Access Bank Customer Care [Phone & Email Address]

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Access Bank

Contact Access Bank Customer Care [Phone & Email Address]

The Access Bank's customer ombudsman facilitates a just resolution between the company and its clients in cases where complaints have not been resolved for a period exceeding 90 days. The Ombuds' Process serves as an informal alternative dispute resolution platform where dissatisfied bank customers can submit complaints through various channels, such as phone calls, emails, letters, or in-person visits to the Ombuds' Office. Promptly, the customer ombudsman will gather relevant information from both parties and work towards a mutually agreeable resolution of the issue.

The Ombuds process is designed to ensure a comprehensive solution that preserves the integrity of the banker-customer relationship despite any grievances. This innovative approach to conflict resolution is a pioneering initiative within the Nigerian banking sector, underscoring our commitment to promptly address any concerns our clients may have about our services.

Access Bank Phone Numbers and Emails

Customer Service:

  • +2 341 877 1491
  • +2 341 877 1496
  • +2 341 271 2005
  • +2 341 271 2007
  • +2 341 280 2500

Access Bank Emails:

Customer Service
  • Access Bank Customer Service is rated at 2.4 out of 5. Consumers who contact the company are mostly dissatisfied. The most commonly used method of contact is by phone.
    Source Distribution
    84% phone16% email
  • The best phone number to call Access Bank is 2341877149164% of consumers used this number to address their issues and concerns. It is also considered the best number to call, as 63% of customers reported contacting a real person successfully.
  • The average hold time is less than 1 minute. The longest wait times are on Monday, while the shortest are on Sunday.
  • Be prepared for the call, as Access Bank may ask you for the following information to identify you as a customer: first and last name, email, or phone number.
  • People call Access Bank mainly because of their accounts, products, services, payments, and charges.
  • Most customers feel very satisfied after talking to customer service representatives.
  • The best email to contact Access Bank is contactcenter@accessbankplc.com78% of customers use this email address to address their issues and concerns.
  • Customers evaluated the effort they needed to make to contact customer service as neither easy nor difficult.

Customers' Ombudsman Contact details:

Access Bank Plc. Head Office
14/15, Prince Alaba Abiodun, Oniru Road,
Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.
Email Address:

For all other issues, please reach out to our Contact Center with the details below.

Get in touch with our experts

Send email to

To talk to us about how we could support your , please call us on:

+234 0201- 2712005-7, +234 0201-2802500, 07003000000, 0201-2273000, 0201-2273007 (for Mobile Pin Activation) Visit any Access Bank Branch.

Contact Information

Access Bank Website:

Access Bank Help Center:

Corporate Office Address:

Access Bank Plc
14/15, Prince Alaba Oniru Road
Victoria Island, Lagos, 234-1

Other Info (opening hours):

Other Location:

53, Davies Street,

London, W1K 5JH, GB

9, La Tebu Crescent, Off Giffard Road,

East Cantonments, Accra 1, GH

30, Siaka Stevens Street,

Freetown, Sierra Leone 1, SL

47 Kairaba Avenue, Fajara

K.S.M.D, The Gambia 0, GM

Summary of Access Bank Customer Service Calls


Top Reasons for Customers Calls

Payments and Charges Question:

  •  transaction was debited.”
  • “Transaction declined but debited amount of $700.”
  •  about debit alert”

Account Question:

  • “I sent to my account but I didn't get it and I was debited too.”
  •  issue”
  •  could not access my account.”

Product/Service Question:

  • “I can't access a .”
  • “Know my balance.”

Request for Information Question:

  • I need details about my page.”
  • “I want to ask a question.”
  • “I want to confirm if my NIN has been linked.”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “They sent me this morning from Italy; I have not received it.”
  • “I didn't get the sent.”
  • “Money sent, not received.”

Cards Question:

  • wanted to block my ATM card.”
  • “I want to do transfer to someone and i mistakenly do card for myself.”
  • “I lost my ATM card.”

Activation/Cancellation Question:

  •  activate primus plus,”
  •  activate my account,”
  • “I want to activate my mobile banking app I have not been able to log in.”

Return/Replace Question:

  • “I made a transfer to my number since yesterday I didn't see the money and they didn't return it to the account.”
  • “Because yesterday I changed my msport account it was debited and I do not see the money in the account.”
  •  want to change my phone number.”

Refund Question:

  • “I need my money back.”
  • “Refund”
  •  of $10,000”

Employment Question:

  • “My issue here is that i was giving 6-month salary advance and i tried accepting the loan but couldn't so please help me to fix that.”
  •  advance”
  •  obtain employment history of a former employee,”

Website/Application Question:

  • “I can't open moore applications.”
  • “I can't make transfer through the application; after debiting my account,the recipient didn't see the memo.”

Staff Question:

  •  service”

Other Question:

  •  get my ikedc token,”
  • “I was told that you guys may have my IRA.”
  •  phone number”


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