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How to conceal a number on by 2024

Are you sick and tired of receiving texts and phone calls from your number that you do not want to receive? Would you like to protect your privacy by ensuring that your Airtel number remains private?

The process of concealing your phone number from Airtel is an easy one that can be accomplished by following a few straightforward steps. This is true regardless of the reason why your number is being concealed. We are going to describe the best way to conceal your phone number on Airtel in this piece, as well as provide assistance in supplying updated information going forward until 2024.

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How to conceal a number on Airtel by 2024

The ability to hide your number on Airtel is possible through various methods, such as:

  1. Through Mobile Phone Settings
  2. Via Third-party Apps
  3. Contact Airtel customer care via Airtel customer support
  4. Via USSD Code

Let's look at every method of hiding your mobile number, Airtel.

How To Hide Number on Etisalat or Through Mobile Phone Settings

The answer is based on what type of phone you're on together! Keep looking to learn the most desirable way to conceal your phone number on different kinds of phones!

For people together, tiny smartphones:

  • Make sure you check your settings for calls in the Call section, and then you can see the places you are able to conceal your phone number!

for those together Android smartphones:

  1. Navigate to settings for your phone The settings can be found on the menu bar or by tapping the notification bar before pressing the settings icon.
  2. Choose “Call settings.”
  3. Click “Additional settings.”
  4. Select “Caller ID.”
  5. Click “hide number” to hide the number
  6. In addition, as I stated, there are a variety of methods to actually achieve this, and the method to cover your numbers on 9Mobile differs with the different models of phone!

Another method to accomplish this is:

  1. Select “call icon” (the place where you usually go to look up missed, dialed and received calls)
  2. Click on the three dots in the vertical direction at the right-hand corner of the top.
  3. In the drop-down menu, click on Settings.
  4. Then, you can click on call accounts.
  5. Then, select the 9Mobile Sim that you would like to block.
  6. Then, you can click on Additional Information
  7. I'm hoping you're keeping track.
  8. Click on the Caller ID
  9. Finally, you can click the number that is hidden!

Whatever telephone you're using, the two methods described here should be able to work!

NOTE THAT THIS METHOD WILL HIDE YOUR CALL ID FOR EVERY NUMBER YOU CALL! Therefore, after you finish calling the person you want to hide your number from, make sure you disable your caller ID!

Methods to conceal Number in Airtel with third-party apps

Did you know that there are apps available from third-party sellers that can help you mask the number of your mobile phone when you are making calls? In order to perform their functions, the applications either conceal the number of your phone by replacing it with another number or display a message, such as “private number” or “unknown number,” in place of the actual phone number.

The most widely used application for concealing caller IDs is called “CallApp.” Both iOS and Android-based smartphones are able to use this application without any problems. The application can be obtained by downloading it from the app store.

After the application has been installed, it is possible to activate the feature that allows you to block caller IDs and also make calls without revealing your identity.

“2nd Line” is yet another well-known application that can conceal the caller's identification.Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems are both compatible with it. It is available for download from the aforementioned app store.

After you have successfully installed the application, you will have the ability to activate the function that allows you to block caller IDs and also make calls that are anonymous. The use of them is straightforward and uncomplicated.

Despite the fact that third-party programs can be used to conceal your phone number, it is essential to keep in mind that these applications will not offer the same level of protection as the caller ID built-in blocking option that is offered by Airtel.

It is possible that certain programs will collect the personal information of users, which may infringe against their right to privacy.

What is the most accurate way to conceal the number in Airtel through Airtel Customer

If you wish to conceal your telephone number with Airtel forever, you can accomplish this by calling Airtel's Airtel Call Center. Call center representatives can enable the caller ID block feature to block your number for a set period of time and warrant that the number you use remains hidden every time you call.

To reach the Airtel contact center, call 111 on your Airtel phone, or you can dial +234802 150 0111 from a different telephone.

When speaking to the customer service rep, it is important to explain why you wish to conceal your telephone number forever and they'll guide you through the steps.

It's important to know that customer care representatives take several minutes before picking up the call.

If you decide to try this method, it is necessary to remain perseverant. This call is completely free, however.

