Why is My Sterling Bank USSD Code Not Working?

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Sterling Bank

What is the possible reason my USSD code is not working?

offers clients an effortless method for accessing banking services they require via USSD (Unstructured Additional Service Data) codes.

They allow you to conduct different bank transactions from the convenience of your phone, but sometimes you encounter problems due to Sterling Bank USSD codes not functioning as expected.

In this post, we'll take a closer look at some of the causes and ways of fixing banking difficulties that often crop up and provide solutions. Read ahead so you don't find yourself outwitted, and stay ahead!

Sterling Bank USSD Codes

Customers of Sterling Bank can effortlessly and swiftly complete banking tasks by using one of the many USSD codes that the bank offers. Their purpose is to offer ease, especially to people without internet connectivity or banking apps.

*822# is the USSD code for Sterling Bank. With the code, you may do a number of things, such as buying airtime, transferring , and checking your account balance.

Common Reasons for Sterling Bank USSD Code Issues

If you discover the Sterling Bank USSD code is not functioning, there are a number of reasons that may be contributing to the issue. These are the most common causes:

  1. Network Problems: USSD codes rely on reliable connectivity to the network. If you're located in a region where there isn't sufficient coverage or you experience network interruptions or outages, it could stop your USSD code from operating properly. Be sure to have an accurate network signal before using the code.
  2. Uncorrect USSD code:Mistyping an incorrect USSD code could cause problems. It is essential to type in the correct code, which includes the required symbols, such as hashtags, asterisks, or asterisks. Make sure you double-check the number dialled to assure that it is in line with the intention of payment. Keep in mind that you'll need to dial the Sterling Bank USSD Code, which is *822# and should be entered exactly as this!
  3. Account Limitations Sometimes the account you have may be subject to limit on the number of transactions you can make. If you go over those limits, your USSD transactions may not be able to pass through. I would like to know if you've lately blocked the USSD code for the same reason. Examine your balance in the account as well as your transaction history to determine what could be your issue.
  4. Service downtime:Banks occasionally perform maintenance or encounter technical problems that affect USSD services. If you're trying to use the service during maintenance time or if there's an identified technical issue, there could be issues.

What do you do if your Sterling Bank USSD code is not working?

If you're facing issues regarding the Sterling Bank USSD code, here are a few ways to fix the problem:

  1. Verify the network signal. Make sure you've got an unbroken network signal prior to using this USSD code. If you're in a location where reception is poor, you should consider changing to a place where there is a higher signal.
  2. Validate your USSD Code Verify that you're dialling the correct USSD code for the particular procedure you're looking to execute. It should be precisely entered as supplied by Sterling Bank.
  3. Check the Limits of Transactions: Review your account limit for transactions to determine whether you've exceeded any limits. If you need to, call Sterling Bank's customer service for more information about the possibility of increasing your limit on transactions.
  4. Call Customer Service: If none of these steps solve the issue, you should reach out to Sterling Bank's client support team for help. They'll provide assistance, verify the state of your account, and help solve any technical issues.

Always Stay Informed

To stay informed of any issues, updates, or other developments in Sterling Bank's USSD services, you should consider these suggestions:

  1. Official communication: Check Sterling Bank's official site as well as its social media channels or the mobile app to get notifications concerning USSD Services, maintenance or technical problems.
  2. Customer Support Save Sterling Bank's customer service contact number for fast access in case you have issues. They are able to add immediate support.

Sterling Bank Customer Support Phone Number & Email Address

Contact Sterling Bank customer support:

  • Official Website: www.sterling.ng.
  • Phone Number: 07008220000.
  • Email Address: customercare@sterling.ng.
  • Go to any of their branches close to the branch nearest to.

Why is my Sterling Bank USSD code not working?? (FAQs)

What is the reason the sterling USSD Code not functioning?

Check that you're properly connected to your 822 USSD code and have entered the correct ATM card's details so that you are fully able to utilise the USSD. If you are with this 822 USSD, You should be sure to follow the prompts as quickly as possible, as failing to follow up could lead to errors.

How do I reactivate my USSD code, Sterling Bank? ?

For reactivating the account of your Sterling savings account in the bank, you need to dial *822# from your mobile device that you are registered on (, , or 9 Mobile.). Follow the screen instructions.

How do I unblock my Sterling USSD code?

If you are unable to get customer support to deblock your account, then go to the closest Sterling Bank branch and head right to the customer service counter to ask for the release of your account.

What is the Sterling USSD limitation?

Take note that the Sterling transfer USSD daily limit for the code is 100,000 Nigerians.

What is the blockage code for Sterling Bank?

Call the number *822*911 to disable your account from accessing any device. Make sure to notify Sterling Bank (and any other financial institution that you can access with your smartphone).


The USSD codes for Sterling Bank offer a convenient way to access financial services from any location. However, network issues, wrong codes, account limitations, and service outages can all cause issues.

By adhering to the previously mentioned standards and staying updated through official sources, you may resolve issues with USSD codes and take advantage of the ease of mobile banking with Sterling Bank.

Remember that you can get assistance from Sterling Bank's client support team for any problems that could come up.

Please use the box below to leave a comment if you have any questions about this post, and we will respond as soon as possible!


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