How to Hide Number on 9mobile [updated]

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9Mobile Nigeria

What is the most desirable way to hide your number in 2024 (updated)?

Hello from ! If you're sick of receiving unwanted messages and calls or simply wish to keep your number secret for private reasons, we've got your back.

In this article, we'll walk you through the steps you can take to block the number 9Mobile has on you for 2024.

This blog post on FinancialExpert.NG will deliver solutions to the following questions on search results:

  • How do you hide 9Mobile's number from making calls?
  • How can I hide my number from 9Mobile Nigeria?
  • How do I remove the hidden number from 9Mobile?
  • Method to conceal number on 9Mobile together the app
  • Method to conceal number for 9Mobile together USSD
  • How can I cover my mobile number in the phone's settings?

How to Hide your phone number 9Mobile.

There are a variety of options to disguise your number for 9Mobile. These include:

  1. Settings for phones through phone
  2. Apps from third-party developers
  3. Contact our customer service
  4. together USSD.

We'll look into all of them below.

How to hide number in Etisalat or 9Mobile by adjusting the Mobile Phone Settings

It all depends on what type of phone you're on together! Keep looking to learn ways to hide your personal number from different models of phone!

for those with smaller smartphones:

  • Make sure you have your settings for calls in the section called Call, and then, from there, you can see the places you are able to cover your 9Mobile number!

for those together Android smartphones:

  • You can go to the phone settings menu The settings can be found on the menu bar or by tapping the notification bar before pressing the settings icon.
  • Click “Call options.”
  • Click “Additional options.”
  • Select “Caller ID.”
  • Select “hide the number” to cover your 9Mobile phone number.
  • As I mentioned, there are a variety of options to conceal your number, and how to cover your numbers on 9Mobile differs with the different models of phones!

A different way of doing this is:

  • Simply click on call” to open the “call icon” (the area that you usually open to view whether you missed, called or received calls)
  • Then, click on three vertical dots located in the upper right corner.
  • In the drop-down menu, click on Settings.
  • Then, you can click on call accounts.
  • Click on it now. mobile phone number that you would like to conceal
  • Then, you can click on Additional Information
  • I'm sure you're following.
  • Click on the caller ID.”
  • Then, finally, click the number that is hidden!

No matter what kind of handset you're using, the two methods described here should be able to work!

Be aware that this method can hide your phone ID for each number you call! Therefore, when you've finished making a call to the person you want to hide your number from, make sure you disable the caller ID!

how to hide number on 9Mobile with third-party apps

There are apps from third parties that hide your number while making calls. They work by hiding the phone number using another number or by showing a message like “private number” or “unknown number” in place of your real telephone number.

A popular application for concealing calls includes “CallApp.”. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is downloaded through the store for apps.

When you have installed the app and activated it, you will be able to use the blocker feature for caller ID as well as make anonymous calls.

A popular application for hiding the caller's ID can be found in “2nd Line.”. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app is available for download from the store for apps.

After installing the application and having it installed, you will be able to turn on the feature to block caller IDs as well as make anonymous calls. The apps are easy to use and easy to use.

It is important to keep in mind that even though third-party apps may serve as a way to hide your mobile number, they won't provide the same security as the in-built caller ID blocking option on 9Mobile.

Certain apps can collect your personal data and keep it in a database and this could be an issue for privacy.

How to Hide Number in 9Mobile and Etisalat by contacting customer service

If you'd like to erase your 9Mobile number for a period of time, you can get it done by contacting our customer service.

The call center will be able to turn on the feature to block caller ID for your telephone number permanently, so that your telephone number will remain hidden whenever you make calls.

For contact with our contact center, call 200 on your 9Mobile phone, or dial +2348090000200 from another phone.

When speaking to an agent for customer service, be sure to mention that you would like to erase your telephone number forever, and they'll benefit you with the procedure.

It is important to remember that the person who will assist you may take time before they can take the message. Be aware that if you decide to utilize this technique, it is essential to remain perseverant. This call is completely free, however.

