data, is 406#. To convert this together this USSSD code, you must follow these steps!

  1. Dial *406#.
  2. Click ‘7' again to choose the pulse points.
  3. Respond to the appropriate number, and you can choose either the data or the airtime option.
  4. Follow the prompts
  5. It is possible to exchange your points by following these procedures!

A quick reminder Do not make use of the points; they will be lost once they've expired!

What you should know before converting your MTN Pulse Points

Here's what you should be aware of about MNTN pulse points:

  1. Maintain track of the points you earn. Regularly review your MTN Pulse Points balance to monitor your accrued points. This can help you plan and organize your points effectively, making sure you're accumulating sufficient points to fulfill any requirements that are required for conversion.
  2. Find out the minimum standards:Some MTN Pulse programs might have minimum requirements for the conversion of points to airtime, for example, a minimum amount of points or a minimal amount of airtime. Be sure to verify the minimum requirements, and then plan your actions to comply with them.
  3. Use points to redeem them before their expiration date. Keep on top of the date that expires on your MTN Pulse points, and warrant that you use the points before they expire. Points not converted into airtime before the expiration date could lose their value; therefore, it's vital to pay attention to the date and timeframe to make your redemption promptly.
  4. Do not lose points. If you find that the balance of your converted airtime is higher than what you anticipated, this could mean that the MTN pulse points weren't appropriately changed. In these instances, it is crucial to call MTN support right away for assistance to solve the issue and avoid losing points.

How do I change MTN Pulse Points to Airtime and Data? Questions

What amount of data will MTN Pulse Points buy?

To redeem or utilize the pulse points, just dial *406*7*2#. You'll be able to see the details below. If you select Data Bundle (1), there are daily, weekly, and monthly bundles to pick from in order to boost the number of pulse points. If you choose the nightlife bundle (2), the price is 25 points for 250MB and 50 points for 500MB.

Do I have to use my points to purchase airtime?

Of course! It is possible to use the MTN Pulse Point to buy airtime. You just need to dial *406# and begin!

How can I determine my pulse-point airtime balance?

  1. Dial *406#
  2. Select the Pulse point opportunity by typing 7 before sending your response
  3. Choose opportunity 1. It will say Balance of Points

What can I do to remove the service of my MTN Pulse points?

To do so, it is necessary to remove yourself from MTN Pulse; should you decide not to remain on its tariff plan, withdrawal can take place anytime at your own will. Simply dial your desired code from within MTN Pulse's tariff plan; for MTN Pulse tariff plans, you just have to dial one that corresponds with the tariff plan you prefer and verify this move before leaving MTN Pulse altogether.


Conclusion You can access your MTN Pulse points by dialling *406*7*133, and you can then utilize them to pay for data or airtime plans.

We will explore three methods of redeeming points: the USSD code, the mobile application, and the MTN website.

If you have any inquiries related to this post, feel free to drop a note in the comment box, and we will respond quickly!


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