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How can I transfer airtime to in 2024?

Are you looking for ways to share the time you spend with your family or friends? If so, I'm happy to inform you that it is doable, and I'll walk you through the process of sharing your time with family and friends!

A bit about

GLO is one of the most prominent and largest telecommunications businesses.

Mike Adenuga is the owner of Globacom Limited, also referred to as Glo (Global Communication), a Nigerian global telecommunications business founded on August 29, 2003. As of June 2018, the organisation employs more than 3,500 people globally.

GLO has more than 45 million clients (December 2018). This makes it Nigeria's second-largest network operator.

In 2011, GLO became the first telecommunications firm to create a high-capacity fibre optic connection called Glo-1. A submarine cable connects the United Kingdom to Nigeria. This is the first successful submarine cable connecting Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria.

Globacom's key strategic business sectors are Glo Mobile, Glo Broad Access, and Glo Gateway. Glo Gateway, Glo Gateway, and Glo-1 are all synonymous.

Okay, that's enough about this!Let's get right into it!

As I previously stated, transferring airtime from your GLO number to friends is possible and simple.All you have to do is follow the rules outlined in the article below! FinancialExpert NG has you covered!

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Don't bother with this introduction Let's start!

Before making the transfer, it is necessary to understand the GLO transfer code, for example, the GLO time transfer code, as well as GLO transfer code to airtime.

What is GLO Airtime Transfer Code?

GLO The code for airtime transfers is simply a short number (USSD Code) used to transfer airtime on an GLO line into an additional GLO line. The code for transferring airtime to GLO will be *131#. Be careful; don't be late!

This *131# number alone will not be suitable because there's an established format that you must use to broadcast airtime via GLO. Follow me as I breakdown this process to you!

GLO Default Transfer PIN

The default password for transfer to all GLO users is 00000. it is suggested that you alter it to protect yourself. Don't let anyone use your credit card without knowledge of your account.

How to Change GLO Airtime Transfer PIN

If you've already modified your PIN to transfer funds, you cannot bother with this step. However, if you don't have one, do the following steps:

  • Simply dial *132*00000*[New Password]*[New Password]*#.

In this case, your default password is 00000. the one you'd like to use is 12345.

You will simply dial *132*00000*12345*12345#.

There are many methods to alter the GLO transfer pin code. If you'd like to find out more about it, visit this link.

Let's go into how to transfer credits to GLO to another GLO user.

How to Transfer Airtime From GLO to GLO

In this article, I'll show you the most efficient, simple, and secure method of transferring airtime to GLO Nigeria, which is through this USSD code.

How to share the Airtime of Google with a USSD code

It's also very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps as follows:

  • To exchange airtime with GLO to share airtime, just dial *131*recipient's phone number*amount*pin#

In the event that you have a password of 67890 and you want to transfer 200 hours of airtime via 09012345678,.

All you need to do is dial *131*09012345678*200*67890# and that's it!

I hope you get it. Fine!

Below is a YouTube video you can view to help you understand how to transfer credits to GLO by 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Share Airtime on GLO

Is the default PIN to Glo Airtime Transfer?

If you've recently purchased a Glo SIM, then the default transfer pin is 00000. To change the standard PIN, dial *132*00000*[New]*[New#].

Do I have the ability to transfer my time in Glo to ?

It's impossible! There is a code that can transfer airtime from GLO to a different network service! Airtime can only be shared between GLO and another GLO line with GLO's USSD code or another way.

How can I share Glo data?

If you wish to share love through data, add up to 5 Glo network members to your data plan, and users will benefit from quick and speedy data access, just like you.

You can share your information with loved ones via Glo Cafe, or follow the instructions below: Dial *777# to add, delete, or list others who share your account.

I'm positive that you've found what you were looking for. However, if you are still unclear and would like to question us, please leave an email, and we will respond as soon as we can.


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