How to hide the number from 9Mobile with USSD code

Do you want an easy and quick method to disguise your number when making calls to the 9Mobile phone line? You can conveniently hide your number with a simple USSD code. How to actually achieve this:

  1. Enter the code in order to conceal the number 9Mobile has on you Simply dial 311, then the number you would like to call.
    • If, for instance, you would like to contact 08012345678, dial #31#08012345678. The caller will be blocked from your ID, and the individual who you call will not be able to view your phone number.
  2. Try it out after dialing the code; be sure to try it to ensure that your phone number is not being recorded.
    • This can be done by calling a relative or friend and asking them whether they recognize the number you have entered. If they can't view your number, you've successfully concealed your number.

If you're already a customer of 9Mobile and would like to conceal your phone number from any calls that you make, then you are able to change it to the default option for your phone. For this, head to the settings on your phone and choose the option ‘Phone'..

Then, choose the option ‘Show my Caller ID' and switch it off. The system will conceal your caller ID in all calls unless you decide to reveal it by pressing the code once more or turning it off through your phone's settings.

It is always recommended to check the service you use to confirm that the number you have entered is actually concealed. It can be accomplished by contacting their customer service number and asking them for confirmation that the number has not been reported to them.

This is particularly important when you're with a 9Mobile line in a nation that is in a different location from the one where you purchased the line.

If you wish to disclose your phone number to the recipient of a phone call to 9Mobile, it is possible to do this by dialing that same number repeatedly. Just dial 311 and enter the number you would like to call.

If, for instance, you would like to dial 08012345678 in order to disclose the number you are calling, call #31#08012345678. The number will be revealed to only that particular call.

Important note regarding call concealment: while concealing your number on 9Mobile may be beneficial in some situations, you must think about the legal implications when you do this.

In the case of your nation or state, there might be regulations and laws that prohibit or limit anonymity in calls. In the case of Nigeria, it is unlawful to call anonymously or to use false identities to call.

In the words of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), “it is a criminal crime to call anonymously or call using a false name.”. Infractions of this law could be punished with fines, penalties, and even jail time.

So, before you hide your number with 9Mobile, you need to be aware of the legal consequences and assure that you're not in violation of any rules or laws. If you're not sure about the legal ramifications of hiding your number, then you must get legal counsel.

Most frequently asked questions on how to hide a number on 9Mobile.

Can I hide my personal number from all 9Mobile calls?

You can indeed change your number so that it is completely hidden from all calls that you make to 9Mobile. To accomplish this, head to the settings on your phone and then select the option ‘Phone'. Then, choose “Show my Caller ID” and then turn off the feature.

What can I do to unblock my number from 9Mobile?

For your phone number to be revealed for an individual call to 9Mobile, dial the number #31#. Then, dial the number that you would like to dial. For your number to be hidden permanently, make sure you go to the phone's settings and click “Phone.”. Then, choose “Show my caller ID” and then turn it off.

Can I legally hide my phone number with 9Mobile?

The lawfulness of concealing the number of your 9Mobile account is contingent on the state or country you live in. Certain states have regulations and laws which prohibit or limit anonymity in calls. When you are considering hiding your phone number, you need to be aware of the legal consequences and warrant that you're in compliance with any law or regulations.

How can I confirm with 9Mobile that my phone number is not hidden?

Yes, you are able to call 9Mobile customer support and request confirmation that your phone number is secret.


In conclusion, you can say that hiding your mobile number on 9Mobile is helpful for keeping your information private and avoiding unwanted calls from unknown numbers.

The procedure is easy and is completed in only a few steps. If you follow the steps in this post to activate and deactivate the blocking of caller ID, use third-party applications to conceal your phone number, or even contact 9Mobile's phone number to conceal the number,.

It is important to know the legal consequences as well as assure that you're not violating the law or regulation prior to making any decisions.

If you have questions about this article, please leave a comment in the box below, and we'll respond promptly!


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