9mobile Data Plans 2024, Bundles & Subscription Codes

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9Mobile Nigeria

/ Etisalat Data Plans 2024 Bundles & Subscription Code

In today's era, being online is crucial for accessing information, staying in touch with family and friends, and managing a .

With the rise of work and virtual communication, having affordable and reliable data plans has become a necessity.

, a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, recognises the importance of providing data packages that cater to their customers needs and financial constraints.

This article is on FinancialExpert.NG In this post, we'll review the plans of 9Mobile's data plan for 2024. This includes the many bundles and subscription codes that are available for customers.

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Let's look at the various plans offered by 9Mobile: bundles and Subscription codes.

9Mobile and Etisalat Data Plan Codes by 2024.

For starters, 9Mobile offers a variety of plans for data that can be tailored to a variety of budgets and requirements. No matter if you're a user with limited connection to the internet or an avid user who requires enough data for streaming or downloading files, 9Mobile offers a package which will work for you.

Data plans comprise:

  1. Plan for the day.
  2. Weekly Schedule
  3. Monthly Plan: Special deals

Let's look a bit closer at each one.

How to sign-up to the 9Mobile The Daily Data Plan

9Mobile's plans for daily use offer daily plans that are appropriate for those who don't use many data or don't require information on a regular basis. To access the daily plans, take these steps:

  1. Call *200# using your 9mobile phone number, or use the 9mobile USSD code *312#
  2. Select option 3 (Data)
  3. Select option 1 (Buy Data)
  4. Choose Daily plan feature you prefer. Daily plans are available for N50 for 25MB and N100 for 50MB
  5. Be sure to follow the prompts carefully. Select 1 if you wish to have auto-renewal. for those who prefer a single purchase.
  6. Follow the steps to verify your purchase.

What is the perfect way to buy an 8Mobile/Etisalat Weekly Data Plan?

We at 9mobile know our customers' diverse demands for data as well as budgets. We offer different plans for data to satisfy these requirements.

If you need greater data capacity than the daily plan, but only for a limited time period, and you're only looking for a few days, then weekly plans will be perfect for those who need it. The steps below will benefit you as you join 9Mobile's weekly data plans:

  1. Call *200# from your 9mobile phone or use the 9mobile USSD code: *312#.
  2. Choose choice 3. (Data) on the list.
  3. Pick opportunity 2. (Buy data plan).
  4. Choose feature 1. (Weekly plan).
  5. Pick a week-long plan you like by selecting one of the following options:
    • N500 is valid for 500MB for 7 days
    • The 1GB N1000 is good for 7 days
    • N1500, 2GB for free, good for 7 days
    • N2000 is valid for 3GB for 7 days
  6. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully. opt for auto-renewal or a one-time purchase.
  7. Follow the directions to verify your purchase.

How do I subscribe to the Etisalat Monthly Data Plans?

Monthly data plans from 9Mobile can be ideal for those that require affordable and reliable internet for the duration of at least a month. Just follow the instructions below to sign up for 9Mobile's monthly plans:

  1. You can dial *200# using the 9mobile line, or use the 9mobile USSD code *312#.
  2. Choose opportunity 3. (Data) on the list.
  3. Select choice 1. (Buy data plan).
  4. Choose choice 2. (Monthly Programme).
  5. Pick a month-long plan to meet your requirements among the options below:
    • N1000 with 1.5GB is good for 30 days
    • The N1200 price for 2GB lasts for 30 days.
    • N1500 for 3GB of storage, good for 30 days
    • N2000 with 4.5GB is good for 30 days
    • For N2500, 7.5GB is good for 30 days
    • The N3500 10GB storage is valid for 30 days
    • The N5000 15GB storage is good for 30 days
    • The N10000 price for 40GB of storage is good for 30 days
    • The N18000 package for 75GB is valid for 30 days
  6. Be sure to follow the steps carefully and opt for auto-renewal or an one-time purchase.
  7. Make sure you follow the steps to confirm the transaction.

How to Sign Up to the 9Mobile Special Data Plan

We not only have data plans but also offer specialised data packages tailored to specific needs.

One of our offerings is the YouTube plan, that provides an hour of streaming for N200. Additionally, we have a media bundle that grants access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter for a daily charge of N50. Moreover, there is a chat package for N50 per day, which includes access to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

To subscribe to any of these plans, simply dial *200# the USSD code or *312#. Follow the instructions provided.

Furthermore, we provide personalised My Offer packages that differ for each user. To learn about Your My Offer details, dial *200# or use 9Mobiles USSD code 312# or *312# and follow the given steps. These exclusive offers may encompass:

  • N500 for 2GB of data, valid for 30 days
  • The N1000 4GB version is valid for 30 days
  • For N2000, 8.5GB has a validity of 30 days

9Mobile offers various plans in 2024 that meet customers' individual needs and budgets, offering customized data plans tailored specifically for them.

No matter your internet needs – casual browsing or heavy downloading and streaming, a plan exists that meets them both.

If you wish to sign up for one of these plans, dialing your 9Mobile number and entering its subscription code (before following through on each step) is all that is necessary.

Should any issues arise while using any of 9Mobile's services, don't hesitate to dial “200” for expert assistance and quick solutions to any queries that arise.

Commonly asked questions

What are the current 9Mobile plans for data?

9mobile has a wide range of data bundles to accommodate different budgets and requirements for data. There are daily, weekly and monthly plans and also specific plans that cater to video streaming and social media.

What is the perfect way to sign up for an 9Mobile data bundle?

If you want to subscribe to the 9mobile data bundle, just dial the correct subscription code from your number on 9mobile and follow the directions. It is also possible to subscribe to data plans as well as manage your account via My9mobile.

How can I verify the balance of my data on 9Mobile?

To verify your 9mobile's balance of data, just dial *228# from the number on your phone, and the data balance will be shown on the screen. It is also possible to check your balance of data using the My9mobile application.

Are there ways to roll-over unneeded data in my 9Mobile plan?

Absolutely, 9mobile permits you to transfer any data that is not used on your data plan package in the event that you renew your plan prior to the expiration date. All data not utilized will be transferred to the new plan and be accessible until the time the time it runs out.

What is 9mobile? BlazeOn What is 9mobile BlazeOn and how do you use it?

9mobile BlazeOn is the name of a data plan with a time limit which allows you to purchase bundles of data for a predetermined period of time. It is possible to buy the amount of data you want and utilize your data at any time up to the point that it expires.


By 2024, 9Mobile will offer customers reliable and cost-effective data plans tailored to meet varying data usage needs.

With an array of plans, an easy subscription process, flexible payment options, and top-rated customer service, 9mobile continues to deliver top-quality communications services throughout Nigeria.

To subscribe to one of 9mobile's data plans, make sure that your subscriber number on 9mobile matches the subscriber number that was assigned when signing up, then follow these simple steps. Stay in contact, stay informed, and stay up-to-date on 9Mobile.

If you have any inquiries related to this article, don't hesitate to send us an email, and we'll respond as quickly as we can!


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