How to buy Airtel Airtime from Keystone Bank

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Keystone Bank

How to purchase Airtime from in 2024.

In this fast-paced modern world, ease of use is very important. You've come to the right place if you're an customer who wants to quickly and easily top up your account.

We'll show you how to easily buy airtime through your account in this post. So, goodbye scratch cards, and hello to the new world of adding to your phone's airtime.

I don't like wasting time.Also, I don't want to waste time, so let's get down to business.

How to buy Airtel Airtime From Keystone Bank

In this blog, I'll give you two methods that you can use to purchase Airtel airtime at Keystone Bank. These two options are quick and user-friendly. Methods include:

  1. Via USSD Code
  2. Via Keystone Bank Mobile App

Let's go through every method, one after the other.

Via USSD code

It is the most simple method to use because it is as simple as calling the Keystone Bank Recharge Code.

To attain this, just adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Start the call application on your mobile
  2. Call *7111*amount for recharge#.

For instance, suppose you want to recharge the N200 airtime on your mobile. The only thing you have to do is dial *7111*200#, and you're done! Simple as ABC.

The second choice is now available!

Via Keystone Bank Mobile App

If you want to use this method, just follow the procedures in the following steps:

  1. Check out the Google Play Store and download the Keystone Bank Mobile App.
  2. Start the application and install it.
  3. Go to”Airtime.” Click on “Airtime.”
  4. Follow the screen-based instructions.
  5. Fill in the information you need, including the phone number that you wish to recharge as well as the amount you wish to recharge.
  6. You must enter the Keystone Bank Mobile app PIN.

That's it. Your line has been recharged! line!

If you follow any of the ways that are listed above, you will be able to charge the Airtel line from any time, at home or even from afar!

What is the best way to purchase Airtel Airtime for Others from Keystone Bank in 2024?

Use one of these methods to purchase Airtel Airtime to your loved ones relatives, friends or any other line.

There is only one difference in the method used in the beginning. In order to use the Keystone Bank Recharge Code, you must use the Keystone Bank Recharge Code. Just dial *7111*amount*phone#.

If, for instance, you'd like to purchase N500 airtime for a person whose phone number is 080123456789,. Simply dial *7111*500*080123456789#.

Questions on how to purchase Airtel Airtime from Keystone Bank in 2024.

How can I sign up to be eligible for OTP for Keystone Bank?

Go to the Keystone bank website ( or Open the Keystone Bank Mobile app. Click on Register. Enter account information and the 6 last digits from the debit card you have. OTP will be sent to your contact number and email.

How come Keystone USSD not working?

It's probably a problem with your Network connection. When there is no or inadequate connectivity either on your side (mobile networks) or through the bank's network, you could receive an error code after calling Keystone Bank USSD to perform any transaction. If this is the case, sit for a while before trying to dial again.

What can I do to recharge my account at Keystone Bank?

You can recharge your phone using #7111*Amount.

  1. Dial *7111*Amount# (e.g. *7111*1000#) to a bank-registered phone;
  2. Watch for the successful notification.
  3. Then you are able to begin making calls.


Keystone Bank makes it easy to buy Airtel airtime, so you can enjoy the conveniences of modern banking.

Putting together banking and phone services will make things easier for users and make charging your phone a breeze.

Using the blog's advice Just follow the steps in this post, and you'll be able to talk, experience, and connect with friends and family online without any problems. Stay united, and stay strong!

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