How to Transfer Money from Keystone Bank to PalmPay Account

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Keystone Bank

How Can I Transfer from to My Account in 2024?

Greetings from FinancialExpertNG. Our approach to handling our finances has undergone significant changes due to the constantly evolving technology and financial sectors.

We no longer rely solely on physical bank branches to meet all of our financial demands. Our approach to managing has been completely transformed by mobile banking and payment systems such as . They provide convenience, quickness, and security right at our fingertips.

Specifically, one of the oldest and most respected banks in Nigeria, , has embraced the shift and now permits its clients to send easily via platforms like .

If you currently have a Keystone Bank account and are wondering how to move funds into your PalmPay accounts, this post will walk you through the process step-by-step. Let's get going!

How do I transfer money from Keystone Bank to my PalmPay account?

Here are some ways you can transfer funds to your Keystone Bank to PalmPay account:

  1. Using Keystone Bank's Mobile App
  2. Internet Banking
  3. USSD Code Transfer
  4. ATM Transfer
  5. In-Branch Transfer

We'll now detail each step in turn!

Transfer money From Keystone Bank to PalmPay Account By Using Keystone Bank Mobile App

The easiest and most well-known method is to use Keystone Bank's mobile app. Keystone Bank mobile app.


For sending money to Keystone Bank's PalmPay Account using the Keystone Bank Mobile App, follow the instructions in the following paragraphs:

  1. Log in and download Keystone Bank's mobile banking app. Keystone Bank mobile banking app.
  2. You can go through” the”” “Payments” or “Transfers” section.
  3. Pick the feature to transfer funds in other bank accounts or e-wallets.
  4. Choose PalmPay as the beneficiary bank.
  5. Input the PalmPay account number along with the amount you wish to transfer.
  6. Verify the details of the transaction and complete the transfer by entering your bank's mobile number or OTP.

Using Internet Banking

If you would prefer computers together, Keystone Bank's online banking system is an excellent choice.


For the transfer of funds from Keystone Bank to PalmPay Account Internet Banking, follow the following guidelines:

  1. Log into Keystone Bank's banking online portal.
  2. Visit Transfers” in the “Transfers” section.
  3. Select the choice to make an interbank or electronic-wallet transfer.
  4. Click PalmPay from the drop-down menu of banks.
  5. Enter the details of your PalmPay details as well as the amount you wish to transfer.
  6. Examine the details, and then authorise the payment with your token of security, or OTP.

How do I transfer funds from Keystone Bank to my PalmPay account using a USSD code transfer?

If you don't have internet access or prefer methods that are offline, USSD banking is the method to choose. The code for transferring money From to PalmPay Account is *7111#.


To transfer money from Keystone Bank to your PalmPay account using a USSD code transfer, please follow this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Call for the Keystone Bank USSD code: *7111#.
  2. Follow the prompts on screen to go towards the” “Transfer Money” feature.
  3. Select PalmPay as your payment method and deliver your bank account information.
  4. Verify the amount of your transaction and finish the transfer with the USSD PIN.

How do I transfer money to Keystone Bank to PalmPay Account via ATM transfer?

You can also make a transfer to PalmPay through ATMs!


To transfer funds From Keystone Bank to PalmPay Account by ATM transfer, follow this step-by-step procedure:

  1. Visit any Keystone Bank ATM.
  2. Place your card in the slot, and then insert your pin.
  3. Select Transfers” and then click on the “Transfer” or “Send Money” choice.
  4. Click on the link to choose PalmPay and deliver the account information.
  5. Check the details for the transaction, and then complete the transfer.

How do I transfer money to Keystone Bank to PalmPay Account Through an in-branch transfer?

If you're a bit old-fashioned or have some specific issues, going to the Keystone Bank branch is still an acceptable choice.


Transfer money to Keystone Bank to your PalmPay account using an in-branch transfer Be sure to follow the guideline below:

  1. Visit the nearest Keystone Bank branch.
  2. Complete a transfer form that specifies the account number of your PalmPay account for the beneficiary.
  3. Then, hand the form over to a bank's cashier, and they'll take care of the transfer on your behalf.


It's never been easier to transfer money from Keystone Bank to PalmPay. You can choose the money transfer method that best suits your needs and preferences among the various options available.

Regardless of your preference for a conventional bank experience, tech prowess, or somewhere in between, Keystone Bank guarantees the timely and secure deposit of your money into the PalmPay account.

Never forget to double-check all transactions and protect your banking details. Enjoy yourselves greatly, banking!

Please use the comments area to ask any questions you may have about this post, and we will respond as soon as we can!


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