Keystone Bank Cardless Withdrawal 2024

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Keystone Bank

cardless withdrawal: How to withdraw at the ATM Without a Card

Keystone Bank offers something truly innovative that combines technology and practicality: its credit card withdrawal option.

Have we all ever experienced it? That moment when you open your wallet and search through it, only to realise your ATM card has vanished into thin air?

Heartbreak ensues when one is in urgent need of cash; whether left behind at home, lost through theft, or worse yet stolen, it never looks good when disappears unexpectedly from our lives.

Let me say upfront that Keystone Bank has put forth a plan that does not come close to being revolutionary.

In this blog, I'll describe cashless withdrawal and provide instructions for using an ATM card without actually needing your card, along with answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What exactly is a cardless withdrawal?

Before we get into the specifics, we need to explain what we mean with “cardless withdrawal. It's a function that permits users to withdraw at an ATM, but not with your ATM card. This sounds like magic, isn't it?

Actually, it is. The process can be initiated through your Keystone Bank mobile app or the USSD code. You can then go to the ATM for cash. You don't need a credit card!

The reason to use Cardless withdrawal?

There are many reasons you may want to consider using this feature.

  • Emergencies:Forgot your wallet? Don't worry. There is still cash available.
  • Security: If you're in the kind of situation where carrying your card may be risky, just leave your card at home and instead switch to a card-free one.
  • The convenience:Sometimes, it's just simpler not to fear over a new item of plastic.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Keystone Bank ATMs Without an ATM Card?

To withdraw cash from a Keystone Bank ATM without an ATM card, i.e., a Keystone Bank cardless withdrawal, please follow the instructions in the following steps:

  1. Dial *7111#
  2. Select ‘Other Services
  3. Select ‘Cardless Withdrawal'
  4. Click “Account Number.”
  5. Input the amount you wish to be withdrawn (the minimum withdrawal amount is N1,000)
  6. Make a 4-digit PIN to use with ATMs. ATM
  7. You must enter the 4-digit USSD PIN to verify
  8. Achieved or Notified
  9. You will receive a notification with your payment code or cardless withdrawal digits.
  10. Visit the ATM closest to you and select the CARDLESS PAY CODE feature.
  11. The pay code is entered and a four-digit PIN generated.
  12. You must wait until the ATM confirms your information and then disburse the cash.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

There are times when things don't happen as you expect. These are some problems you could face:

  1. Code not working: Ensure you're inputting the code in the right way.
  2. Expired Code The codes are valid for only a brief time. When they expire and you want to start another transaction,.
  3. Network Problems: If your network is down, USSD and mobile app techniques will not work. There will be a wait.

Conclusion about Keystone Bank Cardless Withdrawal in 2024

At our meeting, we explored cardless withdrawals and their associated advantages, as well as the steps needed for completion by USSD.

At its heart lies this technology's appeal; it offers more than mere technological progress; rather, it provides actual solutions to pressing problems—everyone knows all too well the horror of not being able to use an ATM card!

Keystone Bank offers debit card withdrawal options that will ensure these moments become things of the past.

Technology shouldn't just add convenience; it should provide actual benefits as well. Now you can feel relieved if and when you leave behind and lose your credit card. Keystone Bank provides another layer of protection and adds security for transactions you perform.

No longer need to worry about misusing or losing your debit card when dealing with financial emergencies requiring cash; when in need, just remember that cash can always be obtained at just the click or dial of a button!

Have you experienced this feature, or would you like more information? Let's connect. We would be thrilled to speak with you about how best we can support you.

Comment below, and we'll get the discussion going. In the meantime, until our next deep tech dive, be savvy and FinancialExpert NG!!


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