Ways to Transfer Airtime Between Networks and Save Money

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Ways to Transfer Airtime Between Networks and Save Money

Ways to Transfer Airtime Between Networks and Save on Airtime Expenses

Chances are, you have likely purchased an excess amount of airtime at least once in your lifetime, similar to the majority of others. If you have encountered that circumstance once more, then you ought to peruse this! This page will provide instructions on how to transfer airtime across different networks, allowing you to economise on airtime expenses.

Airtime denotes the monetary worth or credit that is allocated to a mobile phone account, enabling the user to initiate phone conversations, transmit messages, or utilise data services. In Nigeria, the term typically used to refer to airtime is recharge card' or ‘credit'.

In 2020, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) produced a study stating that Nigerians collectively expended ₦2.06 trillion on airtime during the first half of the year.

This was a substantial surge from the ₦1.69 trillion expended on airtime during the corresponding period in 2019.

Given the substantial amount of being spent on such transactions, what strategies might be employed to reduce airtime charges and save ?

Acquiring mobile phone credit in Nigeria

There are multiple methods available for acquiring airtime in Nigeria:

● Prepaid phone credit
Recharge cards are available for purchase at diverse retail locations, including stores, street vendors, and online platforms. These vouchers are available in different values and include a distinct code that is used to add airtime to the phone.

● Online top-up
Electronic recharge refers to the process of buying airtime online using mobile banking apps, ATM machines, or Internet banking platforms.

● Instant Recharge
This service enables consumers to replenish their mobile phone credit directly from their bank accounts.

● Collaborate and Trade
Mobile network operators provide the Share and Sell service, which enables customers to either share or sell their airtime.

It is important to mention that the price of airtime in Nigeria can fluctuate based on the telecommunications company and the specific plan you are subscribed to. Furthermore, certain service providers provide exclusive offers and promotions that might assist in reducing airtime expenses.

Facilitating the transfer of airtime across different telecommunication networks.

It is not uncommon to hear that someone has purchased an excessive amount of airtime. Sometimes, they may inadvertently buy airtime for the incorrect network.

The majority of Nigerians utilise multiple network service providers, and occasionally, this may just be due to human error.

Regardless of the circumstances, there is still reason to remain optimistic.

Nigeria offers a variety of applications that facilitate the transfer of airtime between different mobile networks.

Below are many commonly chosen alternatives:

1. Aimtoget

Aimtoget is a versatile platform that enables users to convert airtime into cash, transfer airtime across different networks, and buy airtime for any network in Nigeria. The application may be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

2. SwapNaija is a platform.

SwapNaija is a mobile application that facilitates the exchange of airtime from one network to another. The application is compatible with , Airtel, , and networks and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

3. SimpleModification

Similar to SwapNaija, EasyChange is a platform that facilitates the exchange of airtime from one network to another network. The application is compatible with , Airtel, , and 9Mobile networks and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

4. Beginning

Like the aforementioned applications, Mula is a platform that enables users to convert airtime into cash, transfer airtime across different networks, and buy airtime for any network in Nigeria. The application may be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

It is important to mention that certain applications may impose a nominal price for transferring or converting airtime; thus, it is crucial to carefully review the terms and conditions prior to utilising them.

Furthermore, it is crucial to verify the accuracy of the phone numbers and network details prior to beginning any airtime transfers.

Instructions for transferring airtime within your network

To transfer airtime to another number within the same network, please adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Verify if your network operator provides airtime transfer services. The majority of networks in Nigeria offer the ability to transfer airtime.
  2. Enter the corresponding code for your network provider.
  3. To initiate an airtime transfer on , simply dial *600, followed by the recipient's number, the desired amount, and the PIN, all separated by asterisks.
  4. To transfer airtime on , simply dial *131# and patiently await the prompt. Please provide the recipient's phone number, the amount you wish to send, and your PIN.
  5. Alternatively, you can initiate the transaction by dialling *131*recipient's number*amount*pin#.
  6. To transfer airtime on Airtel, call *432*recipient's number*amount*pin#.
  7. To transfer airtime on 9Mobile, simply dial *223*pin*amount*recipient's number#.
  8. The recipient's number refers to the telephone number of the individual to whom you wish to transfer airtime, while the quantity denotes the specific amount of airtime you intend to transfer.
  9. The PIN is a confidential code that you will generate when going through the registration procedure.

Please verify the transfer. Prior to completion, you will be required to validate the transfer. Ensure that you input the accurate sum and the phone number of the recipient.

Please await the completion of the transfer. The airtime should be promptly transferred to the recipient's account, typically within a few minutes, contingent upon the network provider.

Please be aware that airtime transfer services may incur a transaction fee, and there may be restrictions on the maximum amount of airtime that can be transferred in a single transaction.

Additionally, it is imperative that you maintain the confidentiality of your PIN and refrain from disclosing it to anyone in order to avoid unlawful transfers.

Strategies for reducing costs associated with airtime expenses

Monthly airtime expenditures can constitute a substantial proportion of your budget, particularly if you use your phone frequently.

Below are a few strategies to reduce costs associated with airtime expenses:

● Utilize a wireless network connection
Whenever feasible, establish a connection to a Wi-Fi network in order to engage in voice calls, transmit text messages, and utilise data services. This can assist you in circumventing the use of your cellular network and reducing your airtime expenditures.

● Select the appropriate plan
Assess your existing mobile phone plan and use it to determine if you are paying for excessive services. Consider transitioning to a plan that aligns more closely with your consumption patterns and provides more cost-effective rates.

● Utilize prepaid plans to your benefit
Prepaid plans frequently offer greater cost-effectiveness compared to post-paid programmes. Payment for airtime is made in advance, and usage is limited to the amount paid for. Moreover, prepaid plans frequently provide greater versatility and do not require any contractual obligations.

● Utilize data-conserving functionalities
Several smartphones are equipped with data-saving functionalities that can effectively minimise data consumption, resulting in reduced airtime costs. These features may encompass the restriction of background data usage, the reduction of video quality, and the deactivation of automatic app updates.

● Utilize telecommunications applications
It is advisable to utilise communication applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber, as these enable you to initiate phone conversations and send messages via the internet. These applications can be less expensive than conventional cellular calls and can assist in reducing airtime costs.

● Analyze and contrast rates
To ensure cost-effectiveness, it is advisable to evaluate the prices offered by several service providers while making international calls. Several telecommunications operators provide cost-effective international calling plans or even complimentary international calling within their own networks.

By applying these tactics, you have the ability to achieve substantial cost savings on your airtime bills. Regularly evaluating your consumption patterns and plans is crucial to guaranteeing that you are maximising cost-effectiveness by selecting the most economical solutions.


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