Zenith Bank Virtual Card 2024 [A Complete Guide]

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Zenith Bank

Virtual Card 2024

Hey FinancialExpert NG reader! Today we will delve deeper into virtual banking with 's Virtual Card. With shopping online or managing subscriptions with secure payments made using virtual cards, these new ways of banking are changing how we handle our funds and manage finances in general.

Zenith Bank Virtual Card will cover everything you need to know, starting from activation through usage.

What exactly is a Zenith Bank Virtual Card?

The Zenith Bank Virtual Card functions similar to a traditional debit card, but it's exclusively online. It's connected with your account at a bank, which makes it ideal for online transactions and offers an additional level of security.

How to activate/request the activation of a Zenith Bank Virtual Card

It is possible to get Zenith Bank virtual card from these methods:

  1. Through the internet, banking
  2. USSD Code
  3. Going to any of the local Zenith Bank

Internet Banking Internet Banking

To obtain the Virtual card through Internet Banking, simply follow the following steps:

    1. Simply Click on Zenith Bank Online banking
  • Scroll down until you reach the Virtual Card
  • Click the Request Virtual Card button.
  • After that, you'll be directed to a webpage that will require you to verify the card using your as well as your date of birth.
  • This is all there is!

How do I request a Zenith Bank Virtual Card via a USSD code?

The code needed to obtain a Zenith Bank Virtual Card is *966*2273#.

To obtain Zenith Bank Virtual card via USSD code, go through the steps listed below:

  1. Launch your call application on your phone.
  2. Contact *966*2273# using the number associated with your Zenith Bank account.
  3. Just follow the on-screen prompts for obtaining your virtual credit card. Follow the prompts on screen to get your virtual

When you visit the bank,

This section is intended for those who aren't tech-savvy enough to be able to complete this work on their own. It is easy to visit the nearest Zenith Bank near you and ask for benefit.

Zenith Bank Virtual Card Transactions Limits

The daily limit for transactions on the card's virtual counterpart is N50,000. You are, however, required to be an existing Zenith banking account owner in order to be eligible for an account with the virtual card.

How can I get my Zenith Bank Virtual Card details?

Are you unable to find your credit information on your card? No worries! It's easy to retrieve them via Zenith Bank's mobile app, the Zenith Bank mobile app, or the Internet banking platform. It's easy, secure, and fast.

Is Zenith a virtual card? Is the Zenith virtual card available for free?

It's not true; the virtual card will cost N500 and is only used for online transactions.

Configuring the Zenith Bank Virtual Card PIN

If you are making transactions which require a PIN, you are able to set up the Zenith Bank Virtual Card PIN via the mobile app or Internet banking. This will warrant secure and efficient use.

Most-Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the limits of a virtual debit cards?

  • Digital variants of cards can't be used at ATMs; therefore, they don't allow users to cash out any .
  • Virtual debit cards can not permit transactions that are made offline by physical retailers The cardholders are unable to complete any transactions that require swipes or taps in the POS.

What is the Zenith Bank ATM card limit?

N200,000 per day

“You can make cash withdrawals that are as high as N200,000 daily in the Zenith Bank ATMs nationwide, even if you are banking at other institutions,” Zenith Bank said in a note to customers titled ‘Important Notice to the Public'.

Do virtual debit cards come with a CVV?

Like the physical ATM card, virtual cards also have CVV.

How can I make a withdrawal from a virtual card?

The virtual card lets you take cash out of ATMs that allow contactless. You'll need a virtual wallet (e.g., , Google Pay) and, secondly, the virtual card's PIN number, which is available on the LHV mobile application or online bank.

What is the maximum amount that a Zenith student account can hold?

Zenith Bank student account Zenith Bank student account also includes an operating account balance of 1,000,000 naira, i.e., it is not able to contain more than one million dollars until you make a change to the account.


Zenith Bank's Virtual Card stands as proof of their dedication to secure and innovative banking practices, offering ease of use alongside enhanced security features that make it the ideal tool for the modern customer interested in online transactions.

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