What is a money cake, and how do I make one?

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Money Cake

What is a cake, and how do I make one?

The cake A cake layer that has coins that have been baked in, typically in celebration of a birthday or any other celebration. . They are then cleaned, rolled up, and put in the cake pan prior to baking. The cake is assembled before being decorated with icing. If you slice into the cake, it is impossible to have any idea of the amount of money that is in the cake or if there's even any.

It isn't clear the exact date it was started, but Auntie MaryAnn from Santa Cruz, New Mexico, began the idea in the late 1980s in order to gift her daughter with cash to celebrate her birthday celebrations on the 15th. How the cake is cooked and eaten can differ depending on the family. For the U.S., “golden” dollars (like Native American and Presidential issues as well as Kennedy Half dollars) are a great alternative, and for Canada, “loonies” and “toonies” ($1 and $2 coins) are very popular.

How do I make one? (Money Cake)

You could make a cash cake by with 50 bills worth one dollar or make use of larger bills for an even bigger present. There is the choice of adding other coins like quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

The gift of money is timeless and varied one. But we all know that the presentation matters! If you're thinking of giving an item of money for an occasion like graduation or birthday, think about elevating the gift with a festive “cake.” These were constructed with just 50 dollars and you can use more money to make a bigger present. Do not let the cakes' appearance of being food-free fool you!


  1. Crisp and clean bills (shown in picture: fifty-one-dollar bills and larger bills to make the gift of a bigger amount)
  2. Dowel or pencil
  3. A small bag of transparent rubber bands (check the dollar store)
  4. 3 really big rubber bands of rubber
  5. Three round Styrofoam discs in various sizes, or round tins of cookies
  6. Ribbon
  7. Disposable glue dots or tape
  8. Double-sided tape or a glue gun
  9. Decorate ribbon with embellishments and the top of the cake
  10. Cake board with a round shape (or paper doily) (optional)


  • The bills are rolled around a dowel or pencil (use 5/8″ dowel for a larger size) Use a small rubber band to hold the bill rolled.
  • Use a large rubber band on each Styrofoam disc or cookie tin.
  • Place the bills that you have rolled beneath the rubber bands and then place them to stand until all the discs are submerged.
  • Wrap the rubber bands by wrapping them in ribbon. Secure the band into the desired position with glue dots or with tape.
  • Decorate and embellish the “cake” with stickers or various other decor items.
  • Attach the top layer of cake to the lower layer with glue guns or double-sided tape
  • Cakes that have been completed should be placed on a cake board or on paper doilies (optional)


  • Don't use hot or super glue on your money because it can damage your bills.
  • The bigger your bills, the less money you'll need to buy the cake.
  • The small rubber bands on the bill prior to removing them from the dowel or pencil.
  • Don't use Styrofoam discs or cookie containers larger than the bill.
  • Inexpensive decorations and embellishments are available at dollar stores.


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