How to generate FCMB Bank Token Code

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How do I create the token code for the bank token code in 2024?

Are you looking for a programme that will allow you to earn Bank tokens? You have arrived at the right website if you answered yes!

All of us are aware that the world of digital technology has undergone significant transformations, which have brought forth unprecedented ease of use as well as unthinkable dangers.

As the number of cyber security threats continues to climb and the number of cyber attacks continues to rise on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to safeguard our digital assets. Today, we are here among you!

Customers of FCMB Bank are able to considerably boost the level of security that they have when doing online transactions with banks by using the FCMB Bank token code.

The fact that it is able to generate one-time passwords that are both unique and time-sensitive ensures that only the authorised holders of the account are able to conduct transactions or obtain access to sensitive data. This provides much-needed protection in this day and age of increasing digital threats.

Throughout the course of this blog, I will guide readers through the process of acquiring FCMB Bank tokens in the year 2024. Be sure to pay close attention to what I have to say so that you don't miss out on any vital information in this post!Security is not something that should ever be taken lightly!

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In order to not waste our time, Let's get this underway!

Let me start this by introducing an explanation of what the FCMB Bank token is!

What is the FCMB Bank Token Code?

In order to increase the security of online banking transactions, FCMB Bank provides the FCMB Bank Token Code, also known as the “FCMB Bank Token.”

It is a small electronic device that has the capability of producing a one-of-a-kind security code that is time-sensitive. This code is sometimes referred to as a “token code,” “token code,” or “one-time password” (OTP).

In order to approve certain transactions, notably those that entail the transfer of funds or activities that are sensitive to the mobile or online banking platforms offered by FCMB Bank, this code is required.

When you begin a transaction that requires an additional layer of security, the FCMB Bank Token will produce a particular code for you to enter in order to complete the transaction. This code ensures that the transaction is completed successfully.

An additional layer of protection against unauthorised access to your account is provided by the codes, which are unique to each use and may only be used for a certain amount of time.

By including a time-bound and dynamic component in your authentication process, the FCMB Bank Token strengthens the security of online banking. This makes it more difficult for people who are not permitted to access your account to gain access to it. Get your hands on the account, and then commit fraud with the transactions you execute.

The need for an activated FCMB Bank Token

The following are the prerequisites needed for activation of the FCMB Bank Token:

  1. FCMB Bank eToken app
  2. Hardware token, debit card and Quick Access (Bank activation code)
  3. The activation fee for debit N2625 is on the account of your FCMB Bank account

How To Generate FCMB Token Online With Mobile Banking App Easily

Before you are able to make your token with the application, you must first install your FCMB mobile banking application. For this, follow these steps. are the steps you need to take.

Download the FCMB Mobile App

  • Depending on your device, i.e., Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows, visit the application store for your device.
  • Enter and search for FCMBOnline Token App
  • After that, you can download the application.
  • Then, you can install the FCMBOnline Token app.

Generating the FCMB Token Online

To get the token you need after downloading, this is the procedure you need to accomplish.

  • Log in to the FCMBOnline (Internet Banking) personal version, then click on Utilities” in the “Utilities” menu.
  • Select “FCMBOnline Mobile Token”.
  • Make sure to select a bank account for mobile token activation.
  • Input the transaction password and Authentication Code
  • Click “Process Request” to register.
  • If the registration is successful, the system will display “Token Registration Successful,” and the customer will be charged for costs Additionally, subsequent information about the activation will be displayed.
    • Serial Number: 10 digits
    • Activation Code: 21 digits
    • Customer ID
    • QR Code to enable activation of the QR Code. (Make sure that you keep these secure, as you might require them in the future.).

How To Activate The Token App

  • Open the app, then click on “Enter Details for New User” and enter the following information:
    • Serial Number: 10 digits
    • Activation Code: 21 digits
    • Customer-ID
  • Click on “Activate”.


  • In the app, click “Scan QR code for New User.”.
  • Camera mode is switched on in the phone.
  • Customers scan the QR Code using the device.
  • Enter the customer's ID
  • Click on “Activate”.
  • The registration process is complete and the FCMBOnline Token Application is now available for use.

Be aware that the FCMBOnline token application is a token security software application running on your smartphone that can be used to authenticate transactions through FCMBOnline (Web).

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Generate FCMB Bank Token Code in 2024

What exactly is FCMB? The Online token app?

The FCMBOnline token application is a token security software application running on your smartphone that can be used to verify transactions through FCMBOnline (Web). This app is a replacement for the hardware token as well as the SMS token. The FCMBOnline token app can be downloaded on mobile phones and is easy to take around with no hassle.

What is the most accurate way to download the mobile token application?

The application can be downloaded through any store according to the type of phone you use (Apple store Android store BB store, and Windows store ) (Android Version ), iOS , Windows & Blackberry after we have gone live)

What do I need to do to register as a Business Customer?

You must download the application and stop by branch of your choice at any FCMB branch to have the token activated.

If I don't use the token code generated within the first minute, what does it mean?

It is necessary to generate your code because the code you used initially cannot be used to perform any transactions.

What type of mobile phone supports FCMBOnline token application?

Every type of smartphone are compatible with the FCMBOnline token application. (Android Version: iOS , Windows & BlackBerry after we have gone live)

Do I need to sign in with the FCMBOnline token application?

Yes. It is possible to password-protect the app if you want.

What happens when I alter my phone number or forget my app password? (Business Customer)

You must download the application and go to any FCMB branch to have your token activated.

What is the result if I switch my mobile number?

Changes to your mobile number do not have any effect on the app. It will be possible to use the app once the reactivation process is completed.

Do I need to install the application on two handsets?

No. This application can only be used on a single device per user, since it will record the user ID for each user.

What's the advantage of the mobile token application?

It's ideal for clients who don't want to carry the device in their hands, and there isn't any telecommunications SMS delivery time delay.

What happens if I switch my phone number or forget my app password? (Individual Customer)

  • Go to the app store for that device (i.e., Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows).
  • Download, search for, and install the FCMBOnline Token Application.
  • Connect to the FCMBOnline personal version. Click on Utilities” in the “Utilities” menu.
  • Select “FCMBOnline Mobile Token”.
  • Input the transaction password and Authentication Code
  • Select “Process Request” to reactivate.
  • If successful, the application will display “Token Reactivation Successful” without charging. You will see the Reactivation information displayed.
    • Serial Number: 10 digits
    • Activation Code: 21 digits
    • Reactivation Code
    • Customer ID (the first 7 digits in the account number)
    • QR Code to enable activation of QR Code.
  • Open the app, then click “Enter Details for Existing User” and type in the following details:
    • Serial Number: 10 digits
    • Activation Code: 21 digits
    • Reactivation Code: -3 digits
    • Customer-ID
  • Click on “Reactivate”.


  • Within the app, tap “Scan QR Code for Existing Users.”.
  • The phone switches into camera mode.
  • The customer scans the QR code on their mobile device.
  • Enter the customer's ID
  • Click on “Reactivate”.

After activation, FCMBOnline's Token App is now ready to use.


Before we go any further, I would like to take a moment to remind you that protecting your financial well-being is an ongoing responsibility.

Tokens issued by FCMB Bank are not merely an administrative process; rather, they are an active posture taken in response to the growing number of cyber attacks.

It is a method of standing up to preserve your digital identity and taking control of your finances to arm yourself with this additional layer of security. Arming yourself is a way of doing this.Today is the day to make the transfer, because tomorrow can arrive far too soon!

We will get back to you as quickly as we can if you have any questions or concerns regarding this post. All you have to do is leave a message in the comments section.


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