How to check EcoBank Statement of Account on Phone

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Eco Bank

How can you check your 's statement of account on the phone?

Nigeria and digital technologies owe much of their accountability and transparency to one small sheet of paper: Statement of Accounts! Greetings!!!

As you may be thinking, what's so interesting about statement of account statements? So I made efforts to develop various approaches that could explain its significance—here is what has really impressed me!

As you're likely aware, Merlin was an integral figure to both King Arthur and Camelot! Because of this fact, I believe your statement of account to be an essential component of your account.

Stay with me as I provide you with all of the steps required to access and understand your account statement via your mobile device or any branch in your area! Don't get left out, I promise!

So let's get this underway immediately! Let's not dally around any further; let's get going!

Hello! Before leaving, take a moment and ask yourself this: What exactly is the account statement I am speaking about? Sure, you might know about it, but can you explain its contents to your children or a non-specialist? Allow me to briefly summarize what the statement contains!

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  • A Few Frequently Asked Questions
  • TechSpike's Final

What exactly is the EcoBank statement of Account?

Statements of account are records that outline financial transactions conducted within an account for an extended period. Banks or financial institutions usually provide these statements to account holders to give an overview of what has transpired between inflows and outflows of within them.

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This document presents an overview of your account activities, such as withdrawals, deposits transferred, interest earned, and charges that were incurred.

Simply stated, every transaction that occurs on your account will reflect on its statement!

If you understand my explanation, now it's important for you to know more about an EcoBank Account Statement Account!!

Now that we are prepared, let's keep going!

What is the most accurate way to verify the statement of account on EcoBank?

In this article, I'll be presenting you with four different methods to check the status of your EcoBank statement of your account. These are:

  1. Via EcoBank Mobile App
  2. Via USSD Code
  3. Emailing requests
  4. Stop by any EcoBank branch in your area.

What is the most desirable way to verify your Balance of Account using the Mobile EcoBank App?

This is a simple method If you adhere to these steps that I'm going to outline for you in detail,! To use this method, it is necessary to have an internet connection for your mobile device.

If you want to use this method in order to obtain your EcoBank statements of account, you must Follow the instructions below.

  1. Simply go to the Google Play Store to download EcoBank Mobile App. EcoBank Mobile App
  2. Launch the app and install it.
  3. Sign in or sign up If you're a first-time user,. (Registration for EcoBank Mobile is easy). The EcoBank Mobile App is very simple to complete.
  4. After you log in to your dashboard, find the statement of account in the menu
  5. Choose the time period you would like to see on the statement of account
  6. Use your pin to authorise the request.
  7. For opening the PDF file, you'll need a password; instructions will be provided on your statement of account.
  8. When you enter your password, boom! Your EcoBank account statement during the time period the request was made will appear on your mailbox!
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In the event that, by some chance, this technique fails, then you should try the next approach we're trying to teach!

Code to verify the Statement of Account in EcoBank

The USSD code used to verify the EcoBank statement of the Account is *326#.

One of the most efficient ways to obtain the EcoBank statements of account is by using an EcoBank USSD Code! For this method to be used, just follow these steps:

  1. Install the Call app on your mobile
  2. Contact *326# to get the number that is associated in your account.
  3. Find the mini-bill of the account.
  4. Follow the screen prompts to Request your Statement of account.

Do you understand? Okay! We'll move on to the next method!

Sending a request via Email

Another method that you could use to examine the balance on your EcoBank statement of account. For this method to be used, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Log in to your email account
  2. Send a Request message to
  3. Be sure to specify the date of the statement the account has to be.
  4. Within 24-hours, you'll get your account statement, which you can download onto your smartphone in the format of a PDF.
  5. To open the PDF file, you'll require a password. instructions will be provided on your statement of account.
  6. When you enter the password, boom! Your EcoBank statement of account with the specific timeframe you asked for will appear on your desk!

If you've tried all of the strategies described previously and haven't worked out the way you want, you're left with one option: go to any EcoBank branch close to you!

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Visit any EcoBank Branch near You

Another option would be to visit your nearest EcoBank branch! Simply enter, walk towards their customer support centre, and request for your account statement.

Naturally, some information regarding your account will be requested of you; once provided correctly, they will print your EcoBank statement of account for you! Super simple!!!


Before concluding this article, be mindful that your financial health is yours to manage. Check your EcoBank statements of accounts regularly to keep an eye on income, expenses, and family financial habits.

With access to such knowledge and data, you'll be empowered to make better financial decisions that meet your goals for a more secure and brighter future.

Decide on the method that's easiest for you! Whether you are using USSD codes and the EcoBank Mobile App to send requests via email or visiting one of their branches nearby, all will allow you to view the balance of your account quickly!

With this article, I believe I have provided all of the relevant information, fulfilling its intended function.

But if you have any inquiries about the material presented here, simply send us a note in the box below, and we'll respond as quickly as we can! Enjoy and peace out!!


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