Easy Steps to buy Data on Glo in 2024 [Guide]

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Glo Network

Easy Steps to buy Data on in 2024 [Guide]

is one of the leading telecom providers in Nigeria and Africa, offering a host of service solutions for their customer base.

Our firm provides affordable yet dependable data plans and bundles that cater to businesses as well as individual consumers' requirements.

Glo offers various data plans, from daily and weekly plans, monthly and Flexi plans, Campus Booster plans, and Glo Yakata/Jumbo SIM SIM plans, to Campus Boosters such as Campus Booster.

These plans come with different amounts, validity dates, and prices that allow users to find one that best meets both their budget needs and data usage needs.

This article will outline how you can buy data from Glo online or offline, with auto-renewal, data rollover, and data sharing and gifting features available as ways of expanding the amount of information from Glo. We'll also discuss ways you can take advantage of auto-renewal, data rollover, and sharing to expand and increase it further.

No matter if you are a new or existing Glo customer, this guide can assist in making informed choices regarding how best to utilise your data subscription plan.

In this blog post, we aim to answer some of your key queries on:

  • how to buy data on glo
  • how to buy data on glo network
  • How do I buy Glo data directly?
  • What is the code for Glo data balance?
  • What are Glo data plans?
  • how to buy glo data
  • Understanding Glo Data Plans and Bundles

Understanding Glo Data Plans and Bundles

Glo provides a range of bundles and data plans that can meet the various requirements and budgets of their clients. Let's look over Glo's various bundles and plans for data available from Glo.

  1. Daily Plan:Glo daily plans are perfect for those with low data consumption requirements. The plans help in providing data amounts that range from 50MB up to 100MB, and they are available throughout the day.
  2. Weekly PlansGlo Week plans are available with a capacity of 350MB up to 1.6GB and are available for seven days. The plans are appropriate to customers that require more information than is included in daily plans.
  3. Monthly PlansGlo month-long plans come with amounts of data ranging between 1.6GB up to 15.9GB and last for a period of 30 days. They are perfect for those who have heavy demands on data and require plans that run for the duration of a month.
  4. Flexible plans:Glo flexible plans give customers the ability to select the volume of data they want and also the period of validity they prefer. Customers are able to select data volumes between 30MB and 90GB and validity times that range from 1 day up to one year.
  5. Plans Special:Glo also offers special data plans, such as Campus Booster, Glo Yakata, and Jumbo SIM. These plans provide extra advantages, such as bonus data, free calls, and SMS, and are targeted towards specific customers.

It's crucial to know that the plans for data and bundles provided by Glo may be modified, and users should constantly go to the Glo website or mobile app to find current plans and pricing. In the next part, we'll discuss the excellent way to purchase data from Glo both offline and online. offline.

How to Buy Glo Data in Nigeria 2024

In this part, I'll be offering you four options to get data through the . Glo network. Keep reading to break it down to you:

  1. Via Glo Website
  2. Via Glo Cafe app
  3. Via Quickteller website
  4. Via USSD Code

Therefore, let's follow these methods, one after the other

Via Glo Website

To purchase Glo data on the Glo website, please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Glo site on www.gloworld.com/ng
  2. Select the “Data Plans” menu and choose the bundle or plan you'd like to purchase.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction with your debit card or via an electronic transfer to your bank account.

Via Glo Cafe app

To get data purchased on Glo Line using the Glo cafe app, just go through the steps listed below:

  1. Install and download the Glo Cafe app on your mobile device
  2. Start the app, and then select the . “Data Plans” menu
  3. Pick the plan or bundle you'd like to purchase, then make the purchase with the debit card you have or balance on airtime.

Via Quickteller website

To get data purchased on Glo together on the Quickteller website, you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Visit the Quickteller website at www.quickteller.com/glo-data
  2. Pick the data plan or bundle that you wish to purchase
  3. You must enter Your Glo mobile number and then follow the instructions to finish the transaction with the debit card you have on your account or the transfer to your bank account.

If you purchase data on the internet, It is essential to ensure that you've got an extremely stable and reliable internet connection so that you don't experience any difficulties with the purchase. Also, it is important to make sure you have adequate cash in your bank account or in your airtime balance prior to buying the data.

Via USSD Code

The code for buying data from Glo is 312#. To purchase Glo data using USSD code, comply with the following steps:

  1. Start the phone call application to your mobile phone
  2. Dial *312#
  3. Select 1 for Data
  4. Select 1 for the Buy Data Plan
  5. Select Auto-Renew for 1 or 2 to select One-off, you can choose
  6. Choose the kind of information you would like to purchase
  7. Pick the number of records you want to purchase
  8. That's it! It's done! You've successfully acquired the information.

Tips for Getting More Data on Glo

Here are some suggestions you can follow to gain additional data or to prevent data loss:

  1. Data RolloverGlo allows data rollover, meaning that all unutilized data that you have from the current plan is added to the new subscription. For data rollover to be activated, just renew your data plan prior to when it runs out.
  2. Auto-renewal You can set automatic renewal for your subscription to assure you don't have to fear about running out of data. To activate auto-renewal, simply dial *312#, then follow the instructions.
  3. Data Sharing and Gifting:Glo allows you to give or share information with your family or others using that same network. For gifting data, simply dial *312#, then chooseGift” or the “Gift” choice.
  4. Special Offers:Glo occasionally offers special offers that let customers receive more data at a lower cost. Be on the lookout for the promotions, and make use of them as soon as they become offered.
  5. Utilise Wi-FiWhenever feasible, it is recommended to connect to a WiFi network in order to save your data. This is particularly useful for downloading large files or streaming videos.
  6. Track Your Data Use:Keep track of your usage of your data with the Glo application, website, or simply by dialling *127*0# and *323*4#. This can benefit you by not exceeding the limit of your data or incurring charges.

With these guidelines to follow, you'll get more profit for the you spend and maximise the value of the data you get from your Glo subscription to Data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to buy Data on Glo

How do I check my Glo data balance?

Check the balance of your Glo information balance by calling *127*0# or *323*4# or sending an SMS with the words “INFO” to 127.

Do I have to buy Glo data and airtime?

Yes, you are able to purchase Glo data and airtime by dialling *312# and then answering the instructions.

What's the code for Glo to never stop?

It is possible to sign up for Glo ALWAYS ON by calling *312# and then choosing ALWAYS ON in the menu. The N500 single-time cost is taken from the balance of your account The line then gets transferred to the Always On plan. It provides you with 365 days of continuous internet access.

Do I have the feature of sharing my Glo information with other network?

The Glo network is not available. Glo gifts and data sharing can only be accessed by Glo customers who are on Glo's network. Glo network.

How do I cancel auto-renewal for my Glo data plan?

To stop auto-renewal, call *312#, then chooseMy Plan,” and then dial *312# for the “My Plans” opportunity. Choose the plan that you wish to end auto-renewal on and follow the steps.


Overall, purchasing and sharing data through Glo's Glo network is a straightforward and seamless experience that can be completed either online (via Glo websites, the Glo Cafe app, and the Quickteller website) or offline via USSD codes.

Customers have the power to choose among various bundles and data plans based on their unique preferences, using strategies and tips for getting maximum value from their investment.

Customers can make the most out of their Glo data plans by carefully monitoring usage, making use of Wi-Fi when possible, and taking advantage of promotions.

Whenever you have questions or are experiencing problems with Glo services, reach out to customer service or leave us a note in our comments section below and let us do what we can to respond quickly to your inquiry.


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