How to Borrow Data from MTN [Latest Update]

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MTN Network

How do I get data from ?

Nowadays, with mobile connectivity, information reigns supreme. It is the energy source for many other gadgets with Internet connections, including smartphones, tablets, and tablet PCs.

From working remotely to streaming videos Every day, more data is required. What happens if you need more data because you're running out?

You're fortunate if you use as your provider.One of the largest cellular providers in Nigeria, MTN, allows its users to withdraw data when their plans are about to expire. This article will cover the most recent changes as well as the ideal method for obtaining an extrabyte from MTN in 2024.

You must confirm that you qualify for the program before attempting to borrow xtrabyte from MTN. MTN has several requirements that you must meet in order to borrow extrabytes.

You must have an active MTN SIM card that is registered in your name in order to be eligible. In addition, you have to have been a devoted MTN client for at least three months, a regular user of the network for no more than three months, have an outstanding amount of less than N100, and be able to repay all prior data loans.

After fulfilling the requirements for qualifying You can access MTN's details if you've satisfied the eligibility requirements. Please note that this blog post will address the following search intent before going on to the techniques for obtaining information:

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Let's go on through the process of taking the data of MTN.

How to Borrow Data on MTN in Nigeria

There are several ways you can take data off MTN This includes:

  1. Via MyMTN App
  2. On the MTN site
  3. Via USSD code

We'll discuss these strategies in depth:

How do I borrow data from MTN using MTN's MyMTN App?

MTN has an official application named “MyMTN” that you can utilize to borrow extrabytes. To access information with the MyMTN application, follow these procedures:

  1. Install MyMTN from the MyMTN application through the app store or from the Play Store, and then install it.
  2. Start the app, and then sign into the app with the MTN number.
  3. Choose “Data ” from the menu.
  4. Select the quantity of data you would like to borrow.
  5. Verify the transaction.

How do I borrow Xtrabyte on the MTN site?

MTN also offers a website that allows you to borrow Xtrabytes. If you want to borrow the data from the MTN website, you must follow the procedures in the following steps:

  1. Go to the MTN site at
  2. Select “Data ” from the menu.
  3. Select the quantity of data you would like to borrow.
  4. Verify the transaction.

How do I borrow data from MTN with USSD codes?

The USSD code is the most well-known method for borrowing MTN data. To access information together with this USSD code, please follow these steps:

  1. Start the dialer on your phone.
  2. Call *303# from your MTN phone.
  3. Choose “Data Loan” or “Xtrabyte” from the menu.
  4. Pick the right data bundle that best matches your needs.
  5. You will be asked to verify the payment.

Important Note: MTN will deduct the loan amount from the next charge. Be aware that there will be fees associated with borrowing, and you may only use the credit up to the limit MTN has set, depending on your eligibility.

Additionally, remember that borrowing data through MTN is subject to certain terms and limitations. The only way to borrow data is when you already have a data plan and must only do so after the balance on your data plan is depleted.

Additionally, the loan is due within a specific time period. Failure to pay back the loan may cause a penalty or the inability to borrow information in the future.

How can I tell whether I'm eligible to take information at MTN?

MTN has launched a service that allows users to verify whether they are eligible for borrowing data. If you want to check if you are eligible, just dial *303# and then select “Check XtraByte Eligibility” from the menu.

The message you receive will inform you that you are eligible and the maximum amount that you may get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Code for borrowing information from MTN?

The code for borrowing MTN data can be found as *303#. You can dial this code, then select xtrabyte, and then choose the amount of data that you would like to borrow.

What do I have to do with airtime that is free?

The no-cost extra time is 100 percent of the value purchased. Free airtime is valid for seven days and may be used for calling or SMS as well as data. Airtime recharges starting at R5 are eligible for no-cost airtime.

What is the cost of MTN Unlimited Data?

The latest uncapped bundles offered are uncapped up to 10Mbps and 400GB of FUP/RR499. Unlimited 20Mbps speed with a 600GB FUP. Uncapped up to 30Mbps with 700GB FUP (RR799).

How can I borrow 1GB of information from MTN?

For 1 GB of data to be loaned from MTN, you need to dial *303#. Enter the number that corresponds to xtrabyte,” and then dial the 1 GB number. You can only view 1GB when you're eligible to receive it.

What is the most accurate way to get information from MTN without having to pay back?

Hello!! It is not possible that to take information from MTN and you will not be able to repay it! Except if you're willing to give up the SIM and not ever recharge it for the rest of your life! !

What exactly is MTN Data Code?

You can sign up to any MTN data bundles through these options UsSD: dial *131*1# or *904# to select your desired data plan.

How can you download unlimited airtime?

To Recharge: Dial *119*vouchercode# and Send. This voucher is available for already-paid customers using The Unlimited SIM. Every airtime amount is doubled with Unlimited


In conclusion, if you're running low on internet data, borrowing from MTN can be a quick and effective option to stay connected. Knowing how to obtain MTN's xtrabytes of data is crucial since you never know when you might need it.

Using your USSD number, the MyMTN app, or the MTN website, you can obtain xtrabyte from MTN by following the simple instructions provided in this post.

To avoid fines, make sure you return the borrowing amount within the allotted time. Recall that borrowing should only be done when absolutely necessary and should not be done on a regular basis.

Do you have any further comments or questions about this article? If so, please let us know in the space provided for comments below!Never forget that has you covered.


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