Easy Steps to buy Data on 9mobile in 2024 [Full Guide]

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9Mobile Nigeria

Easy Steps to buy Data on in 2024 [Full Guide]

These days, having access to mobile data is essential to staying connected and productive. The top telecom provider in Nigeria, , offers a range of affordable and convenient data plans to suit the needs of its customers.

If you currently have a 9Mobile subscription and would like to upgrade to a new plan or purchase additional data, you can follow the instructions in this article.

We'll create comprehensive step-by-step instructions to make the purchasing procedure as easy and stress-free as possible, from comprehending plans for data to purchasing it via USSD codes, mobile applications, or on the 9mobile website.

By heeding the counsel and recommendations shown in this article, you will maximize your data allotment on your 9Mobile plan and save .

We also support heavy users who need to stream music or movies incessantly, as well as casual users who simply need a little bandwidth to check Facebook, WhatsApp, or email. Let's examine the methods for purchasing data on 9Mobile.

Ensure that you have the answers to the following questions by the time you complete reading this article:

  • the method to buy data using the 9Mobile code
  • How to buy 9Mobile Data in Nigeria
  • How to purchase data for 9Mobile at 100
  • Where can I buy low-cost data from 9Mobile?
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  • where to buy the data of Etisalat
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Don't waste time; let's start.

Understanding Mobile Data Plans

9mobile/Etisalat has a wide range of plans for data to meet to various budgets and needs. The plans aim to focus on providing speedy and reliable internet connection to customers of 9Mobile throughout Nigeria. Below are a few of the most popular plans for data from 9Mobile:

  1. Daily Plan:These are data plans that last for all hours of the day. These plans are appropriate to those needing information for short-term use. 9Mobile has daily plans ranging between 10MB and 100MB.
  2. Weekly PlansThese data plans will be in effect for 7 days and are ideal for those who require data for the week. 9Mobile has weekly plans ranging from 150MB up to 1GB.
  3. Monthly Plans They are among the well-known plans for data on 9Mobile, are in effect for 30 days, and include many data points at reasonable costs. 9Mobile provides monthly plans that range between 500MB and 200GB.
  4. Night Plan: These are HTML0-Night plans. These are data plans that run between 12am and 5 a.m. These plans are ideal for those who want to download huge files or update their devices in the evening. 9Mobile has night plans that range from 250MB up to 1GB.
  5. weekend plansThese plan data are available from Friday through Sunday. They offer many data points at reasonable costs. These plans are appropriate for those who want to finish their streaming or work during weekends. 9Mobile has weekend plans from 1GB up to 3GB.
  6. Smartpaks This is a data plan which provides unrestricted access to certain websites and apps at reasonable costs. These plans are appropriate for those who require information for certain apps or services. 9Mobile is a provider of Smartpaks to social media applications, instant messaging apps and streaming video apps.

If you are aware of the 9Mobile plans for data, you will be able to select the one which best matches your needs and financial budget. No matter if you're looking for data to streaming, browsing or work, there's an Etisalat/9Mobile data plan that will satisfy your requirements.

How to buy Data on 9Mobile in Nigeria 2024

Making purchases on 9Mobile data is simple and quick to do, and there are a variety of ways to go about it based upon your preferences. Below, I'll give three methods you can utilize to purchase data for 9Mobile.

  1. Via 9mobile website
  2. Via 9mobile mobie App
  3. Via USSD Code

Follow me as I guide you through every step of the process, each one in turn.

How to buy Data on 9Mobile Via 9Mobile Website

For purchasing data from 9Mobile/Etisalat's 9Mobile site, please follow the instructions as follows:

  1. Go to the 9mobile site ( www.9mobile.com.ng)
  2. SelectData” on the “Data” tab on the home page.
  3. Select the data You want to buy theplan you wish to buy
  4. Follow the steps to finish the transaction.
  5. It is possible to pay using your debit or credit card, as well as through internet banking.
  6. When you have completed the transaction, you'll get an email confirmation by 9Mobile, including details about the data plan that you are on as well as the validity of its plan.

What is the most accurate way to purchase Data for 9Mobile? Via 9Mobile's mobile app

To purchase 9Mobile data using the app on mobile, just adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Install and download the 9Mobile mobile app via Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Start the app, and then log into your account.
  3. Choose “Data” on the main menu
  4. Pick the data plan you would like to buy
  5. Follow the steps to finish the transaction.

Then, lastly! !

How to buy Data on 9Mobile Via USSD Code

The code that allows you to purchase data for 9Mobile is: *312#. To purchase the data, you must follow these simple instructions below:

  1. Install the Call app for your mobile.
  2. Make sure you dial *312# to the 9Mobile line
  3. Choose choice 3 to 3 for data.”
  4. Pick the plan for data you wish to purchase
  5. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

If you follow these easy steps, you will be able to buy data from 9Mobile and get fast, secure internet connection.

Tips for Buying Data on 9Mobile:

The process of purchasing data from 9Mobile could be easy when you are aware of the tricks and tricks that can ease the purchase process and make it cheaper. Here are some suggestions for buying data with 9Mobile

    1. Select the appropriate data planBefore making a purchase on 9Mobile, it is important to know the requirements for data and select the plan that fits your needs accurately. If you'll only require data for a brief period of time, then go with the plans for weekly or daily usage, and those with monthly subscriptions are appropriate for users who will be with the plan over a long period of time.
    2. Find promotions: 9Mobile often offers promotions offering more data or discounts for data plans. Go to their site, social media sites, or text messages for special offers before purchasing data.
  • Auto-renewal is a subscription choice. If you're an avid users of data, signing up for auto-renewal can reduce time and cost. There's no need to remember to purchase new data each time your subscription expires, and you'll get discounts for certain plans.
  • Make use of data-saving settings: To protect your data, turn on the data-saving setting on your mobile device or install software for compression of data. So, you'll be using less data, which will make the plan last for longer.
  • Check your data usage:To avoid running out of data prior to the expiration date, keep track of your usage of data on a regular basis. This can be done via the mobile application 9mobile or simply dialing *312# from your mobile phone.

With these suggestions to follow, you'll achieve the desired return on your investment and have a smooth browsing experience with 9Mobile.

How to buy Data on 9Mobile: FAQs

What can I do to check the data balance on my 9Mobile?

Check the data balance on your 9Mobile account by dialing *312# or sending “BAL” at 312.

Do I have the feature of rolling over unused data from 9Mobile?

You can carry over data you don't need when you sign up for any data plan from 9Mobile when your current plan runs out.

Do I have to use my data plan with 9Mobile while traveling?

Yes, you are able to use the 9Mobile data plan when roaming across more than 200 nations. But charges for roaming could apply.

Can I cancel my auto-renewal 9Mobile subscription?

You can unsubscribe from the auto-renewal service on 9Mobile by dialing 312*0#.

Can I buy multiple data plans on 9Mobile?

Yes, it is possible to buy different plans of data with 9Mobile. However, they cannot be stackable in order to extend the validity of the current plan.

How long is the valid time for the 9Mobile plans for data?

The duration of validity for 9Mobile's data plans differs based on the plans. The daily plans last for 24 hours, the weekly plans last for seven days, and the monthly plans last up to 30 days.


With 9Mobile, purchasing data is easy and uncomplicated. A range of plans are available to suit the data demands of each client. You will be able to utilize the network with continuous data if you are aware of the various options for data plans, how to purchase them, and the best practices for doing so with 9Mobile.

Please use the email address provided in the comment box to the right if you have any questions or concerns about the material. We will try our best to get back to you as soon as we can!


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