The 5 Places to Save Extra Money in Nigeria

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The 5 Places to Save Extra Money in Nigeria
The 5 Places to Save Extra in Nigeria

The 5 Places to Save Extra in Nigeria

Nigeria can achieve prosperity and security with smart management. Finding safe ways to keep any extra income you earn is key. Keeping money at home may seem appealing, but it may expose it to theft risks or be subject to loss or embezzlement.

Here we explore five great strategies for investing any excess funds in Nigeria that may help you meet your financial objectives more easily.

1. High-Yield Savings Accounts:

Savings accounts that earn high yields are a great feature for Nigerians who want to increase their earnings while also having the ability to access their money easily. They favor a significantly higher interest rate than standard savings accounts.

That means that your cash is working hard for you even as it is sitting within your bank account. Check for accounts that the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC) assures. The NDIC ensures that your funds are protected in the amount of a certain sum should a bank fail. It gives you assurance that the money you deposit grows.

What makes high-yield savings accounts an excellent choice to use in Nigeria?

  • Security NDIC security protects the funds you have deposited, providing security against bank failure.
  • Access: Money is always available in case of emergencies or unplanned expenses. A lot of high-yield savings accounts provide the convenience of debit or online banking.
  • growth: Earn a significantly more lucrative interest rate when compared with conventional savings accounts. You can outshine inflation while watching your savings grow as time goes by.

2. Fixed Deposit Accounts (FDAs): Locking in a Guaranteed Return

Fixed deposit accounts (FDAs) located in Nigeria operate similarly to certificates of deposit (CDs) in the US. Through an FDA, the client agrees to keep their funds in the bank for a specific period of time. It could range from a number of months or years. In exchange, you will receive a fixed interest rate.

The more time you select, the greater the rate of interest you'll get. FDAs can be a fantastic method to put aside money towards an end goal, like a down payment on a car or a holiday.

Here's how FDAs could be beneficial:

  • Guaranteed return: FDAs offer a guaranteed interest rate that makes financial planning easier. You'll be aware of how your investment will increase over the period of time you select.
  • Different terms are available: Choose a term which is in line with your saving objectives. Are you looking to have the funds within a couple of months, or maybe a couple of years? Flexible FDAs lets you customize the savings program to your needs.
  • Concentration and discipline The idea of putting your money away during a time frame helps develop the discipline of saving. It can help you stay away from excessive spending urges and keep focused on your financial objectives.

3. Money Market Accounts: A Hybrid Approach to Savings in Nigeria

The money market accounts provide an array of benefits from savings and checking accounts. As with high-yield savings accounts, they offer an additional interest rate on deposits. But certain accounts for the money market may have only limited check-writing capabilities or the use of debit cards for transactions.

This is beneficial to individuals who want to have access to their savings while still earning a bit of a dividend. The money market account may have somewhat lower rates of interest than savings accounts with high yields. It is due to debit card function .

What is the reason to consider opening a money market account within Nigeria?

  • Incentives-bearing The money you have invested grows as it is deposited into the account. This allows you to make some money.
  • check-writing limit is limited (availability could differ): Offers some flexibilities compared to conventional savings accounts. It could make it appropriate for smaller, unexpected expenditures.
  • Security It is often insured by NDIC The program ensures the safety of the money that you have deposited, providing you with peace of mind.

4. Treasury Bills: Government-Backed Security

Treasury Bills are short-term credit instruments created from the Nigerian government. The market is regarded as highly safe due to the fact that the government is backing the Treasury Bills. They are therefore likely to fail, which is an excellent feature for your cash.

Treasury bills can be purchased for different durations and offer flexibility depending on the needs.The time period of the bill is the determining factor for the interest rate that you are able to earn . Typically, older adults have higher rates.

What's the reason Treasury bills appeal to Nigeria?

  • Security: Treasury Bills, backed by the Nigerian government, provide unmatched protection for your investments. They are a great opportunity for those looking for low-risk investments.
  • Liquidity Treasury bills are issued with a shorter maturity, which allows you to easily access your money as time approaches.

5. Mutual Funds and Stocks: Growing Your Wealth for the Long Term

The mutual fund and stock markets have the possibility of significant increases over time. But they carry more risk than the earlier alternatives. It is appropriate for those who have an investment time horizon that is longer (at least 5 years) and who have a larger tolerance for risks.

Mutual Funds:

  • Professional Management Professionals oversee mutual funds for investors. They invest the funds into a range of different assets like bonds, stocks, and real property. This spreads the risk and could lead in a more steady improvement than investing in stocks individually.
  • Different Options: Mutual funds come with an array of designs and investment targets. It is possible to pick one that is compatible with your personal risk tolerance as well as financial needs. As an example, certain mutual funds concentrate on high-growth stocks while others invest in secure assets, such as bonds.


  • The potential for high returns: Stocks offer the possibility of higher yields as compared to savings accounts or fixed-income investments. Being a shareholder in a company lets you participate in its expansion. Dividends or price increases are two ways to generate profits.
  • High Risk The price of stocks could fluctuate dramatically, which means you may be able to lose money from your investments. This is particularly true when it comes to individual stocks, compared with the range of mutual funds.

Investment into mutual funds or stocks should be considered with care and thorough research. Here are some crucial things to keep in mind:

  • Investment Horizon: Take into consideration how long you'll need to put your money in. Mutual funds and stocks tend to be appropriate to meet long-term objectives (at at least five years). Because markets that are volatile in the short term can be unpredictable,.
  • Risk Tolerance Take a moment to assess your confidence in taking risks. If the thought of losing money with your investment is keeping you up all night, then stock market may not be the best selection for you. Mutual funds carry a certain amount of danger.
  • Do your research. Before investing in any stock or mutual fund, study the firm or fund extensively. Know the investment approach, the costs that are involved, and the previous results (remember that the past performance of a fund does not always indicate the future payoff).
  • Get Professional Advice: Consulting a licensed financial adviser can be useful, particularly for novices. Financial advisors can evaluate your goals in terms of financial planning, your risk tolerance, and the options for investing to develop an individual investment plan.

Be aware: There is no one “excellent” place to store your money. The best choice is dependent on your personal needs, finances, and tolerance for risk. The desirable approach brings together an array of strategies for a secure financial plan for the future.


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