Steps to check GLO number in 2024

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Steps to check your number in 2024

Do you find yourself in a position where you need to enter your phone number but can't remember it? This happens frequently, especially if you use multiple SIM cards or don't try to remember your phone number.

If you have a GLO subscription in 2024, verifying your GLO number is an easy procedure that you can finish in a few minutes. This FinancialExpert.NG article will walk you through the quickest and most straightforward ways to confirm your GLO number for 2024. The aforementioned queries, along with additional relevant matters:

  • How can I check my number in the GLO line?
  • How do I check my GLO number?
  • How can I find the GLO code in Nigeria?
  • Code used to verify the GLO number 2024.
  • How do I find GLO number?
  • How to find GLO number from the phone
  • Code used to verify the phone number of GLO by 2024.

Read on to get the answers to your concerns.

How do I know your Glo number in Nigeria?

There are three possible ways of knowing your GLO numbers in 2024:

  1. Through another phone number
  2. Via calling Customer Care
  3. Via USSD code

How to check Glo Number using another Line

If you're a Glo user but you aren't able to recall the number of your phone There's an easy way to get it without the use of USSD codes or Internet access. How to do this:

  1. Make a call to any mobile number of you'd like, regardless of whether it's one of Glo service, , , or .
  2. If the phone is answered, request that the caller call the number the caller's ID. You can also ask them to call the number if they're near you.
  3. Note down the Glo phone number and save it on your phone or write it down immediately according to your preferences.

Important note: You must warrant that you have sufficient time for your Glo line in order to make the phone call. It won't be effective if you are running low or have no available airtime. Try it now!

How to find your GLO Number by contacting Customer Care

If you're having trouble finding the validity of your Glo number when calling another number, don't worry! Just reach out to Glo customer service by dialling their phone number from your Glo line or any other phone. They'll be able to help you out with that.

  1. Dial 121 on the Glo line or from another Glo line.
  2. Listen to the voice prompts, select your preferred language, and ask to speak to a Glo customer care agent. It is necessary to stand in line to speak to a person.
  3. After you have connected to the agent, tell them you'd like them to verify your number, and they'll benefit you. Customer service at Glo is accessible all hours of the day, so you are able to reach them anytime during the day or in the evening. But be ready to wait on hold for a couple of minutes prior to talking to a customer service representative.

How to Check Your Glo Number Using USSD Code

Are you a Glo customer and want to find your phone number? You're in luck since finding your Glo phone number can be as simple as dialling the USSD code. This is how you can use it:

  1. Use *135*8# to dial your Glo phone.
  2. You should wait for the message to show on your screen, displaying the Glo number.
  3. You can save the Glo number, snap an image, or note the number down to refer back to later.

Simple! It is also possible to try using a different phone number, together with the customer support number, or try alternative methods should you experience difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the most efficient method of checking your Glo number?

The most efficient method to confirm the validity of your Glo number is to dial 1358# on your Glo line and then watch for the message to show on the screen.

Do I have the ability to check my Glo number through a different phone number?

You can dial any other number, whether it's on a Glo number or not, and request that they give you the telephone number on the caller ID. But this can only be used if there is a suitable time in the Glo line to initiate calls.

Is it possible to verify your Glo number with a USSD code?

Yes, you'll be able to dial the number of your Glo phone number with a USSD code. You just need to make the call to 1358# on your Glo phone, and you'll receive an email with your personal number.

What do I do when none of the strategies are working for me?

If none of these methods work, then you should call the Glo customer support number at 121 to explain your issue. They'll be able to aid you in determining the validity of your Glo number.

Can I check my Glo number online?

You cannot find the validity of your Glo number on the internet. You must verify the number together with the USSD code by calling a different number or making a call to the Glo customer support phone number.

GLO: A Bit of Information

Globacom Limited, commonly known as Glo (Global Communication), is a Nigerian multinational company in the field of telecommunications, created on August 29, 2003, under the leadership of Mike Adenuga. In June of 2018, the company employed more than 3500 workers across the world.

GLO boasts more than 45 million customers (December 2018), which makes it the second-largest network operator in Nigeria.

In 2011, GLO became the first telecommunications company to develop an 800 million fiberoptic high-capacity cable known as Glo-1, which is a submarine line that runs from Nigeria to the United Kingdom to Nigeria. This is the first ever successful submarine cable connecting Nigeria to the United Kingdom. Globacom has four key business units in its strategic plan: Glo Mobile, Glo Broad Access, Glo Gateway, and Glo-1.

GLO is owned privately through Mike Adenuga. Mike Adenuga Group, which also includes Cobblestone Properties and Estates, which is a real estate and property development firm; Conoil PLC, a petroleum marketing and distribution company; and Conoil Producing, a crude exploration and production firm.


Finally, checking the legitimacy of your Glo numbers is a quick and straightforward process. However, USSD codes are believed to be the fastest and most secure technique. If you're having trouble, try the options outlined in this article.

Keep your Glo number in an easily accessible location to ensure that you have it when you need it. If you encounter any difficulties, please visit this site for more information or leave us a note, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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