Does Flutterwave accept NIN Slip?

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Does Flutterwave accept NIN slips in 2024?

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We'll talk about a subject that has been on many people's minds today: would Flutterwave permit NIN slips?

One of the foremost tech companies in the finance industry, Flutterwave, invented online payments for consumers and companies alike.

The legitimacy of Flutterwave's recognition of NIN slips as legitimate identification is called into question given the growing emphasis on the ability to identify oneself in Nigeria using the National Identification Number (NIN). NIN slip as a means of verification.

This post will examine the function of a NIN slip, whether Flutterwave accepts them, and the ramifications for users who wish to transact swiftly and safely online.

Understanding the NIN Slip

We must first understand what NIN means before we can debate whether or not Flutterwave accepts NIN slips and go into the specifics of whether or not it can.

All Nigerian citizens and legal residents are issued a unique identity number, known as the National Identity Number (NIN), by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

It is a process for determining and confirming an individual's identity for a number of purposes, including financial transactions and government service access.

Does Flutterwave Accept NIN Slips?

As part of the merchant onboarding process, Flutterwave can accept NIN slips as legitimate documents for identity verification.

The NIN slip, also known as a digital national identity card, is recognised by Flutterwave as valid in addition to other forms of ID, such as the national ID card, driver's licence, international passport, and permanent voter's card. This ensures a simple verification process for businesses that register on the Flutterwave Platform.

Requirement to Verify Flutterwave Account

In order to assure an effortless merchant onboarding procedure for you when you register and verify the authenticity of your Flutterwave account, make sure to note:

  1. In the case of corporate accounts, there needs to be a match in your Flutterwave name for (Trading name) and the name you have that is registered on the documents.
  2. The name of the business must be identical to the name of the corporate account's details that are uploaded to the bank during registration.
  3. The name of the contact's person that is registered in your Flutterwave account should match the one on your valid ID that you have uploaded.
  4. It is important to assure that you carry your current ID in order to take part in live recording, since this will be needed. You can find a list of valid and accepted ways to identify yourself below:
    • National ID Card
    • Driver's Licence
    • International Passport
    • NIN Slip and Digital National Identity card (Nigeria only)
    • Permanent Voter's Cards (Nigeria only)


  • A valid ID uploaded has to be original and not a photocopy or laminated ID.
  • Make sure the Valid ID isn't expired or damaged.
  • To get you to upload your driver's licence, please upload both sides (front and back) to verify.
  • Be sure to be located in an area that is well-lit.

5. If you have a business that is Incorporated through the Corporate Affairs Commission, remember to enter your CAC number when you are asked.

Why Flutterwave Accepts NIN Slips

The decision by Flutterwave to allow NIN slips is in line with the company's dedication to providing easy onboarding for retailers.

Through accepting an NIN slip as valid document of identification, Flutterwave ensures that businesses can quickly verify their identities before they can begin with the platform to accept online transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have the ability to use Flutterwave without confirmation?

There is no way to make use of Flutterwave without verification.

What if I wanted to make use of Flutterwave without having a business registration?

Yes, you can have the feature to select whether your company is registered, non-registered or non-profit company.

What is the reason Flutterwave seeking ?

Verification is only available for Nigerian customers. This allows you to confirm the that a client has provided and is also a good tool to verify customer KYC techniques like verifying the date of birth provided by the client and validating their phone number, first name, last name, and so on.

Which banks are using Flutterwave?

Direct bank debit is available by the following banks:

How can I alter my business name to Flutterwave?

It is possible to edit your company information through the dashboard of your Flutterwave account. Just click on the “Settings” section on the left of the dashboard.

Final Conclusion What is the answer? Does Flutterwave take NIN Slip?

To sum up, NIN slips are a valid form of identity authentication that Flutterwave accepts during the merchant onboarding process.

In addition to other identity types and forms of identification, Flutterwave accepts the NIN slip, or Digital National Identity Card, which ensures a simple authentication process for businesses that register on its platform.

If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!


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