Can I Transfer Data from MTN to Airtel 2024? [Answered]

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MTN Network

How do I transfer or share data from to in 2024?

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to, a place where we explore the world of finance and technology in a straightforward and accessible manner. At the moment, we are concentrating on a subject that is really important for many of us who are living in the modern era, and that is the process of moving information from to an alternate network.

In particular, we are attempting to determine whether or not it is possible to transfer information from MTN to . Do you think that this is possible? Now, let's proceed to obtain additional information!First things first, let's get started by exploring the world of data transfers!

MTN and Networks

Both MTN and Airtel are among the most successful suppliers of telecommunications networks in Nigeria, and their numbers continue to increase on a regular basis. The organizations are increasing at a very rapid rate every day and night, and the reason for this is because they are helping to provide their consumers with fantastic savings with their assistance.

Fantastic deals that include low prices for making calls, low rates for data, good network speeds, -me-data, and other perks, as well as bonuses and other benefits!

How to Transfer Data on MTN 2024

Within one of our posts and one of our articles, I discussed how to transfer the data using MTN and also told you that you could utilize USSD code, SMS and the app MyMTN.

Methods to transfer data MTN to MTN into MTN with USSD Coding

To transfer data via MTN with USSD Code, it is necessary to adhere to the following steps:

  1. Start the Call App to your mobile and then dial *312#.
  2. Select option 8 [Gift Data]
  3. Choose opportunity 1 to move your balance from your balance in active data, as well as choice 2 to purchase a gift to gift a person you know
  4. The recipient's phone number is required.
  5. Choose the quantity of information you would like to disclose
  6. Choose opportunity 1 to confirm transfer. Select choice 1 to confirm the
  7. It's that simple! Easy Peasy!

In order to not waste a lot of our time, let's get this underway. It's going to be an interesting experience!

How can I transfer data from MTN to Airtel through a USSD code?

As far as MTN and Airtel are concerned, this is the way that is the most well-known and the quickest for getting work done. In the event that you want to transfer information from MTN to another MTN customer, all you have to do is dial *312#. However, I regret to notify you that it is not possible to transmit information from MTN to Airtel using USSD codes together.

There is a possibility that I have just conveyed to you that you should call *..#; yet, what do I get in return for being honest with you?

Okay, now that we are aware that it is not possible to use a USSD code, what about sending a text message for communication?

How do I share data between MTN and Airtel by SMS?

My sister/brother, it's impossible to transfer the data of MTN for Airtel customers with SMS! It's not possible!

If that approach isn't working, what about the MTN mobile application (MyMTN application)?

How do I transfer data from MTN to Airtel through the MTN mobile app?

A person once said that you could transfer MTN information to Airtel; however, after doing my own research, I realized that he's a complete liar!

There is another choice, which is calling customer service.

How to Transfer Data From MTN to Airtel by calling MTN Customer Support

As we all know, when problems arise on MTN, our MTN service and MTN customer support are always available to assist us.

When I got up, I took my mobile and made MTN customer service a phone call. I explained that I required an exchange of information to the MTN line to another Airtel customer, but their response was that it's impossible to transfer data between MTN to MTN but not to MTN to an alternative network!

Now, the question is: can it be done? Is there a method to employ?

Can I transfer data from MTN to Airtel?

My response will be easy and straight-forward because I don't like lying.

It's impossible to transfer the data from MTN to Airtel! There's nothing trickier than a hack to do this!

The only way to achieve this is by opening a banking account with a bank and then registering for your Airtel partner through your bank account!! Rich kid! (lol)


All things considered, it is not possible to transfer information from MTN to Airtel! Whoever claims that it is possible to transfer information from MTN to Airtel is not telling the truth; they are lying to you!

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