How to Check UBA Account Balance [Step-by-step Guide]

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UBA Bank

What is the most accurate way to check the account balance?

UBA (United Bank of Africa) is an esteemed financial institution which offers clients various financial solutions.

An essential aspect of banking is keeping an eye on your account balance.

Monitoring your UBA balance is both necessary and straightforward, thanks to modern technology; thanks to advances, it's possible to ascertain its status for 2024.

In this blog article, we'll go over some ways to check the balance of your account. Before proceeding further, take note that FinancialExpertNG can always meet all of your financial needs! Don't forget about them when checking balances!

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Let's go ahead in the direction of how to check UBA Balance of Account in 2024.

What is the most accurate way to check the UBA Balance of Account for 2024?

There are many methods to monitor the balance of your UBA account. it is simple and quick. The methods include:

  1. Via UBA Mobile App
  2. Internet Banking Internet Banking
  3. ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  4. Via USSD code

How do I access UBA? Balance on Account via UBA

Mobile App Mobile App UBA Mobile App is a smartphone application that allows UBA customers to conduct different transactions using their phones. To access your balance through your UBA Mobile App, follow the following steps:

  1. Install and download the UBA Mobile App on your smartphone. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices as well as in the App Store available for iOS devices.
  2. Start the app, and then log into the app with the UBA login details. If you're a new user, you'll need to sign up to use the application with the UBA account number along with any additional details that are required. Once you've successfully logged in, you'll be directed to the home page of the app.
  3. Go to Accounts” on the “Accounts” tab on the homepage of the app. On the homepage of the app, there are a variety of tabs like “Accounts,” “Transfers,” “Bills,” “Airtime,” and others. To check your balance on your account, go to Accounts” under the “Accounts” tab. You will be taken to a webpage where you will see the balance of all accounts associated with the UBA profile.
  4. Pick the account you'd like to verify the balance of. In the listing of accounts shown on the “Accounts” page, choose which account you would like to verify the balance of. If you're managing many accounts that are linked with your UBA profile, ensure that you choose the right account so that you don't get confused.
  5. Your balance on your account will appear in the display. When you've chosen the account, the balance will show in the display. You will be able to view your account's balance and any outstanding transactions or holdings in the account.

How do I check the balance of my account at via ATM?

It is also possible to check the balance of your UBA account at any UBA ATM located near you. If you want to check the balance of your account at an ATM, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Insert your UBA ATM card into the ATM machine.
  2. Enter your four-digit PIN.
  3. Choose “Balance Enquiry” from the menu.
  4. The balance of your account will appear at the top of your screen.

How to check UBA Bank Account Balance via Internet Banking

The UBA's Internet banking platform allows customers to conduct diverse banking transactions, like checking balances on their accounts. If you want to check the balance of your account through online banking, just follow these steps:

  1. Register on UBA's web banking platform with the details of your account. Visit using your mobile device or computer. Log in using your account details.
  2. Choose the account that you wish to see the balance of. If you own numerous banking accounts, be sure that you choose the correct account to view the balance of its account.
  3. Your balance on your account will appear at the top of your screen.

How to check UBA Balance on Account using USSD Code

The USSD code provides a fast and simple method to determine the balance of your UBA balance, even without access to the internet. If you want to check the balance of your account with your USSD code, please follow these instructions:

  1. Enter the number *919*00# on your handset.
  2. Enter the UBA account number.
  3. You'll receive a text message with your balance.

Most Frequently Answered Questions

Where can I find my UBA account balance via my smartphone?

To verify your balance together, check your balance with the USSD code or dial 919#. It will take you to the magical banking home page. After that, you can select 6, then follow the directions. The screen should show the balance on the account that is linked to the SIM.

What's the right code for checking the UBA balance of account?


The USSD code used to verify UBA Bank account balance is 919# USSD Banking. Additionally, this code could be utilized for many things on your UBA Bank account, like the charging of airtime, making transfers, checking the account number, etc.

What is the most accurate way to determine my UBA savings amount?

To access UBA Internet Banking, log in to your account and look at your balance in the dashboard. You can also dial *919*00# from the number you have registered to access the balance.

How can I obtain a four-digit UBA PIN?

Call *919# using the phone number that is associated in the UBA checking account. Choose number 8 on your next screen. Pick number 6 for this screen. Select number 4 to initiate PIN creation.

How do activate UBA online banking?

Instant Self-Registration: With your debit card, individual customers can start and finish enrolment from our Internet Banking login page,, by clicking the Instant Self-Registration button.

Information About United Bank for Africa

United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA), commonly referred to as Africa's Global Bank,. Headquarters in Lagos, with global operations extending across six African nations.

UBA currently boasts affiliates in 20 African nations and offices located in London, Paris, and New York. Since December 2021, when it first established operations in the UAE, it has also obtained its bank license.

The Central Bank of Nigeria classifies UBA as a commercial institution, and their stocks trade on the Nigerian Stock Exchange under their initials, UBA.

Tony Elumelu serves as Group Chairman for the bank, while Oliver Alawuba acts as GMD and CEO.

United Bank for Africa is one of Nigeria and Africa's premier financial service companies, operating both domestically and across its respective continent.

At its December 2021 date, financial assets belonging to this group amounted to N8.5 trillion (US$20.1), with shareholders' equity totalling N724.1 billion (US$1.8). Furthermore, more than 20,000 employees worked within the organization.

Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Burkina Faso Guinea Chad Cameroon Kenya Gabon, Tanzania, and Zambia Uganda Liberia Sierra Leone Mozambique Senegal the Democratic Republic of Congo Brazzaville Mali United States of America United Kingdom France and the UAE are just some of their locations of affiliate and subsidiary affiliation.

British and French Bank Limited was established in 1948 in Nigeria. At first, it operated under Banque Nationale pour le Commerce et l'Industrie of Paris but soon after, they transformed their London branch to BFB as an individual company.

More Information About United Bank for Africa Continues

Banque Nationale de Credit and two British investment companies—S.G. Warburg & Company and Robert Benson & Company—owned shares in BFB.

After Nigeria joined Britain, the United Bank for Africa was formed on February 23, 1961, as UBA to take over operations of BFB.

UBA became the to conduct an initial public offering (IPO) on Nigeria's Stock Exchange in 1970.

UBA was formed through the merger between Standard Trust Bank (established in 1990) and United Bank for Africa, one of the oldest and largest financial institutions in Nigeria.

On August 1, 2005, this merger came into effect and is one of the major ones ever to take place on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE).

Following its merger, UBA expanded its brand by purchasing Continental Trust Bank later that same year, and in 2006, it purchased Trade Bank, which had been liquidated by the Central Bank of Nigeria at that point in time.

UBA had three successful combined rights public offerings in 2007 as well as acquisitions from three banks that went bankrupt: City Express Bank, Metropolitan Bank, and African Express Bank. UBA also purchased Afrinvest UK, which it later rebranded into UBA Capital UK.

UBA made rapid strides toward creating an international and African brand during 2008 with their acquisitions of two liquidated banks: Gulf Bank and Liberty Bank.


As previously outlined, checking your UBA balance is simple and efficient. You can utilize various means, such as the UBA Mobile application, USSD code, ATM banking, or internet banking, in order to do this quickly.

Monitoring the balance in your account to avoid unauthorised transactions or overdrafts is of vital importance, and this article offers invaluable advice when trying to learn your UBA balance on an account.

If you have questions or would like further clarification regarding this article, feel free to leave your thoughts as comments, and we will respond as quickly as we can.


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