Requirements for Sterling Bank’s I Can Save (Minor) Account

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Sterling Bank's I Can Save (Minor) Account
's I Can Save (Minor) Account

Requirements for 's I Can Save (Minor) Account

  1. Minimum Amount: ₦1,000
  2. Maximum Amount: ₦5,000,000
  3. Annual Interest: 1.9%–5.0%
  4. Minimum Term: months
  5. Maximum Term: 12 months
  6. Fees: NA

About I Can Save (Minor) Account

Establish a savings account for your children to equip them for the future and foster the practice of saving from a young age. The I Can Save account will enable children to achieve financial success much ahead of their classmates.

Requirements for I Can Save (Minor) Account

  1. CERPAC: Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card of Parent/Guardian
  2. One recent clear passport photograph of a guardian, parent, and child
  3. Account opening form duly completed
  4. minor or international passport or evidence of age.”
  5. Documentary Evidence of Address in Nigeria
  6. The birth certificate of the
  7. (West African nationals excluded.).
  8. Parent's or guardian's valid means of identification. .
  9. Bank Verification Number ()

About this provider

At , we prioritize our clients and highly appreciate their opinions and suggestions. We have ensured that there are several methods available to maintain communication. Sterling Bank Plc is a comprehensive national commercial bank in Nigeria that provides services to individual customers.



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