How to hide number in Airtel with USSD codes

Do you want an easy and quick method to conceal your phone number while making calls to the Airtel line? If you use Airtel, you can cover the identity of your caller with a simple USSD code. This is how you can do it:

  1. Use the code to block your personal number on Airtel by dialing 311, then the number you want to dial. In this case, for example, if you wanted to call 08012345678, dial #31#08012345678. It will block your caller ID. The caller cannot view your phone number.
  2. Try it out after dialing the number; you need to try it to confirm that the number is not being obscured. This can be done by calling a relative or friend and asking whether they are able to see your phone number. If they are unable to see your phone number, you've managed to hide the number.

In the event that you would like to conceal your personal number on any calls that you make, you have the option of modifying the settings on your phone to the default option. To accomplish this, go to the settings menu on your phone and select “Phone” from the categories.

After selecting “Show my caller ID” on the subsequent screen, you will be able to turn off the feature. Until you choose to remove it by hitting the code once more or enabling it in the settings of your phone, the system will hide your caller ID on all calls that you make. This will continue until you choose to remove it.

The service that you use should always be checked to ensure that the number that you have entered is actually hidden. This is something that is always suggested. By calling their customer service number and requesting that they verify that the number has not been reported to them, it is possible to accomplish this goal.

This is of utmost significance in situations where you are using your Airtel line in a country that is not the same as the country in which you purchased the line.

In the event that you would like to remove your phone number from the listing, you must first dial 311 and then the number that you would like to dial. When you do this, your caller ID will be removed, and the person you are calling will be able to access your phone number.

How can you reveal your Airtel number? Airtel

If you wish to disclose your phone number to make a number, you can make it happen by calling the exact code. You simply dial 31 and then enter the number you want to dial.

If, for instance, you wish to dial 08012345678 in order to disclose your phone number, call #31#08012345678. The number will be revealed to only that particular call.

It is possible to unhide your phone number for good by contacting customer service or go to the settings on your phone and choose ‘Phone. There you can select ‘Show My Caller ID', and then turn on the feature.

Important information concerning call hiding Although using your mobile number to hide through Airtel is useful in some situations, you must be aware of the legal consequences of doing this.

Based on the country you live in or the state you live in, there could exist laws and regulations that restrict or prohibit anonymity in calls.

For instance, in Nigeria, there is a law against using anonymous phone numbers or making use of a false name for calls.

In the words of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), “it is a criminal offense to make anonymous calls or make calls under a false identity”.

Infractions of this law could result in fines, penalties, and imprisonment. Thus, before you hide your number with Airtel, you must be sure to know the legal consequences and warrant that you're in compliance with any law or rule.

If you're unsure of the legal consequences of concealing your cell phone number, then it is recommended to seek out legal counsel.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Hide Number On Airtel

What can I do to hide my mobile number on Airtel?

To block your number from Airtel and hide it, dial 311 followed by the number that you would like to call. It will conceal the number of your caller for this specific number.

How can I conceal my phone number in all the calls made through Airtel?

You can indeed change your phone number so that it is secret for any calls you make via Airtel. To accomplish this, visit your phone's settings and choose the option ‘Phone'. Then, choose “Show my Caller ID” and then turn off the feature.

How do I make my Airtel number secure to Nigeria?

For you to keep your Airtel number confidential to Nigeria, you must dial #31# prior to making the call. It will conceal your caller ID on all calls that you make until you dial it once more to remove the secret ID.

Can I legally cover my mobile number with Airtel?

The lawfulness of concealing your phone number with Airtel is dependent on the location or state you reside in. Certain states have rules and laws that ban or restrict the use anonymous calls.

Prior to hiding your personal information, It is crucial to know the legal ramifications and assure that you're not violating the law or regulations.

How can I confirm with Airtel that my mobile number isn't hidden?

You can contact Airtel customer support and ask them to verify whether your phone number is secret.


For the purpose of preventing unwanted calls from unknown numbers and maintaining the confidentiality of your information, masking your phone number from Airtel is an excellent method. It is basic and can be completed in a sequence of a few straightforward steps.

To conceal the caller ID of your phone, you can either contact the Airtel call center or follow the methods mentioned in this post to enable or disable caller ID blocking. You can also use third-party programs to block your number.

Send an email to the comments box on the right side of the page if you have any queries or concerns. We are going to get back to you as soon as we can.


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