How to Transfer Data from 9mobile to Glo [Answered]

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How do I transfer or share data from to ?

Hi and welcome to FinancialExpert NG, a place where we may easily and simply navigate the world of finance and technology.We are now concentrating on a matter that is important to a lot of people in this day and age: the data transfer from to another service.

In particular, we are looking into how to move data from to . Does this seem like a realistic plan?Let's proceed for additional details!Let's dive right in and discover the world of data transfers!

9Mobile and Glo Networks

9Mobile as well as Glo are among the most prominent telecommunications network providers in Nigeria and are expanding daily! All day long, they're growing extremely quickly, which is because of the incredible discounts they serve to their clients. Fantastic offers include affordable calls, low costs for data, fast internet speed, -me-data incentives, and many more!

What is the best way to transfer data to 9Mobile 2024?

In a previous article, in one of our posts, I explained the process of transferring details via 9Mobile and informed users that they could do this using a USSD code, SMS, and the 9Mobile mobile app.

Methods to transfer data from 9Mobile into 9Mobile with USSD Code

For data transfer on 9Mobile with an USSD number, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Dial *229*PIN*volume and data*9mobile#. For example, if you want to transfer 500MB of data to a friend whose phone number is 08012345678 and whose PIN is 1234, you would dial *229*1234*500*08012345678#.
  • You can confirm the transfer by typing 1 and then pressing “Send.”
  • You will be notified of the transfer. When the transfer has been completed, both you and the receiver will be sent an alert via 9Mobile. This notification will verify the quantity of data was transferred as well as the validity of the bundle of data.

In order to not waste a lot of our time, we should get this underway. It's going to be fascinating!

How can I transfer data to 9Mobileto Glo using a USSD code?

It is by far the most well-known and quickest method to get tasks done with 9Mobile as well as Glo. In the case of transferring information from 9Mobile to an other 9Mobile users, you may call *777#. I'm sorry to inform you that the transfer of information to 9Mobile into Glo with USSD number is not possible!

There's a chance I've simply told you to dial *..#, but what would I obtain by deceiving you?

Okay, now that we realize that it's impossible to make use of an USSD code, how do you go about using SMS?

How to share data with 9Mobile Glo through SMS

My sibling, it's impossible to transfer information from 9Mobile with the Glo user with SMS! This is not feasible!

If that approach isn't working, what about together with 9Mobile's mobile application?

How do I transfer data from 9Mobile into Glo through the 9Mobile Mobile App?

I once heard someone say that it is possible to move 9Mobile's data over to Glo; however, after doing the necessary research on my own, I realized that he was a huge lie!

There is an alternative method, which is calling customer service.

Transferring Data From 9Mobile Glo Contact 9Mobile Customer Support

It is a fact that whenever problems arise on our 9Mobile line, customer service is on hand to help us.

When I got up and got my phone, I called 9mobile customer service and informed them that I was trying to transfer information from my 9mobile account to a Glo user. However, their response wasn't possible, and I could only transfer data from 9Mobile back to 9Mobile. Not from 9Mobile to another service!

The question then is: is this possible? Do you have a method that you can use?

Is it possible to transfer the data from 9Mobile Glo to Glo?

My response will be easy and straight-forward because I am not a fan of lying.

It's not possible to transfer your data from 9Mobile to Glo! There's no method or hack to make it happen!

So, the only way you could do it is by opening a banking account and then registering for Glo Glo partner through your account in the bank It's a must! Rich kid! (lol)

Conclusion on how to transfer data from 9Mobile to Glo

In summary, there is no way to transfer data from 9Mobile to Glo!Anyone who claims to be able to transfer data between 9Mobile and Glo is lying to you!

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