How to check Heritage Bank Account Number on Phone

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Heritage Bank


What can I do to check my account number on the phone in 2024?

Do you require the account number but it isn't there, or you can't find it and are unsure of the exact number? Do not fear; you will be able to stop right now because we have recovered the account number!

If you're registering for online services, sharing information, or tracking your , you'll need your account number.

Heritage Bank, one of Nigeria's major banks, is making it easy for consumers to conduct bank transactions by allowing them to access account details from their phones!

In this article, we'll show you straightforward and easy ways to gain access to your Heritage Bank account number. So, put aside those ‘tip of the tongue instances, and begin! You don't have to waste time!

What is the best way to check the Heritage Bank account number in Nigeria in 2024?

This time, I'll explain to you the four methods you could use to find the Heritage Bank account number on your phone. Keep reading!

Four ways to do it include:

  1. Via USSD Code
  2. Via Heritage Bank Mobile App
  3. Via Heritage Bank Internet Banking
  4. Via SMS
  5. Then, stop by any one of the Heritage Bank branches to get the account number.

Then, let's do these one after another!

the code to check Heritage Bank Account Number

The code that will verify the validity of your Heritage Bank account number is *745#.

One of the most efficient ways to acquire the Heritage Bank account number is by using USSD codes. For this, it is easy to follow the instructions in the following steps:

  1. Enter *745# into your cell handset
  2. Just follow the on-screen prompts for commands
  3. Input your PIN
  4. Your Heritage Bank account number will appear on your display.

Via Heritage Bank Mobile App

Another method to verify the Heritage Bank account number is using the app for mobile devices. But this needs a connection to the internet.

For this technique, you must follow the guidelines in the following paragraphs:

  1. Check out the Google Play Store to download the Heritage Bank Mobile App
  2. Download the application and then open it.
  3. Enter the telephone number for which you have registered and follow the instructions to log into the system.
  4. After you have logged in, the Heritage Bank account number will appear somewhere on your screen.

Via Internet Banking

Another method that you could use to confirm the number of your Heritage Bank account is. For this, you must comply with the following steps:

  1. Log on to your Heritage Bank Internet banking portal and sign in on your existing account.
  2. Select Accounts,” then click on the “Accounts” tab on the menu
  3. Pick the account you would like to verify the number of.
  4. The Heritage Bank account number will appear on your display.

But don't leave yet! There's a different way!


For this, must dial *745# and the number that is linked to the Heritage Bank account. When you have dialled that number, you must follow the prompt instructions Your account number will be emailed to you via SMS.

Finally! !

By Visiting any Heritage Bank Branch

This opportunity is accessible for all Heritage Bank Customers. The only thing you have to do is go to the nearest branch and inform them that you have forgotten the account number. They might ask for help in providing some details, such as names, , phone number, or other details.

After you impart them with suitable details, they'll happily write your account number in your name They may even be so accommodating to the point that they'll even forward your account number via SMS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the ability to check the Heritage Bank account number online?

You can verify the validity of your Heritage Bank account number online through the account of your Heritage Bank Internet Banking account.

What do I need to know about my Heritage account number?

Access your Heritage Bank account number by dialling *745# and answering the prompts on screen.

What can I do if I've forgotten the registered number for my phone with Heritage Bank?

It is recommended that you contact Heritage Bank customer service or go to a branch in order to change your registered telephone number prior to trying to access your account's number.

What can I do to find the number of my bank account on my cell phone?

Utilise a mobile banking site or an app to look up the contact number on the internet. Go to the bank's site using a PC or laptop, or load the mobile application using your smartphone or tablet. Register and click the tab for the summary of your account. Usually, your account's number is listed on the page.


“Keep in mind that having easy access to the Heritage Bank account number is like having the keys to your financial universe. You won't need to sweat every time someone calls you for your account number if you use the tactics we've outlined.

You may now quickly obtain your account number by using your USSD code, the Heritage Bank mobile app, SMS, Internet banking, or visiting a branch near you.

Maintain organisation, stay on top of things, and ensure that transactions move smoothly. The financing process has become a little simpler. Have a pleasant time with your transactions.”

If you have any questions about this article, our comments box is available! Drop us a line with your question in the box below, and we'll be in touch promptly! Peace Out!! !


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