How to Recharge 9mobile Airtime/Credit card

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9Mobile Nigeria

How do I load/recharge Etisalat time, credit cards, or airtime?

Charging your phone with in Nigeria will be more convenient than ever before by 2024, thanks to advances in technology as well as the creative efforts of telecommunications firms.

In this post, we'll outline how you can recharge your 9Mobile phone by 2024.

9Mobile Nigeria, one of the biggest telecommunications firms in Nigeria, provides a number of services for customers to recharge their mobiles seamlessly.

If you are a client, you have the option of choosing from a range of choices based on your preferences and convenience.

9Mobile (formerly called Etisalat Nigeria) was one of the biggest telecom companies operating in Nigeria. It was founded in 2008 after winning an offer for a GSM licence in Nigeria.

9Mobile provides a variety of telecom services that include data, voice, and messaging for businesses and individuals throughout Nigeria.

The company's financial situation was dire in July 2017, and it was unable to repay a $1.2 billion from the group of banks.

In order to prevent the business's collapse and safeguard the interests of its employees, stakeholders, and clients, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) took control of it and later absorbed it into the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

After the purchase company was acquired, it changed its brand name from Etisalat Nigeria to 9mobile. It continues to provide quality telecommunications service for its customers.

In the present, 9mobile is one of the top four telecom providers in Nigeria, along with , , and .

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Let's review of the different ways to recharge the 9Mobile line. When you are out, keep in mind that is here to assist with your needs!

How do you recharge your 9Mobile/Etisalat card?

9Mobile provides a number of easy and speedy ways to fill your airtime according to the type of service you prefer and how convenient it is. Here's a complete list of methods available to load your credit card onto your line with 9Mobile:

  1. Via 9Mobile Mobile App
  2. Via 9mobile website
  3. Via ATM
  4. Via Quickteller
  5. Through shares and selling
  6. Via USSD Code

How do you recharge your 9Mobile Recharge Card using 9Mobile Mobile App?

9Mobile is a simple mobile application which allows customers to purchase airtime data as well as other items. To recharge 9Mobile's mobile application,

  1. You must download it through your App Store as well as the Apple Store.
  2. Register your details, i.e. your mobile number, as well as OTP
  3. Choose the recharge opportunity in the menu of the app.
  4. You must enter the 16-digit pin printed on the recharge card and then submit.
  5. Your phone will be credited in a matter of minutes.

How to load a Card on the 9Mobile website

The 9mobile website is a place where customers can purchase airtime, data and other items. For recharges on the website of 9Mobile,

  1. Visit the official site of 9Mobile.
  2. Log into your account using your telephone number.
  3. If you don't have a user account, sign up for one.
  4. Choose to recharge the choice.
  5. Enter the 16-digit PIN on the recharge card, and enter it.
  6. The phone will be charged in a matter of minutes.

How do I load my 9Mobile's credit/airtime card at an ATM?

The majority of ATMs across Nigeria provide a recharge feature that lets you recharge your 9Mobile account. For recharges at ATMs,

  1. Insert your ATM card
  2. Choose the rapidteller feature
  3. Choose the option to recharge. choice
  4. Enter the 16-digit PIN that is printed on the recharge card, and then submit it.
  5. The phone will be charged in a matter of minutes.

How can you transfer to a 9Mobile card through Quickteller?

Quickteller is an online platform that provides a range of services, including the purchase of airtime and information.

  1. Recharge your Quickteller
  2. Visit
  3. Choose Recharge feature.
  4. You must enter the 16-digit pin printed on the recharge card and then submit.
  5. The phone will be charged in a matter of minutes.

How do I load my 9Mobile/Etisalat credit card using the Bank Mobile App?

Many banks across Nigeria use mobile apps to permit customers to buy data, airtime and other services. For recharges with a bank app on mobile

  1. Get the app downloaded from the app store of your choice.
  2. Fill in your personal details for the bank you use
  3. Choose the recharge choice in the app for banks menu
  4. Enter the 16-digit PIN that is found on your recharge card, and then submit it.
  5. The phone will be charged in a matter of minutes.

How do I transfer my Etisalat recharge card using 9Mobile VTU?

9Mobile VTU is an online service that lets customers purchase data, airtime, and various other services through their bank accounts. For recharging your line with 9mobile VTU, follow these steps:

  1. Call *311*amount# from your mobile (e.g., *311*200# to recharge in the amount of 200 N).
  2. Select the bank account that you would like to use for your transaction.
  3. You must enter your bank account's PIN in order to approve the transaction.
  4. The phone will be charged immediately.

How do you load 9Mobile's recharge cards using a USSD code?

One of the most simple and popular methods to charge your 9Mobile line is by using USSD codes. All you need to enter is *311*PIN# to your mobile and then hit the send button.

The PIN is the recharge code of 16 digits found on the reverse of the recharge card. Once you have entered the PIN, hit send, and then your phone will be charged in a flash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load up my recharge card from 9Mobile?

Call the USSD code *311*Recharge# with the NineMobile SIM card. In this case, dial *311*24638367392563#. After you have dialed the code, your 9Mobile SIM card will automatically be debited with the amount of your recharge card.

What is the correct code to recharge the 9Mobile data?

Call 312#. After that, you can purchase any data plan. To share, dial *229*9*pin*data quota*recipient's number*3#.

What is the pin for 9Mobile?

The default pin of the Etisalat/9Mobile transfer pin is the code 0000 You must alter it in order to turn on this transfer code. Resetting the transfer pin is fast and easy

What can I do to purchase data using my 9Mobile credit card?

When you're on your mobile, dial *312# and then select the menu option. *312# is your primary number to purchase data from 9Mobile. If you're purchasing the standard plan, call *312#.


In conclusion Recharging your phone's 9Mobile account in Nigeria will be simpler than it has ever been by 2024. Recharge is available through USSD codes or the 9mobile mobile application, the 9mobile website ATMs, Quickteller, and bank mobile apps, and the 9mobile VTU.

Pick the choice you find most comfortable for you to get a smooth recharge.

If you have any queries concerning this post, feel free to write us a note, and we'll respond promptly!


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