How to Transfer Money from PalmPay to Opay Account

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How do I transfer from into an account?

Dear reader, we're glad to meet you! We understand how crucial it is to move your funds easily and safely, particularly among different accounts.

So, today we'll tackle the issue asked by a lot of our readers: how do you transfer funds from your account into your account?

It seems like a simple procedure, does it not? It is, in fact, if you've learned the basics. When you've finished reading this article, you'll have mastered it! at this!

To avoid wasting our time, let's get this project underway! !

How can I transfer from PalmPay to an account?

I'll show you two different ways to complete a transfer from PalmPay to Opay. Opay account:

  1. Via PalmPay Mobile app
  2. Vis Code: USSD

Therefore, let's try every approach step-by-step:

Transfer From PalmPay to Opay Account With the benefit of PalmPay Mobile App

To complete this with your PalmPay mobile application, you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store to access Google Play Store
  2. Download PalmPay mobile app
  3. By using your login and username, login to your account
  4. Press send money to
  5. Choose ‘to another bank' and then choose Opay from the bank list.
  6. Input the Opay account number.
  7. Input the amount, and then check the amount.

Easy Peasy!! !

How do I Transfer Money from my PalmPay to Opay account using USSD code?

To transfer funds from PalmPay to Opay, you must first transfer money from your PalmPay account to an Opay account with an USSD code. Go through these steps:

First, the code that will transfer money from PalmPay into Opay Account is: *652#.

  1. Contact *652# to access the telephone number that is registered to your PalmPay account. Call *652# from the phone number associated with your PalmPay.
  2. Choose Transfer Money and select ‘To other banks'.
  3. Choose ‘Opay', and then proceed to the next step in order to complete the transfer.

It's as easy as ABC!

Moving on to the third thing on our agenda!

Some Tips and Tricks for Making a Transfer

Make sure that you have enough funds on your PalmPay account prior to making an account transfer.

Make sure you double-check the account number and any other specifics before you click the “Confirm” button. It's always safer to be secure than to regret it.


There you are! You're now able to transfer funds from your PalmPay account into your Opay account with ease, like a professional. It's simple, fast and extremely convenient when that you follow the correct instructions.

In addition, you'll have the choice to select which method accurately fits your specific needs, whether it's mobile apps or USSD codes.

In today's fast-paced world, finding these kinds of options available makes your life much more enjoyable, does it not?

This guide should clear all doubts that you may have and will benefit you in making easy and safe transfers from here.

If you have questions about this article, just send us a message in the comments box to be in touch in the shortest time possible. We appreciate your patience to FinancialExpert.NG..


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