How to Block Fidelity Bank Account and ATM Card

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Fidelity Bank

How to block Accounts as well as ATM Card

Today, in this digital era, making sure your bank account is safe is of utmost importance.

Protecting both your cash and personal information requires immediate action in the event of the loss or theft of an identity card or suspicious activities in your account.

Gratefully, Fidelity Bank provides easy steps for safeguarding and locking down your account to give you peace of mind and control of your funds.

This post will walk you through the steps for blocking or unblocking Fidelity Bank accounts and ATM cards effectively and protecting your finances effectively.

We will explore various measures you can take to secure your Fidelity Bank account.

How do I block a Fidelity Bank account or ATM card?

Use any of the methods listed below to protect your bank account from theft of should you have lost or lost your ATM card or SIM which is connected to your bank account

  1. Through Internet Banking
  2. Via Customer support
  3. Via USSD Code
  4. Through Fidelity Bank Mobile App

Take each step in succession, one after another.

Internet Banking Internet Banking

To stop access to your Fidelity Bank ATM card with Internet banking, you must take these steps:

  1. Visit the Fidelity Bank site and sign into your bank account with your username and password.
  2. From the dashboard, select the “Cards” opportunity.
  3. Select the ATM card you would like to stop using.
  4. Select the . “Block Card” opportunity.
  5. Make sure you confirm your action by entering your online banking Password or PIN.
  6. If you wish to deblock the card in the future, it is possible to do this through the “Unblock Card” option.

How do I block a Fidelity Bank account or ATM card via customer support?

A simple and quick method to close the account of your Fidelity Bank account is by making contact with customer support. To block your account, you must follow these steps:

  1. Start the Call app on your phone
  2. Just call for the Fidelity Bank customer care lines 0234 070034335489. Or +234 09030005252. The lines are available all hours of the day.
  3. You'll need to prepare the credit card number, account number and any other pertinent data to confirm your authenticity.

How do I block a Fidelity Bank ATM card via a USSD code?

The code for blocking the ATM card you use is *770#; however, there are steps to take to ensure that you block your ATM card.

  1. Call your Fidelity Bank USSD code *770*911# from your cell phone.
  2. It is required that you provide the number that you used to sign up for your account.
  3. Block the USSD code as well as the account.
  4. Enter USSD 4-digit PIN.

How can I block a Fidelity Bank account or ATM card via Fidelity Bank Mobile?

Follow these steps to stop access to your Fidelity Bank account/ATM card:

  1. Install the Fidelity Bank mobile application from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and log into the application. If you've downloaded the app on your phone, open the app, then go ahead to the next step.
  2. Log into the account with your username and password, or with biometric authentication.
  3. On the main screen, choose from the home screen the “Cards” feature.
  4. Choose the ATM card that you wish to stop.
  5. SelectBlock Card” and then click on the “Block Card” opportunity.
  6. You can confirm your move by clicking “Yes.”
  7. If you'd like to remove the card in the future, then you are able to do it through the “Unblock Card” option.

How do I block my Fidelity Bank ATM card from another phone?

As it can be devastating to lose personal items such as your mobile, you should disable your ATM card for good. The easiest and most reliable solution would be to block it on another phone.

To block your Fidelity Bank ATM card using another phone number, dial these two numbers from another handset: +234 070034335489 and +234 09030005252

Of course, inquiries will come your way, and if you own the account in question, you should be able to answer them yourself.

As soon as your ATM card has been lost or misplaced, contact Fidelity Bank immediately in order to block or deactivate it.

After that, any one of the methods outlined above to close off access to your Fidelity Bank account/ATM card can help ensure it cannot be accessed again.

Most Frequently Answered Questions

How do I stop the use of my Fidelity Bank ATM card if the card is stolen or lost?

If you want to block the loss or theft of your Fidelity Bank ATM card, it is possible to immediately contact Fidelity Bank's hotline for customer service or stop by the closest Fidelity Bank branch. They'll guide you through the procedure and warrant that your account is secured in order to avoid fraudulent transactions.

Do I have the ability to block the use of my Fidelity Bank ATM card online?

Yes, you are able to stop your Fidelity Bank ATM on the internet by accessing the Fidelity Bank Internet Banking or mobile banking application. Visit the section on card management and follow the steps needed to stop your account.

Do I have to pay a fee in order to block my Fidelity ATM at the bank?

There is usually nothing to pay to stop the Fidelity Bank ATM card if the card is stolen or lost. Fidelity Bank prioritizes your account's security, so blocking your card in these situations is typically cost-free.

What do I do when I suspect unauthorized activity on my account?

If you suspect that you have made unauthorized transactions in your Fidelity Bank account, immediately dial the customer support hotline to report the problem. They'll investigate the issue and take the necessary steps to protect your account.

What is the time frame to stop access to my Fidelity Bank ATM card?

Fidelity Bank typically blocks a lost or stolen ATM card the moment you notify them. It is then done quickly in order to protect against any unauthorised use of the account.


As soon as there is any suspicion of misuse or theft of an ATM card belonging to a Fidelity Bank account or theft from outside, it is imperative that immediate steps are taken in order to safeguard both funds and personal data.

Fidelity Bank offers an easy solution to ensure the protection of both you and your account by restricting ATM cards.

Below, there are various strategies designed to prevent you from accessing your Fidelity Bank account and ATM card.

Be mindful to always secure your account details and ATM card data to protect yourself against fraudulent or suspicious activities, and report them immediately to Fidelity Bank.

Check and update the security of your account and PIN by updating and adding more Fidelity Bank security precautions to them.

No matter who claims to represent Fidelity Bank, do not reveal your PIN number! No representative from our bank would ever request your personal identification number.

At this article's conclusion, it's my sincerest wish that you found what it is that you were searching for. Should any queries regarding it arise, feel free to post in the box provided, and I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible!


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