Does UBA Bank have Virtual Cards in 2024? [Explained]

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UBA Bank

Does Bank have virtual playing cards?

Greetings, reader of the Financial Expert NG! Convenience and security are two benefits that digital cards offer, which has led to their increasing popularity in this age of virtual interactions.

There is a possibility that you are wondering, “Does Bank offer virtual cards?” To put it simply, we have provided you with all of the information that you require in order to comprehend it!

What is a virtual card?

Before we dive into 's offerings, let's focus on what a digital card is. It's like your ordinary bank card, however digital.

You can use it for online transactions, and it gives you an extra layer of safety because you're no longer sharing your real card information.

Does have a virtual card?

As of our modern-day information, that is, in 2024, won't provide digital card services in the interim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a UBA visa card be used the world over?

Yes, you may use a UBA Visa card across the world. MasterCard and Visa debit virtual playing cards are typical at 30 million locations globally. You can withdraw coins from any ATM showing the MasterCard or Visa logo.

What sort of card is a UBA Visa?

The UBA Visa Classic® Debit Card lets you access your anywhere. You can use it to make purchases for goods and offerings wherever the Visa brand is displayed (POS, Web).

Can I purchase greenbacks from UBA Bank?

Yes, you may. The minimal buy amount is one hundred or its equivalent in different currencies.

Can I get a hold of foreign currency in my UBA account?

You are able to receive from overseas international countries in your UBA account; that is correct. If you wish to utilize your Naira account, however, you will need to make the payment through WorldRemit. The that is transferred will be automatically converted into Naira at the rate that is currently in effect. There is a requirement for you to use a domiciliary account if you need to keep the money within the foreign currency that is being moved.

Can I pay in greenbacks with my Naira card?

Yes, you may pay in dollars with your Naira card. However, there may be a limit to how much you can spend in a month. You may want to check in with your financial institution.

Does UBA have a dollar card?

Yes, UBA Bank has a dollar card. You can request a UBA Dollar Prepaid Card at any department close to you.

What is the dollar restriction for the UBA Gold MasterCard?

According to UBA, the daily net restriction for a gold MasterCard is $5,000, a platinum card is $6,000, and a world card is $10,000. The financial institution said its daily ATM POS restriction is $5,000 for gold MasterCard customers, $10,000 for platinum customers, and $20,000 for international MasterCard users.


In conclusion, UBA Bank does not currently provide virtual cards.

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