Easy Ways to Open Sterling Bank Account Without BVN in 2024

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Sterling Bank

Easy Ways to Open Account Without in 2024

Are you curious about the steps involved in opening a account without a Bank Verification Number ()? If your response was “yes,” you've arrived at the correct place!

A reliable financial company, Sterling Bank provides its clients with a range of banking services. An important requirement for consumers in Nigeria seeking to open an account with a bank is obtaining a Bank Verification Number (), a biometric identity system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Some people might believe that obtaining a BVN is a requirement for opening a Sterling Bank account; however, this is untrue.

We'll examine options and methods in this article for opening a Sterling Bank account without a BVN. Continue reading to stay current!

Importance of BVN (Bank Verification Number)

The BVN is a unique identification number that is linked to biometric information about an individual, including fingerprints as well as facial characteristics. It is an authentication measure that can verify the identity of customers at banks as well as prevent fraud. Even though the BVN is a requirement for the majority of transactions with banks in Nigeria, there are some other options for people who do not have BVNs.

Requirements for Opening Sterling Bank Account Without BVN

In order to open a Sterling Bank account without a BVN, it is necessary to satisfy certain criteria and follow certain steps. The following is what you'll require:

  1. The proof you need is a valid identity, like a national identity card, an international passport, and a driver's licence. These papers help verify your identity even when you don't have an BVN.
  2. Evidence of Address: Provide a utility bill, tenancy agreement or other official document that provides proof of your residence address. It is the standard procedure to open a bank account.
  3. Recent Passport Photograph

Now let's move on to how to start an account at Sterling Bank without BVN.

How to Open Sterling Bank Account Without BVN

When you've got all the documents, signed the form to open your account, and completed the account opening form, follow these steps for opening a Sterling Bank account without a BBN:

The code needed to open Sterling Bank Account without BVN is *822#.

  1. Install the Call app on your mobile
  2. Dial *822#
  3. Pick the option for opening an account. start the account.
  4. Select the feature to open a bank account with BVN. BVN
  5. Just follow the on-screen instructions
  6. When you're done, the Sterling Bank account number will be sent to you via text message.

How to Open Sterling Bank Account Without BVN Using Sterling Bank Mobile App

To create a Sterling Bank account without BVN using the Sterling Bank Mobile App, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to on the Google Play Store to download the Sterling Bank mobile app
  2. Launch the app and install it.
  3. Click on sign up
  4. Click on the Open account button.
  5. It will ask you whether you've got BVN or not, and if you do not have a BVN, you'll have the opportunity to choose
  6. After that, you'll be have to input your personal details, including full name and email address.
  7. When you're finished, you are done. Just click confirm
  8. Then that's all there is to the end of it. Your Account number will show on your screen.

Limitations of an Account Without BVN

It is important to remember that an account with no BVN might have limitations:

  1. Transaction Limits Accounts that do not have BVNs could be restricted in terms of transactions as compared to accounts with BVNs. That means that you could be subject to limits on the amount you are able to withdraw or transfer.
  2. limited services: A few banking options or features might not be available to customers who do not have BVNs. As an example, you might not be able to access online banking or the mobile banking app.
  3. BVN Requirements in the near future: Banks in Nigeria have been progressively imposing BVN conditions for a variety of transactions. Even though you can create an account with no BVN, you could face restrictions when you use the most advanced banking options or transactions.

Obtaining a BVN Later

If you first open a Sterling Bank account without a BVN but later decide to apply for one, you may go to a designated BVN registration centre to finish the enrollment process (e.g., Bank). When you've got the BVN, it is possible to connect it to your current Sterling Bank account to access extra options and remove certain restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of Accounts Can I Open Without a BVN?

In the case of Sterling Bank, you can normally open a savings account or current account with no BVN. However, it is important to take note that such accounts have certain limitations, including lower withdrawal and deposit limits up to the point that you've added your BVN.

Is It Safe to Open a Sterling Bank Account Without a BVN?

If you open an account but don't have a BVN, it can be done; however, it's not as safe as having a verified account. Your BVN is an extra layer of protection and identification. It's always beneficial to add your BVN to your existing account whenever you are able to improve the security of the account.

How Can I Link My BVN to My Sterling Bank Account Later?

The process of linking your BVN with the Sterling Bank account is an easy one. It is possible to visit the nearest Sterling Bank branch and fill out all the forms required. Alternately, you may make use of the mobile application or the online banking platform to connect your BVN and follow the guidelines. Once you have linked your BVN, all limitations on your bank account will be removed.

Are there any charges for opening an account without BVN?

The process of opening accounts is usually free; however, you could be charged regular account maintenance costs, and transactions will be limited until you connect your account to the BVN.

Can I upgrade my account later to include BVN?

Yes, you are able to upgrade your account at any point to add a BVN. When you upgrade your account, you will see that the limitations set previously for the account are removed, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits and features of an account that are fully functional.


It is possible to create a Sterling Bank account without a BVN, even though it is a necessary requirement for any bank transactions in Nigeria. You can open an account with Sterling Bank if you complete the requirements, which include obtaining the required paperwork and finishing the account opening procedure.

Be advised that the number of transactions and services that are available on accounts without BVNs may be limited.In order to enjoy a greater range of advantages and financial services, you should think about getting the BVN as soon as possible when banking procedures alter.

For people who have not yet received their BVN, a new Sterling Bank account without one allows them to start banking with a trustworthy bank.

Just leave a comment in the comments section below with any questions you may have, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


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